Facebook 101


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A primer on Facebook

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Facebook 101

  1. 1. Facebook for Business The Importance of being found Google: Answers to questions SNs: An opportunity to connect and engage
  2. 2. What is Facebook Social Network for connecting people Connect and share information
  3. 3. Why care for Facebook? Over 1 Billion users Every demographic Fastest Growing: 40-60 years
  4. 4. Facebook Vocabulary Application: Program that allows users to share content and interact with other users
  5. 5. Facebook Vocabulary EdgeRank Algorithm used by Facebook to determine what content gets shown in users’ news feeds
  6. 6. Facebook Vocabulary Friend Personal Connection on Facebook To add a Facebook user as a Friend
  7. 7. Facebook Vocabulary Friend List Organized Grouping of friends
  8. 8. Facebook Vocabulary Groups A collection of Facebook users with a common interest Any user can create and join a group
  9. 9. Facebook Vocabulary Like….. Meaning 1 Like a Business Page: Becoming a Fan
  10. 10. Facebook Vocabulary Like ………. Meaning 2 Like others comments on their timelines or news feed
  11. 11. Facebook Vocabulary Like…. Meaning 3 The Number of people who have liked a page
  12. 12. Facebook Vocabulary Network An association of Facebook users based on a school or workplace
  13. 13. Facebook Vocabulary News Feed Aggregation of one’s friends Timeline posts published on a user’s Facebook Homepage
  14. 14. Facebook Vocabulary Page Official presence for Public figures,artists,bands,businesses,places,entertainment, causes,brands or products
  15. 15. Facebook Vocabulary Profile Presence for individual
  16. 16. Facebook Vocabulary Timeline Core of a Profile or Page Posted Items, Recent Actions
  17. 17. Business Goals Get Found Connect and Engage Community Promote Content Generate Leads
  18. 18. Cardinal Rule Profiles for People Pages for Businesses
  19. 19. Key Differences Adminstrators Public Search Categories Acceptance
  20. 20. Facebook User Page Notifications Icons Friend Requests Messages Notifications
  21. 21. Facebook User Page Favourites
  22. 22. Facebook User Page Applications Social Reading…..The Guardian Social Gaming…..CastleVille Social Recruitment….Work for US Professional Networking….Branchout
  23. 23. Facebook User Page Application Brand Rater….Socialbakers.com Travel……Cities I have visited Notes
  24. 24. Facebook User Pages Application Events Quest for the Golden McRib
  25. 25. Facebook User Pages Groups View membership Create new group
  26. 26. Facebook User Pages Friends Close Friends Acquintances Restricted
  27. 27. Facebook User Page Friends Smart Lists Share with just the right people News Feed only from the closest
  28. 28. Facebook User Page Interest Subscribe
  29. 29. Facebook User Page News Feed Your Friends most recent activities on Facebook
  30. 30. Facebook User Page Publisher Update Status Photo/Video Ask question
  31. 31. Facebook User Page Home Use Facebook As….. Account Settings Privacy Settings Help Centre
  32. 32. Facebook User Page Sponsored Sponsored Stories Facebook Advertisements
  33. 33. Facebook Personal Account Create Profile About You Basic Information Personal Information Contact Information
  34. 34. Facebook Personal Account Work and Education Relationship Family Current Location/Hometown Favourite Quotations
  35. 35. Basic Information City Hometown Gender Birthday Languages About Me
  36. 36. Networks• Key Role in connecting with people• Help people find you• Rank Higher in FB Searches
  37. 37. Add Friends Hometown Current Location Secondary School College University Mutual Friend Employer
  38. 38. Friends List Close Friends Acquaintances Restricted Smart Lists
  39. 39. Share Content and Information Add your Photo/Video Ask Question Who are You with? Where are You? Share…Audience Selector
  40. 40. Use Applications www.facebook.com/applications Events Movies Photos Notes
  41. 41. Privacy Settings Control Privacy when you post Control your Default Privacy How You connects Timeline and Tagging Ads,Apps and Websites
  42. 42. Friend Lists Customize privacy settings View News Feed Updates by Friend List Filters Invite to Events Send messages to friend lists
  43. 43. Facebook for Business Setting up a Business Page Public Fans No approval required
  44. 44. www.facebook.com/pages/create.php Choose a Classification Choose a Name and category for your page Get Started Photo
  45. 45. Creating a Facebook Business Page Suggest to Friends…Generate Fans Add Basic Info Complete Page Discussion Boards Multiple Adminstrators
  46. 46. Promoting Your Page-Creating anEngaging Page Apps like Discussion Board Youtube Video Box iFrames
  47. 47. Great Brand Pages on FB Fanta NY Times Burberry Captain Morgan USA Subway
  48. 48. Leverage the viral nature of FB-the NewsFeed Every action published More visibilty
  49. 49. Draw on Existing Network Convert subscribers and readers to fans Include Link in Email Signature Blog about Page Post Link/Badge on Website/Blog
  50. 50. Other things to do… Make Page Publicly Searchable Use FB Ads for Pages, Groups and Events
  51. 51. FB Groups versus Pages Mass Messaging Only in Groups Upto 5000 members
  52. 52. FB Groups versus Pages Indexed by Google Both Pages and Groups Pages: More Opportunities
  53. 53. FB Groups versus Pages Stream Publishing Both Pages: Post insights
  54. 54. FB Groups versus Pages Targeted Stream Posts Only for Pagess
  55. 55. FB Groups versus Pages Support for Applications Only for Pages Customization: Tabs
  56. 56. FB Groups versus Pages Membership Restrictions Only for Groups Open,Closed and Secret Groups Pages are Public
  57. 57. FB Group versus Pages Event Inbox Messaging Only for Groups Restriction upto 5000
  58. 58. FB Groups versus Pages Engagement Metrics Page Insights Demographics,Location,Reach
  59. 59. FB Groups vs Pages Promotional Widgets Only for Pages
  60. 60. FB Group versus Pages Vanity URLs Username Only for Pages
  61. 61. Facebook Groups Name Invite Privacy Settings Edit Group Events
  62. 62. How to advertise on FB Promote Business Get Fans Generate Leads
  63. 63. How to Create an Ad on FB www.facebook.com/Advertising Create an Ad Choosing a Destination URL Choose Ad Type (Sponsored Stories or Ads) Choose Audience
  64. 64. Choose a Destination URL External Website Facebook Page Facebook Event Facebook Group
  65. 65. What do you want to Promote? Website/Page Particular Post
  66. 66. People will see A New Advertisement Stories about your friends liking Page
  67. 67. Advertisement Headline Text Image Landing View
  68. 68. Guidelines for Ads Headline….Page Name Text…90 characters Image Landing View-Resume,TimeLine,Photos,Likes
  69. 69. Audience Selector Location Age Gender Precise Interests Suggested Likes and Interests
  70. 70. Audience Selector Broad categories Connections Advanced connections targeting
  71. 71. Objective of Ad Like the Page Click on Ad/Sponsored Story Install an App
  72. 72. Objective =Clicks PPC Bid Amount Suggested Bid Range
  73. 73. Objective=Like Page/Install App CPM No Bidding Ad/Sponsored Stories automatically optimized
  74. 74. Campaign and Budget New Campaign Name New Campaign Budget Campaign Schedule
  75. 75. Facebook Insights Total Likes Friends of Fan People Talking about this Weekly Total Reach
  76. 76. Facebook Insights…Postwise Post Types Reach Engaged Users
  77. 77. Facebook Ads Manager Manage Campaigns Status Reach Frequency Social Reach
  78. 78. Facebook Ads Manager Actions Clicks CTR Bid Price
  79. 79. Facebook Ads Manager…Reports Type “Advertising Performance” “Responder Demographics” “Organic” “Conversions by Impression Time”
  80. 80. Facebook EdgeRank Application
  81. 81. Business Page…SEO Strategy I Choose Best Name…and do not change Not spammy Not “Fully Generic”
  82. 82. Business Page…SEO Strategy II Vanity URL or Username Can never be changed
  83. 83. Business Page…Strategy III “About” Box Keyword-Dense Top-of-Page
  84. 84. Business Page…Strategy IV “Basic Info”: *“Description” * “Biography” * “Personal Interest” * “Website” Keywords,Texts and Links
  85. 85. Business Page….Strategy V iFrames Apps Develop Third Party  Wildfire  Involver  Tabpress  Tabsite  Static HTML:iFrame Tabs  iWipa  Lujure  Hosted Iframe  iFrame Engine  FaceitPages
  86. 86. Business Page…….Strategy VI Status Message Post Links Raw URL “Attach Link” on Publisher
  87. 87. Business Page…..Strategy VII Keyword Rich and Verbose Photo Captions Event Descriptions
  88. 88. Business Page…Strategy VIII Inbound Links
  89. 89. Business Page…Strategy IX FB Profiles: Default version searchable More Fans More intra-FB inbound links
  90. 90. Business Page….Strategy X More fans comment and like Stronger intra-FB reciprocal linking
  91. 91.  Business Page….Visibility Strategy 1
  92. 92. Visibility Strategy 1 Do Not Post Too Often
  93. 93. Visibility Strategy 2 Engaging Content…..Track
  94. 94. Visibility Strategy 3 Use Image and Video
  95. 95. Visibility Strategy 4 Best Days and Time to Post
  96. 96. Visibility Strategy 5 Ask Community to change Settings to get Notifications
  97. 97. Visibility Strategy 6 Promote Your Posts
  98. 98. Visibility Strategy 7 Request Feedback
  99. 99. Visibility Strategy 8 Caption Contest or Fill in the Blank
  100. 100. Visibility Strategy 9 Inspirational Quotes and Images
  101. 101. Visibility Strategy 10 Run Competitions
  102. 102. Visibility Strategy 11 Ask People to share Page/Competition or Post
  103. 103. Visibility Strategy 12 Be Funny
  104. 104. Visibility Strategy 13 Facebook Offers
  105. 105. Visibility Strategy 14 Facebook Offers
  106. 106. Visibility Strategy 15 Coupons and Sales
  107. 107. Visibility Strategy 16 Encourage Photo Tagging
  108. 108. Visibility Strategy 17 Encourage User Check Ins
  109. 109. Visibility Strategy 18 Target Friends of Fans
  110. 110. Visibility Strategy 19Surprise and Delight
  111. 111. Visibility Strategy 20 Keep it Short
  112. 112. Visibility Strategy 21 Be Targeted
  113. 113. 3 Easy Steps Start the conversation Expand the Fan Base Analyze and Optimize
  114. 114. Start the Conversation Set your strategy Know Your Business What is your uniqueness? How can you bring your story to life?
  115. 115. Start the Conversation Set your strategy Know Your customers Who are they? How will they want to connect with your brand? What content will be important to them and what will engage them?
  116. 116. Start the conversation Set your strategy Know your goals What kind of relationships? Brand Building Immediate Sales?
  117. 117. Best Practices while Posting Finding the right rhythm Schedule time for Facebook
  118. 118. Best practices while posting Keep it Human Conversational, personal and authentic Share Photo and video of your community and customers
  119. 119. Share News and Exclusive Content “Sneak peeks” News New Products Photo,Video, Recipes: Anything to get people talking
  120. 120. Encourage Fan Participation Fun Engaging Customers Clear Call-to-Action Ask Questions, reward responses Repost and respond personally Allow Fans to post directly:Questions, Feeback,Compliments
  121. 121. Reward Your Fans Special Offers Discount Codes Exclusive on new products Special Code: Facebook Check-In Deals
  122. 122. Handling Negative Feedback The Importance of Transparency Listen and Respond Address Negative Comments
  123. 123. Develop a Conversational Calendar Schedule ,Regular rhythm Post at specific times when engagement is highest Weekly Feature to encourage participation
  124. 124. Begin Building Your Connections….Start with who you know Existing Email Lists Personal Contacts Invite to Like
  125. 125. Begin Building your connection…Leverage your existing marketing FB Logo with CTA In-store signs, flyers, newsletters, emails, business cards Social Plug Ins
  126. 126. Expand the Fan Base Encourage Visitors to like your Page Special Landing Page Tab
  127. 127. Expand the Fan Base Partner with other brands and local organizations Co Promotions Viral Sharing with Incentives
  128. 128. Expand the Fan Base Expand the Reach of your Posts Mention the person or Organization with a @...Post to their TL
  129. 129. Expand the Fan Base Encourage your Physical Check Ins
  130. 130. Analyze and Optimize Key Metrics Visitors and their activities Pland for more fans and increased interactions