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Launch Strategy of Caboodles Cosmetics in UAE.
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Launch Strategy of Caboodles Cosmetics in UAE.


This strategy was developed for a prospective client, for their imminent launch of a new fun-range of cosmetics in UAE.

This strategy was developed for a prospective client, for their imminent launch of a new fun-range of cosmetics in UAE.

Published in Business , Lifestyle
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  • 1. CABOODLES & C*ME Communication strategy for UAE Prepared for: High Moon L.L.C. By: Shantanu Sengupta Madison Advertising, Dubai. © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 2. Backround  High Moon Gift Trading L.L.C. (HMGT) is the sole distributor of Caboodles and C*me brands in the Middle East.  HMGT will launch both brands in UAE first, then other countries will follow. PR launch expected on Dec. 16th; Media to start in March 03.  Caboodles: always fresh, fun, innovative and evolving.  Target group: teenage girls aged 14-19  C*me: more mature, individual, unique, and confident.  Target Group: young girls aged 18-26 © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 3. The Task  Identify the target group of Caboodles & C*me in UAE.  Develop an integrated communication program for both brands. © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 4. To begin, what is “Caboodle”?  A very uncommon word in the Middle East, “Caboodle” is a variation of the word “boodle”.  Informally, “Caboodle” represents “the lot”, “the group” or “the bunch”.  It also represents “a collection / crowd of people”.  Hence the name linked well with the cosmetics organizers, the brand was launched with. © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 5. Industry snapshot  Overall, the beauty industry comprises of a vast range of products for hair, face, eyes, lips, nails, body etc. – which includes cosmetic as well as mild care/curative products.  Worldwide, color cosmetics are the fastest growing segment in this industry.  In the Middle East, color cosmetics represent nearly 25% of the Beauty market by value. Source: International Cosmetique News, April 2001 © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 6. The Market split  In the year 2000, color cosmetics sales were US$ 37.2 million in UAE. Nails 20% 34% Facial M/up Lip M/up 20% 26% Eye M/up  Facial make-up was the largest category, with retail sales of approx. US$ 12.8 million. Source: Gray Business Communications © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 7. There’s a wide battle field…  Crowded market place: well known prestigious brands co-existing with mass and other “me-too” players.  Wide price range: average price / item – from Dhs 5 to as high as Dhs 300.  Wide distribution channels:  Dedicated cosmetics counters in Super / Hyper markets;  Cosmetics / gift stores;  Major dept. stores (eg., Debenhams, Jashanmal, Allied etc.)  Exclusive brand outlets (eg., Red Earth, Pupa, etc.)  Door to door sales (eg. Avon) © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 8. …with wider user segments Three broad age segments  Younger users (tweens and teens)  Young adults (20 to 30)  Classic / more conservative users (above 30 yrs) Nationality Segments  Usage by Arabs characteristically different than Western / Eastern users © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 9. Understanding the consumer (Based on Dipstick research conducted by the Agency)  Sample Description: 50 female students of American University, Dubai  Age Groups: Teenagers: 16-19 years (29 resp.) Young women: 20-26 years (21 resp.)  Nationalities: 22 Arabs; 10 Iranians; 9 Western expats; 9 other expats © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 10. Here are some of the findings!
  • 11. Feeling when wearing make-up Teenagers Feminine (52%) Confident (48%) Beautiful (38%) Lively (38%) Young women Confident (48%) Beautiful (48%) Feminine (43%) Sexy (43%) Other feelings : Trendy, Funky, Sociable Understanding of TG (Dipstick) © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 12. What does make-up mean to you?  Majority of the responses (approx 32%):  “A means to look beautiful”  “Enhances beauty/ appearance/ features / style”  “Defines natural beauty”  Other important responses (approx 22%):  “Feel good / fresh about myself”  “Increases self-confidence and self-esteem”  A few other (approx 5%) responses were:  “Hides bad spots/ tiredness” Understanding of TG (Dipstick) © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 13. Frequency of wearing make-up  At least “everyday” for majority of users:  Teenagers (48%)  Young Women (57%)  Occasional/rare use more common among teenagers (38%) than young women (10%)  Once /twice /thrice a week usage more common among young women (24%) than teenagers (6%) Understanding of TG (Dipstick) © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 14. Items most consumed Teenagers  High consumption - Lip make up (69%) and Eye make up (48%)  Low consumption – Face make up (21%) and Nail cosmetics (14%) Young Women  High consumption - Eye make up (62%) and Face make up (43%)  Low consumption – Lip make up (33%) and Nail cosmetics (24%) High consumption of eye make-up common for both age groups. Understanding of TG (Dipstick) © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 15. Five brands used most often Teenagers FACE Maybelline; Clinique; MAC; Dior; Bourjois. (67%) LIP Dior; Chanel; Body Shop; Lancôme; MAC. (61%) EYE Dior; Maybelline; Body Shop; MAC; L’Oreal (52%) NAIL Nivea; Dior; Maybelline; MAC; Bourjois (64%) Young Women FACE Clinique; Body Shop; Lancôme; MAC; Bobbi Brown. (65%) LIP Body Shop; MAC; Red Earth; Dior; Max Factor (57%) EYE Lancôme; MAC; L’Oreal; Maybelline; Body Shop. (59%) NAIL Lancôme; Estee Lauder; MAC; L’Oreal; Dior. (60%) Understanding of TG (Dipstick) © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 16. Most favorite brands (regardless of type of make-up)  52% reported the following favorites:  MAC  Maybelline  Dior / Christian Dior  Lancôme  Clinique  Body Shop  67% reported “Better Quality”, “Better Colors/range”, “Durability” and “Reasonable price” as the most common reasons for choice Understanding of TG (Dipstick) © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 17. Purchase Pattern / Habits  Department stores and exclusive / mono brand outlets are the most favored outlets  Average purchase frequency:  At least once a month (70%)  Occasional (14%)  79% of teenagers & 67% of young women spend up-to Dhs 300 per trip  Average spend per trip:  Dhs 200 (teenagers); and Dhs 260 (young women) Understanding of TG (Dipstick) © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 18. Factors considered while buying  Top 5 factors common for the whole sample:  Colors / variety of colors (78%)  Durability (64%)  Non-allergic nature (62%)  Brand Name / Reputation (56%)  Price (50%)  Most Important factor:  “Non-allergic nature” and “Durability”  While Teenagers also favor “color variety”, young women favor “brand name /reputation” as third factor Understanding of TG (Dipstick) © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 19. Leisure Habits Most common leisure activities:  Hang-out with friends (22%) (includes eating, dining, drinking and dancing, etc.)  Various Sports activities (13%)  Go shopping (11%)  Movies / TV (11%)  Magazines / Books (10%) The craziest idea of having fun:  Adventure sports (40%) (bungee jumping, paragliding, etc.)  Wild parties (14%)  Travel related pursuits (11%) Understanding of TG (Dipstick) © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 20. Leisure Habits (contd.) Most frequently visited places for leisure:  Shopping malls (20%)  Cafes and restaurants (19%)  Cinemas / Movies (17%)  Clubs and Bars (13%)  Beach (9%) Favorite Shopping Malls  Deira City Centre hot favorite for all age groups (45%)  Mercato and Burjuman are other favorites (34%) Understanding of TG (Dipstick) © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 21. Media Habits Favorite TV Stations:  Choice too wide for both the age groups  MTV, The Movie Channel and Paramount are hot favorites Most favored Radio Stations:  104.8 FM (English) and 90.5 FM (Arabic) Magazines most read:  Cosmopolitan (33%)  Hello (19%) and Vogue (12%)  Teen People /Teen Stuff, Time and National Geographic (10% each) Understanding of TG (Dipstick) © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 22. Internet Habits  Internet usage is common for all the age groups  Emails (36%) and Chatting (30%) are the most common activities on the net  Most favorite sites are Hotmail and Yahoo  Approx. 16% used the net to catch up with the latest  Only 5% used the net for online shopping Understanding of TG (Dipstick) © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 23. Music Habits  Rhythm & Blues music hottest favorite for both the age groups.  Young women also favor Hip-Hop and Pop music  Teenagers have more liking for Pop and Rock music  Other favorites include Classic and Jazz Understanding of TG (Dipstick) © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 24. So who’s the target? © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 25. Snapshot of a “Caboodles” girl  A teenager student, aged below 20 years  Fun loving; trendy and lively; sociable  Energetic, bold and adventurous  Wants to enjoy every moment of her life  Prefers to listen to R & B, Rock and Pop music  Loves to flip thru Cosmopolitan and Hello magazines © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 26. Snapshot of “Caboodles” girl…(contd.)  Favorite pastime: Sports, hang out with friends in Shopping malls, cinemas, cafes, and parties  Preferred Shopping malls – Deira City Centre; Mercato Centre.  Loves to surf through various TV channels at home  She feels she’s old enough to take care of herself (parental pressure)  She appreciates freedom, love, friendship, and individuality.  She’s not conservative, boring, dull, or alone © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 27. A typical C*me woman in UAE  A young university student / graduate, aged 20 - 26 years  Favorite pastime: Shopping, Parties, friends, night clubs and bars  Preferred Shopping Malls: Deira City Centre, Burjuman  Loves to surf through either MTV or various movie channels at home, or listen to Sawa FM  An avid listener of R & B and Hip-hop © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 28. Typical C*me woman in UAE …(contd.)  Confident, intellectual; knows what she’s doing and where she’s going.. mature  Feels great about the way she looks… sexy  Likes to experiment new ideas  Loves to flip thru Cosmopolitan / Vogue magazines  A little more serious than Caboodles girl, more career- focused © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 29. The position looks like this TRENDSETTER “Where do we party Caboodles tonight” “Now that looks hip on me!” “Ain’t I lookin’ sexy?” c me “Let’s go para-sailing this weekend” FUN LOVING SERIOUS “Are you coming to the Palm tonight?  “Have fun / enjoy life”  “What’s new and Exciting?”  “Hey! Do I look cool?” TREND ADAPTER  “Let’s meet at Virgin tonight” Overall, user segment enjoys being a “Fun loving trendsetter” © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 30. A closer look at competition…
  • 31. What’s competition like in UAE? Almost all major brands attempt to address the teenagers. However, based on the dipstick research and the product assessment, following are the competitors in UAE, as identified by the Agency: for Caboodles: Primary – Maybelline Others – Pupa, Bourjois, Red Earth for C*me: Primary – L’Oreal Others – Body Shop, MAC, Lancôme Maybelline and L’Oreal pose the strongest challenge. © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 32. And their activities? Mainline Media Advertising restricted to Print, Outdoor and TV  Print and Outdoor: local  TV: Pan Arab Below-the-line activities Major presence on the shop-floor level - window displays, product dispenser / display units, leaflets, posters, attractive gift packs, etc. Other Media Major emphasis on events, sampling, promotional offers, etc. © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 33. A look at some of the outlets… © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 34. …and some of the leaflets… © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 35. …suggests that…  Heavy emphasis on display & dispensing units.  Shop-in-shop units along with display units are more visible in department stores and multi brand cosmetic outlets.  Sampling at the shop level prevalent only during the promotion period.  Concept of exclusive mono brand outlets yet to catch up – only a few brands have such outlets eg. Pupa, Body Shop, and Red Earth. © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 36. A look at some print ads… © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 37. …and the positioning platforms… Maybelline That makes one look fresh and natural… (“Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline”) L’Oreal That valorizes and glorifies beauty (“Because I am worth it”) Lancôme Cosmetics that empowers you (“Believe in Beauty”) Body Shop Cosmetics with a cause – for the environment. Makes one “Feel good – naturally” Pupa That projects “Non Conventional Beauty” Red Earth For women who want to experiment and have fun MAC Endorsed by professional makeup artists worldwide Dior Cosmetics that inspires confidence and arouses sensual, and seductive moods Bourjois Cosmetics that reinvents one’s beauty. © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 38. …suggests that…  Emphasis is on stylish presentation of products  Mostly feature-oriented communication, (eg. variety of colors, quality, etc.) revolving around a rational benefit  Majority of ads create various imageries of “good looks” with softer tones.  Presentation generally serious and lifeless  Fun, enjoyment and celebration missing from communication A big opportunity for Caboodles, to capitalize upon? © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 39. Where do they stand? Young/Energetic Lifestyle Promise Feature/Benefit BODY MAC SHOP MAYBELLINE DIOR LANCOME L’OREAL PUPA BOURJOIS Mature/Serious  And with a focus on teens / young women only, a vacant spot could easily be claimed by Caboodles. © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 40. So…where do we fit?
  • 41. Young/Energetic Caboodles Lifestyle Promise Feature/Benefit c me BODY MAC SHOP MAYBELLINE DIOR LANCOME L’OREAL PUPA BOURJOIS Mature/Serious © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 42. Now, we need to find a positioning statement for each brand!
  • 43. Suggested positioning Caboodles BPS To teenage girls, Caboodles is the brand of cosmetics that delivers fun and excitement to celebrate each moment of your youth. C*me BPS To young women, C*me is the brand of cosmetics that offers stylish make-up to help you get noticed and discover your unique self. © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 44. Caboodles communication Proposition Caboodles – celebrate your youth, your energy! Support Facts  Cool colors. Exciting packaging.  When having fun and when chilling.  Caboodles products - now (of the moment). © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 45. Caboodles Communication (contd.) Execution  Emphasis on striking visuals and trendy colors  Visuals portraying the camaraderie of teen years  Complete avoidance of excessive text/narration (to draw attention to visuals)  Tone and style : funky, trendy, exciting, adventurous and fun. Desired Response Caboodles products are young, fresh, new and “never boring”. © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 46. C*me communication Proposition C*me – be different, be yourself Supporting facts  Groovy colors. Stylish/practical packaging.  Fun and competent  Natural and attractive © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 47. C*me communication (contd.) Execution  Emphasis on dynamic lifestyle  Visuals portraying freedom, individuality, charisma  Tone and style : liberated, modern, authoritative, up-to-date Desired Response C*me products help me bring out the woman inside of me. © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 48. Definitions Company Product-oriented Market-oriented Definition Definition Caboodles We make cosmetics We supply friendship and freedom;fun and energy; memories and laughter. C*me We make cosmetics We sell lifestyle and self-expression; success and status; hopes and dreams. © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 49. How are we planning to reach our target?
  • 50. Communication Objectives Initial Stage  Generate awareness and interest in both brands  Build up and sustain the BPS  Secure top-of-mind recall  Differentiate the brands from their competitors  Initiate trial, and generate repeated purchase © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 51. Communication Strategy An integrated approach deploying all cost-effective means to deliver the message to the target consumer. Conventional Click here to access the media presentation ATL Unconventional Counter POS/Displays Floor Sampling Wall BTL Occasional gift packs Direct Mailing Events/Offers/Sponsorship Consumer/Trade promos Consumer PR Trade © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 52. Communication Strategy (contd.) PUBLIC RELATIONS Consumer:  Media coverage of all new product launches and product profiles regularly.  Media coverage of other activities, such as events, sponsorships, sampling campaigns, etc. Trade:  Gatherings, dinners, etc.  Newsletter and updates © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 53. Ideas worth exploring… Sponsored sections (Magazines) Create dedicated Caboodles sections in magazines, to share experiences, talk about the newest products in town, teen fashion trends Create opportunities to run sponsored pages with teen focused clothes brands, shoe brands, etc. Create opportunities for sampling of Caboodles products Inserts (Magazines) Exploit opportunities for promotional inserts in favorite non-UAE magazines like Cosmopolitan, Teen People, etc. © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 54. Ideas worth exploring… Cinema Sampling Sampling of mini trial packs with tickets to teenagers, together with cinema advertising. Internet Launch dedicated sites for UAE (, etc. Contents could be Cosmetics, fashion, new hang-outs, adventure sports, travel, promotions, health advice, etc. SMS Advertising Short messages sent to users to inform about hottest trends and events for target group in UAE. © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 55. Events worth considering… “Spot the Caboodles girl” event A weekly event to identify the “Caboodles girl”. Once identified, the girl is interviewed on camera, about her attitudes, lifestyle, etc. The recordings are used to create a teenage panel for publicity. Caboodles teen ambassador Launch an event to identify the Caboodles teen role model to create teenage ambassador. Screening based upon short paragraphs on their lifestyle, beliefs etc. Final selection on basis of an interview event. © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 56. Events worth considering… “My first make-up” course Launch an “after school” make-up course for school students, to create new users for Caboodles. The course would advise teenagers on wearing correct make-up. A Caboodles make-up pack is presented at the end. Caboodles & C*me Valentine Exciting events in shopping malls to address boys to win exciting Valentine Caboodles packs for their girlfriends. Caboodles & C*me Christmas Special Christmas contests that generate teenage vacation ideas for the New Year. © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising
  • 57. Thank You for Listening… Contact: Shantanu Sengupta Advertising/Branding Strategist; Marcom Specialist. © Shantanu Sengupta; © Madison Advertising