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Research remix social_learning
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Research remix social_learning



Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Research Remix:Transform your teaching of research writing in the content areas with Web 2.0 tools Presented by Shannon Parker Social Learning Summit 2012
  • 2. Which would you choose?Write a research paper on a World Research a WWII topic of your choiceWar II topic of your choice. and show your learning in one or more of the following ways: • Biopic • Blog • Graphic Novel • Obituary • Oral History Recording • Picture Book • Resume • Scrapbook • Song Lyrics • Time Capsule or Memory Box • Timeline • Your Own Idea (with teacher approval)
  • 3. Roadblocks to Real Choice
  • 4. presentation over content
  • 5. an opportunity to teach matching presentation to content8.7. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of usingdifferent mediums (e.g., print or digital text, video,multimedia) to present a particular topic or idea. (CommonCore Reading Standards for Informational Text 6-12)
  • 6. matching presentation to content "I enjoyed the flexibility of the project the most. We were given the opportunity to branch out and explore possible ways to present our knowledge. I had to overcome the challenge of incorporating information [into my diary format] not just listing facts."
  • 7. student choice=grading nightmare
  • 8. help students focus onshowing their learning
  • 9. when tech takes teachersout of the drivers seat
  • 10. Teach a man to fish...
  • 11. Re-conceptualizing the proverb
  • 12. Where do you go for recommendations?
  • 13. "The joy of the task was its own reward"
  • 14. tech tools your students will loveCreative Ways to Tell Your Life Story(Informative Research Projects)Campaign for Change(Persuasive Research Projects)
  • 15. biopic or PSA
  • 16. graphic novel or political cartoon
  • 17. picture book
  • 18. scrapbook
  • 19. timeline
  • 20. timeline
  • 21. memory box
  • 22. song lyrics
  • 23. twitter
  • 24. What is another Web 2.0 tool yourstudents love?
  • 25. not enough writing?
  • 26. what does it mean to create? captions scripts lyrics storyboardsdialogue blogs
  • 27. tech tools for research
  • 28. tech tools for research
  • 29. tech tools for research
  • 30. tech tools for research
  • 31. tech tools for research
  • 32. tech tools for research
  • 33. Final Thoughts?