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Shantanu Basu curriculum vita presentation

  1. 1. Mr. Shantanu Basu Indian Audit & Accounts Service (1984) Curriculum Vita
  2. 2. Date of Birth: August 5, 1959 Date of joining service: Aug 21, 1984 Date of Promotion to Higher Administrative Grade: October 1, 2010 (equivalent to Additional Secretary to Govt. of India) Present Pay Scale: Available at request Present pay: Available at request Personal Details
  3. 3. Education  Indian School Certificate from St. Columba’s School, New Delhi, India, 1975  Bachelor of Arts (Honors) History, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, India, 1976-79  MBA, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, 1999-2000  Attended PhD program in Public Administration at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA, from Aug 2006 to May 2009
  4. 4. Country Discipline Country Discipline Australia Marketing, Accounts, Microeconomics, Organizational Behavior, Business Research Methods, International Trade & Investment, Management Operations Systems and Strategic Management USA Public Management Systems, Public Policy Processes, Contemporary Public Management, International and Comparative Law & Justice, Public Organizations, Public Budgetary Processes and Statistics Graduate Academic Training
  5. 5. Languages  English – Fluent  Hindi – Fair  Bengali – Fair  Spanish - Fair Information Technology  MS-Office suite  Open Office  SPSS  E-mail  Internet Language & I-T Skills
  6. 6. Professional Experience: Technical - I  As Chief Accounts Officer of the State of Assam, I authorized salaries to around 20,000 officers and pensions and Provident Fund balances to over 700,000 State employees, maintained the accounts of the State, etc with HR strength of approx. 1100. These involved about 500 court cases, around 250 RTI applications per annum and accounting for approx. Rs. 35000 crore of State expenditure and a similar amount. My office touched the lives of nearly three million government employees, pensioners and their dependents  As Chief Accounts Officer of the State of Assam, I detected unauthorized transfer of public funds worth at least Rs. 4000 crore outside the government’s accounts. The State govt. accepted my findings and closed all such accounts on Sep 30, 2013. At my initiative, my office published a decadal macro study of Assam’s finances, perhaps the first of its kind in the Indian Audit & Accounts Dept.  Certified around 200 annual accounts of about 50 public companies, including two Fortune 500 companies and $2 billion Indian investments in Bhutan and World Bank loan & grant accounts, State government accounts and internal audit – companies covered include IOC, BPCL, HPCL, OIL, BHEL, NTPC, NHPC & PGCIL
  7. 7. Professional Experience: Technical - II  Familiar with cash management, fund investment, foreign exchange transactions, letters of credit, inspection of stores, public works, and other standard procurement and logistics norms- dealt with frauds in Ministry of Defense and Railways aside from private sector tea companies applying for financial assistance from Tea Board India;  Reports include annual and five-year perspective plans, capital & revenue budgets, Plan budgets, accounts, restructuring, staffing, and other administrative and internal audit reports for Tea Board and Cabinet Secretariat and about 30 federal ministries, aside from over 100 audit reports for India’s C&AG - dealt with private sector companies such as Tata Tea, Macneill & Magor, Harrisons Malayalam, Goodricke & RPG, industry bodies such as TAI and ITA, and major banks like SBI, CBI, Axis, etc.  Prepared several briefs and reports for and participated in inter/intra-Ministerial, legislative, Planning Commission and Standing Finance Committees for projects, organizational restructuring, and establishment of new organizations and deployment of personnel meetings – the multi-disciplinary focus involved matters of law, finance, administration, resettlement of displaced people and selective interface with private companies such as TCS,, participated in meetings of legislative committees, and lately, presented public management issues at North Carolina State University, McKinsey and national-level legal firms like Fox, Mandal & Little and Amarchand Mangaldas.
  8. 8. Professional Experience: Technical - III  Presented major issues and projects to high-ranking committees and university in USA.  Coordinated, investigated and prepared over 100 cross-country longitudinal and thematic evaluations using multi-disciplinary teams of up to 500 personnel spread over 50 cities/towns of India in each case; such evaluations were in social welfare programs, capital projects, federal taxation, defense, commercial undertakings and autonomous bodies, etc. – institutions covered include Kolkata Port Trust, IIT-KGP, IIM-C, Doordarshan, AIR, CBDT & CBEC, Indian Army’s Central Command and State governments of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, etc.  Have well-developed academic and professional research skills – have written for Business Standard & The Statesman newspapers and authored several research papers as part of my PhD academic curriculum in the USA.  Audited Africa Regional office of World Health Organization in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo and WHO country office in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Nov-Dec 2010  Submitted detailed plan on restructuring of the Indian Audit and Accounts Department to Comptroller & Auditor General of India
  9. 9. Professional Experience: Administrative - I  Serving India’s senior federal civil service since 1984 and from 2000 in senior management with organizational budgets ranging from Rs 20-3000 crore per annum and personnel from 1000-45000  Worked closely with India’s Defence, Railways, Energy, Shipping & Transport, Education, Urban Development, Shipping, Supplies & Purchase, Broadcasting, federal taxation Ministries and state-owned commercial companies as their statutory auditor; also served as Financial Adviser of a major commodity board in the Ministry of Commerce (1995-1998) and as Director of Accounts, Cabinet Secretariat (2004-06).  Held administrative-cum-technical charges in my 29+ years of service and dealt with diverse caste, religious, sexual and linguistic diversity of personnel without any cause for major complaint. Responsibilities included recruitment, training, promotions, entitlements, discipline, employee union negotiations and constant interface with state law enforcement, lawyers and judicial agencies; introduced management committees, quality circles and other participative management instruments.
  10. 10. Professional Experience: Administrative - II Managed large government estates and acquired land, coordinated and implemented major heritage building/renovation projects. Extensive professional and training experience in project evaluation, process re- engineering, performance measurement, training, procurement and logistics Associated with restructuring of major central and state govt. organizations such as Rajasthan State Transport Corporation and the Tea Board and setting up of a new central security agency I-T applications and networking for office process automation including LAN, client- server applications, digitized operating manuals, performance measurement, reports, etc. under my supervision and coordination.
  11. 11. Major Professional Milestones - I  1988-89: Parliament’s oversight committee recommended administrative action for purchase of shelf life-barred parachutes from a foreign country worth about Rs. 100 crore.  Supervised the inspection of a major ordnance depot and reported obsolete surpluses of Rs. 14,000 crore that were finally disposed off by the Defense Ministry thereby adding to government revenues.  Detected a major fraud in a field accounts office of the Defense Ministry worth about Rs. 50 crore.  1991: Prepared three commercial Audit Reports for CAG of India for State of Rajasthan in nine months.  1992: Acquired land for CAG of India’s international training institute in New Delhi (now iCisa) and got the first architectural model made. I also acquired land on CAG’s behalf in Mumbai. Construction of staff and officers quarters started in several states with my effort.  Instrumental in the development of the new campus of the National Academy of Audit and Accounts in Shimla, India.
  12. 12. Major Professional Milestones - II  1995-98: Formulated development schemes for tea gardens, labor welfare for plantation workers, foreign brand promotion schemes Revamped the R&D Centre of Tea Board and obtained speedy clearance from Govt. of India.  Segregated Board employees provident fund accounts from the general expenditure account, changed the format of the annual budget, upgraded employee medical facilities and introduced pension payment for Board employees through banks. Started the automation movement in the Board and the renovation and repairs to the Board’s corporate office in Kolkata;  Devised new schemes for plantation labor welfare in North Bengal tea gardens and concurred with release of loans, with Board approval, to several sick tea gardens in North Bengal that had hitherto not been done. Speeded up release of subsidies and hire purchase loans to North Bengal tea gardens. For the first time, a token grant was made to the Govt. of West Bengal for their annual Tea & Tourism Festival;  Part of the team that obtained certification for the Darjeeling tea logo. At my instance, the Board began filing logo infringement cases abroad with substantial success.
  13. 13. Major Professional Milestones - III  1999: Established a state-of the-art staff training institute in Allahabad, UP, India, introduced new training programs, revamped the library, widened the faculty base and introduced end-of-course examinations to test proficiency of trainees.  2000-03: Established the first WAN in-house in the IA&AD, using no-cost Indian Railway telephone circuits to connect my office and divisional audit offices, digitized operating manuals, online library catalogue, searchable database of Railway audit reports, etc. I was also a member of the 5-member Railway Audit Norms Committee that restructured the human resources and audit processes of CAG’s Railway Audit Wing in three months.
  14. 14. Major Professional Milestones - IV  2003-04: Restructured the human resources and organization of a 1500-personnel office  Planned the layout and actively oversaw the renovation of the 150-year premises of a heritage building to state-of-the-art premises in Govt. of India Press Building on KS Roy Road, Kolkata, then the only one of its kind in that city, within 3-4 months. Subsequently, these premises were used as a set in the shooting of a Bengali feature film;  Reviewed the erroneous disallowance of dredging subsidy by Pr. Director of Audit, Central, Kolkata, to Kolkata Port Trust that helped the Port Trust to claim approx. Rs. 800- 900 crore from Govt. of India that year. This also subsequently helped the Port to claim arrears worth several hundred crore rupees that had been withheld by Ministry of Shipping for previous years owing to disallowance by CAG’s audit. With this financial infusion, the Port was able to stave off a major financial crisis;  Kolkata Port Trust also remodeled their heritage guest house in Kolkata on the lines of my then office, Pr. Director of Audit, Central, Kolkata;  For the first time since 1947, the accounts of the Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Fund at Visva-Bharati University were subjected to CAG’s audit and major irregularities pointed out, particularly in receipts of royalties of the poet and accounting for income. Done against the wishes of the then Vice-Chancellor.
  15. 15. Major Professional Milestones - V  Major financial irregularities, some involving a former Vice-Chancellor of Visva Bharati University with regard to appointment of employees, was also pointed out and reported in CAG’s Audit Report for that year.  Major financial irregularities with regard to accounting of valuable inventory and renovation of galleries by Victoria Memorial Hall & Museum and Indian Museum, Kolkata, respectively, were pointed out and CAG’s office requested to approach Ministry of Culture for a special audit of the inventory of Victoria Memorial Hall & Museum.  Did not approve Victoria Memorial’s accounts for that year despite informal requests made by the Board of Trustees. An attempt by IIT-Kharagpur to get their accounts audited and certified by a private chartered accountant on the grounds of government grants accounting for less than 51% of their total expenditure, without any certification by CAG and approval of Govt. of India, was foiled. Notices for evasion of central excise were served upon M/s. Andrew Yule and several other companies and deficient taxes paid into government account;
  16. 16. Major Professional Milestones - VI  2004-05: Restructured the critical accounts office of the Cabinet Secretariat although facing major challenges of severe shortage of skilled human resources, introduced duty lists for employees, installed the organization’s first biometric attendance recording system, revamped its library and re-engineered key functions.  Internal audit wing provided two additional inspection groups despite the shortage of human resources and cleared all arrears of audit in less than a year.  Recovering accumulated interest on Rs. 100 crore kept outside the government account by a government agency. All employees provided zero-balance bank accounts with SBI debit cards and pay, allowances and all personal claims paid through bank, minimizing cash handling operations and reducing cash branch personnel.  2006: Instrumental in releasing personnel from Cabinet Secretariat to the then newly- established National Technical Research Organization and streamlining personnel entitlement and establishment procedures of the Special Protection Group.  2009-10: Investigated a major fraud of approx. Rs. 30 crore on North Eastern Railway that led to cases being filed against delinquent suppliers and Railway officers and staff.  Also modernized the office premises on the same lines as for Cabinet Secretariat earlier.
  17. 17. Major Professional Milestones - VII  Authored a paper and presentation on reorganizing the Indian Audit and Accounts Service that was widely appreciated and partly acted upon (copy available upon request) that has had approx. 20,000 hits on  2010-11: Compliance audit on World Health Organization’s Africa Regional and Democratic Republic of Congo Country Offices that constituted 80% of India’s Comptroller & Auditor General’s audit report on WHO in 2011 and  Peer reviewed two audit offices under CAG  2011-12: Prepared acclaimed audit reviews on Mechanical Department of North Eastern Railway and on procurement of high value plant and machinery by Indian Railways and Peer Review of a sister audit office.  2012-13: Consolidated and presented, for the first time, State of Assam’s finances, accounts and economy over a span of a decade, supervised accounting of nearly a million treasury vouchers, 6000 works and forest accounts, issued Finance & Appropriation Accounts for Assam for 2011-12, paid 30,000 pensions, authorized release of about 15,000 Provident Fund claims and issued nearly 400,000 Provident Fund Statements of Accounts to State employees  Detected large scale unauthorized transfer of public funds of several thousand crore Rupees to current bank accounts outside of the government account and without any oversight for over eight years by the Govt. of Assam
  18. 18. Other Experience Organized some national level conferences and events  Liaised with several foreign delegations, state Ministers and Governors, senior federal officers, etc  Supervised national elections in parliamentary constituencies in Gujarat and J&K as Election Commission of India’s general observer  Faculty for Indian Defense Accounts Service probationers at the National Institute of Defense Accounts Faculty for IA&AS officers in National Academy of Audit & Accounts (NAAA), Shimla, India and for CAG’s International Centre for Information Systems & Audit, NOIDA, India  Taught undergraduate students in North Carolina State University, USA, in 2006-09  Empanelled as Adviser to Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi, India  Trained at Bureau of Parliamentary Studies, New Delhi, India, for parliamentary processes  Trained at Institute of Applied Manpower Training, New Delhi, India, for HR management  Trained at Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad, India, for Management Development Program Co-presented paper on financing of public projects with Mr. Arvind Mayaram, presently Finance Secretary, Govt. of India, in 2010 at national level seminar on public finance organized by NIPFP, at Le Meridien Hotel, New Delhi
  19. 19. Academic Papers - I Reaction Paper: The Classics 2006 Reaction Paper: Reinventing/Reforming Public Administration 2006 Book Summary & Review of Riccucci, Norma (Ed.): Public Personnel Management: Current Concerns, Future Challenges. Pearson Education, Inc. 2006 2006 Book Summary & Review of Hays, Steven E. & Kearney, Richard C. (1995): Public Personnel Administration Problems and Prospects. Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. 2006 Jack Welch’s WINNING book review 2006 Book Summary & Review, Goldsmith, Stephen & Eggers, William D: Governing by Network: The New Shape of the Public Sector. The Brookings Institution. Washington, DC, 2004. 224 pages. 2007 The Anti-money Laundering Movement: Emergence of a Soft Law Regime? 2007 Connecting Measured Outcomes/Results to Budget and Reward Incentives 2007 Gujarat Budget Analysis 2001-02 to 2007-08 2007
  20. 20. Academic Papers - II Critiques of New Public Management: Implementing Management Reforms 2007 What are the most important questions still facing public and nonprofit management? 2007 Reaction Paper: The Current Model of “Good” Public Management: New Public Management 2007 Organizational Theory: Government to Governance: Adversarial & Cooperative Models in Contracting for Public Services 2008 Universal Healthcare in America 2008 India’s Supreme Court: Bitter or Sweet PIL? 2008 Distortions in Performance Appraisals and Employee Perceptions of Fairness in Rewards and Incentives and Career Development: Negative Fallout on Intrinsic Motivation? 2008 At-will in the Public Sector: Integrating Classified and Unclassified Systems for a New Model of Government 2008
  21. 21. National Dailies Where's the money for development? Business Standard 25th Feb, 2010 The taxman cometh - I & II, Higher Collection: An Optical Illusion? & The Disconnect Between Revenue, Expenditure And Development in The Statesman, Kolkata 9th-10th July, 2011 Capital Assets: The Pernicious Divide Between Plan And Non-Plan Expenditure in The Statesman, Kolkata 20th Oct, 2011 As she is spoken- East Or West... The Twain Shall Meet in The Statesman, Kolkata 9th Oct, 2012 Gag the CAG in The Statesman, Kolkata 25th July, 2011 Deifying Desires in The Statesman, Kolkata 11th Oct, 2011
  22. 22. Recent Professional Reports Reinventing the Indian Audit & Accounts Service of the Govt. of India 2010 Management Letter of External Audit Mission On World Health Organization, Africa Regional Office (AFRO), Brazzaville, Republic of Congo Management Letter of External Audit Mission On World Health Organization Country Office, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa Chief Controlling Officer-based Audit review of Mechanical Dept. of North-Eastern Railway, India 2010 Peer Review Report on Office of Principal Director of Commercial Audit- III, New Delhi, Govt. of India Peer Review Report on Office of Principal Director of Audit, Air Force & Navy, New Delhi, Govt. of India Nov-Dec, 2011 Thematic Review of Procurement of Machinery & Plant by Centre for the Modernization of Railway Workshops, Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India 2012 Assam: The Fiscal Panorama 2002-03 to 2011-12 – A Decadal Macro Study Jan 2014
  23. 23. Unpublished Articles/Presentations available at Combating Corruption in India: Some Suggestions 2006 Performance Audit of National Library, Kolkata, India 2010 2010Performance Audit: Building Blocks Osama Killing Whodunit? 2011 Reminiscences of Yarrows 2011 Tribute to the Great Dictator 2011 Paradasia to Purgataria: Evils of Inbreeding 2012
  24. 24. History of Service: 1984-date Designation From To Designation From To Principal Accountant General (A&E), Assam, Guwahati 2012 Date Financial Adviser & Chief Accounts Officer, Tea Board India (Central Staffing Scheme) under Ministry of Commerce 1995 1998 OSD (HAG-level), COFMOW, Ministry of Railways, New Delhi 2010 2012 Sr. Dy. Accountant General (Works & Admin) in AG (Audit), WB, Kolkata 1994 1995 Pr. Director of Audit, North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur 2009 2010 Director of Audit (Power) in Principal Director of Commercial Audit-III, New Delhi 1993 1994 Study leave in USA 2006 2009 Director (Personnel) in CAG of India, New Delhi 1992 1993 Director of Accounts, Cabinet Secretariat, New Delhi 2004 2006 Director of Audit (Oil) in Principal Director of Audit (Commercial)-II, New Delhi 1992 1992 Principal Director of Audit, Central, Kolkata 2003 2004 Sr. Dy. Accountant General (Commercial) in AG (Audit), Rajasthan, Jaipur 1991 1992 Principal Director of Audit, South Central Railway, Secunderabad 2000 2003 Dy. Director of Audit (Central Command) in Director General of Audit, Defence Services, Meerut 1988 1991 Sr. Dy. Accountant General in AG (Audit), UP, Allahabad 2000 2000 Asst. Accountant General in Accountant General (A&E), Madhya Pradesh 1985 1988 MBA at University of Queensland, Australia 1999 2000 IA&AS Probationer (on training) at NAAA, Shimla 1984 1985 Principal, Regional Training Institute, Allahabad 1998 1999 Civil Service Probationer (on training) at LBSNAA, Mussoorie 1984 1984
  25. 25. Competencies  Complex Report Drafting  Analyzing public finance data  Customized presentations  Speech writing  Complex Report Drafting  Research on public finance and academic data  Political analysis and feature writing  BPR consulting for governments and quasi-government agencies  Project survey and evaluation of public projects  Investigating fraud and embezzlement in governments with forensic/police experts  Editing  Features & story writing from young teen and upward readers  Administrative, Government Accounting and auditing training  Organizing large conferences, media publicity, protocol, etc.  Performance audit of all agencies 
  26. 26. Postal Address: I-1705 (GF), CR Park New Delhi 110 019 Tel: +91-9999769350 E-mail: