Social Media for AGA


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A social media seminar presentation outlining methodology and tools.

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Social Media for AGA

  1. 1. Organizational Social Media:We have the ability to communicate instantly between government,communities, organizations and citizens. This is amazing in our everydaylife with traffic, news and weather, but extraordinary in times of need andnatural disasters.Objective“Tell the Region 7 story by interactively engaging the public withrelevant information, tools and resources”
  2. 2.  Social media is content creation and distribution Social networking is the community you build online through connections that you make Interact and share your agency’s story through your community member’s network
  3. 3.  Our online habits have changed ◦ According to a 2009 study by the University of California, the average American, on an average day, consumes 34 gigabytes and 100,000 words of information. ( ◦ “American consumers watched 36 million hours of television on mobile devices each month …” How search engines work • Spiders and Bots = web crawling = local results (target your audience) • As users, we utilize search engines instead of URLS • As an agency, we need to use search engine optimization techniques
  4. 4. Web 2.0 is collaboration and relationship building • Developing technology keeps the online environment in flux. • Our online environment has evolved from information consumption to an interactive. • Social network sharing, blogs, site interaction with video, photography, graphics and posts. •We build relationships by interacting online • Enormous potential ex:!/USGS
  5. 5. Cloud computing gives us server based freedom • Account Preferences and details on every device and machine. Your habits are tracked. • Documents, music, movies, photographs, video storage, email, calendars, social media • Information strung across all of your devices seamlessly • We have the ability to share instantly from all of your devices
  6. 6. Tool Break
  7. 7. Engaging with Social Media Define your Objectives ◦ Stay in line with your agency objective! Plan campaigns and strategy Define your audience ◦ Who are you trying to reach ◦ What are they interested in specifically? Attract followers ◦ Get your followers to help you share your story ◦ This is done both online and in person Social media is an investment ◦ It takes time to grow
  8. 8. Decide how to engage• What type of content supports your establishedobjective.• What does your agency do well and what resources doyou have?  Writing (blogs and posts)  Photography  Video Social media is an investment that takes resources!  Social media is like a free puppy…cute, exciting, but a lot of work   If you already have a public affairs team, they can help  The ultimate location of social media is agency specific
  9. 9. Social Media engagement doesn’t change the rules!Things to consider• Copyright• Ethics• 501 Compliance• Hatch Act• When to engage as a private citizen or government employee.  It is okay to post your opinion as a private citizen  If you identify yourself as a government employee, always state that your opinion does not represent your agency.  Leave the agency posting up to the official voice of the agency◦ That being said….  If you are comfortable engaging online with your personal accounts, POST AWAY!  It is okay to engage on your agencies social media channels
  10. 10. Tool Break
  11. 11. It takes commitment Respond to the good and the bad online Dedicate the personnel to the task Outline your workflow ◦ We take a region wide approach
  12. 12. Region 7 Methodology Strategy | Workflow | Integration | Evaluation | InnovationDefine your program objectives and engagement areas MonitorEstablish a clear workflow and add value for staff membersIntegrate social media into web content and staff consciousness PostUse metrics to evaluate your efforts InteractAnalyze results and develop new ways to engage the publicThis approach is designed to function as a cycle to ensure continued engagement (similar to software development). Define aninitial program objective; develop it along the five method path. After initiating new innovations, based upon previousevaluation - define the next objective to restart the cycle. If the overall program objective is still valid, identify an objectivethat fits within the program objective, such as establishing a new account, improving content or implementing newtechnology. This process may include all or part of the steps in the development path.This continual project management approach will discourage complacency and ensure that the region isengaged online.
  13. 13. Shannon Bond Superfund SocMed Coordinator (production schedule, software admin., & Comm. multimedia development) Toni Castro Rep. Multimedia Development Chris Whitley Media Team Lead (copy edit & release) Water Dave Bryan Comm. Copy edit & release Kris Lancaster Rep. Copy edit & release Web & EPA Social ENSV SocMed OPARegion 7 Media Comm. Manageme SocMed Staff Publishin Rep. nt (Multimedia & Media Team) g Air and Portfolio Waste Publishin Comm. Rep. g& Archive PLMG Social Media management Digital Asset Management System Comm. software. • Users have certain permissions • Proper media archiving • Enhanced production capability Rep. • Provides streamlined edit & • Enhanced records keeping approval process. • EPA client delivery system • Enhanced admin controls
  14. 14. Tool Break
  15. 15. Photo Caption Examplewith detail U.S. EPA Region 7, On-Scene Coordinator, Jim Silver, takes a flood water sample with the help of Tetra Tech, Environmental Scientist Danny OConnor, in South East, Missouri, May 24, 2011. EPA Region 7 is testing the flood water for potentially harmful contaminants as it recedes. (USEPA photo by Shannon Bond)
  16. 16. Photo Caption Examplewith general informationU.S. EPA Region 7 is working with federal, state and local authorities to aid inthe safe clean up of Joplin, Mo., after a massive tornado devastated the city onSunday, May 22,2011. (U.S. EPA photo by Shannon Bond)
  17. 17. Questions? When to post personally? Great sites & apps? ◦ Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pulse, Hootsuite, Bitly, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Skype, Green versations, digg, YouTube, Google Docs, Dropbox, Spotify, Pandora etc.