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4 life powerpoint presentation transcript int

  1. 1. 4 Life Powerpoint Presentation — Presentation Transcript1. Welcome TO 4LIFE and the i.n.t presentation!2. 4Life offers two very important things in life. HealthMoney3. CEO & Founders: David & Bianca Lisonbee. They bothhave 30 years in the Network marketing Industry.Over 25years in Alternative Medicine. They’re leaders with avision and very focused on principles and values.4. 4Life Scientific Research Team. Our Research team islead by Dr. Calvin McCausland. Other doctors on theteam are Dr. Robert Robertson, Dr. Duane Townsendamong others.There are over 20,000 Doctors affiliatedwith 4Life Research.Dr. CalvinMcCauslandHSABChairmanPh.DDr. Robert Robertson JrM.D.5. 4Life Research is located in Sandy Utah ,U.S . It’shoused in an 80,000 square ft. building with it’s ownresearch laboratories. 4Life Research is directed towardsadvanced biotechnology concentrating on productsthat maintain a healthy immune system. BringingTransferceutical science to the world.Weare the Immunesystem company.6. Our Marketing Team.SteveTew, President of 4Lifecompany, Bruce Redd Vice –president.SteveTewBruceRedd7. 4 Life has been recognized by many magazines in theU.S. We’re recognized by Total Health. Direct Selling.Success from Home. 4Life was founded in 1997 andlaunched in 1998.In 2003, 4Life was ranked by Inc. 500, asthe 15th fastest growing privately held company in theU.S, with a growth of 6,108 % and continues to boastrecord growth yearly.8. What is responsible for this growth?TRANSFER FACTOR!What is Transfer Factor?It is not a vitamin, mineral, herb,
  2. 2. or fruit. Transfer factor are messenger molecules thateducate the immune system better enabling it torecognize, remember and respond to unwanted threats .Patented with more than 3,000 scientific researchesinexcess of $40 million invested. 10 times more effectivethan any other natural product on the market in raisingthe body’s defences. Increases T-Cell activity 237% /NKcell activity 437% . It’s the most advanced step everachieved in preventive medicine.Listed in the Physicians’Desk Reference (PDR) for non-Prescription drugs anddietary supplements.9. Balances the immune systemTheimmunesystem is oneof three thingsHypersensitive : overreactiveAsthmaM.S.Lupusetc.Balance : fights 98% ofdiseaseHyposensitive: LowresponsiveCancerHIVAIDSHepatitisBEtc.10. Transfer factor was discovered in 1949 by Dr.Sherwood Lawrence while studying tuberculosis. Heidentified that immune information could be transferredfrom a healthy donor to a recipient (from a smartimmune system to one that needs help. Do you knowthat the cow has one of the strongest Immune systemsout of all mammals? In 1949 technology was not readilyavailable to extract these molecules from the colostrum.In the 1990’s 4Life was then able to extract TransferFactor from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolk usingadvanced biotechnology.11. Females are a blessing3-514ColColMolTRANSFERFACTORMolGCGC12. Targeted Transfer Factor Products.RiovidaRecallMaleproGlucoachBelleVieCardioenummiImmune spray13. “We have testimonials from all around the world”!14. 4Life also Offers Another Product! “FREEDOM”!Thebalance between time and money B = T x M15. Ask Yourself These Questions?Am I in a bettercondition today than I was a year or five yearsago?Where would I like to be 2 to 5 years from now?Am I
  3. 3. actually in control of my life and my financialfreedom?What would I do if time and money ceasedbeing an obstacle?You canliveyourDream!NicecarWorldCruiseBiggerHomeHelp thepoor16. What options do we have to increase our income?1 .Own your own business.2 .Investments.3 . Two jobs, forboth husband and wife. I want to share with you whatexperts believe is the best choice to achieve financialindependence:17. Network Marketing. Network Marketing is anotherway to distribute a product or service. NetworkMarketing produces 38 billion dollars a year in the U.S.A.Over 15 million people do Network Marketing in the U.Salone. 21 % of the new millionaires in the U.S.A comefrom Network Marketing. Traditionalbusiness:NetworkMarketing:VS.“Network Marketing:Theindustry for people who want to change their lives”Factory – 40%Factory 40%Client100%Warehouse)Advertisement )Distributors ) Retailers ) 60%Distributor60% Client – 100%18. What benefits do Network Marketing offer? Low - riskand high - yield investment. Income diversificationwithout having to leave your current job. Worldwideexpansion with no limits. Your own time schedule.Unlimited earning potential. RESIDUAL INCOME.BobMarley Residual Income Earners:Continually producesafter the work that has started it iscompleted.ElvisPresleyMichael Jackson19. Linear Income VS. ResidualIncomeExchangingtimeformoney.Putyourmoneyonautopilot. 5 – 7 days a week. 8 – 16hours a day. 30 – 40 year plan Fixed time schedule. Retireat the age of 65 – 70. 2 – 4 days a week. 1 – 2 hours aday. 2 – 5 year plan. Flexible time schedule. Compressretirement age.95% retire broke, 4% dependent onfamily, 1% financially free.20. How to get started with 4Life? Two ways to getstarted.1. Diamond 4Life.2. Leader 4Life. Value overUS$600 in products. You receive 400 LP. You get products
  4. 4. with a value of 100 LP.1. LP stands for LIFE POINTS.2. Howto do 100 LP? Every product has a different point value.Example: 1 bottle of transfer factor = 50 LP. OR 1 Riovida= 50 LP.21. There are FOUR ways to earn money with 4Life:Do 100LP each month by CONSUMPTION:Levels Nos. of peopleLife points % U.S Money166002%$12Consume 100LP2363,60025%$900Consume 100LP321621,6005%$1,080Consume 100 LPRounded off at:$2,000Down ToInfinity!22. How can I get the knowledge for this business andwho will support me? International Networkers Team. Agroup of professionals in the industry who areCOMMITTED to making a difference in people’s livesthrough the 4Life business opportunity. This team willguide you through the fundamentals necessary to buildthe network and fulfill your dreams.Tools provided by theInternational Networkers Team.Regional meetingsthroughout many countries. Seminars and businesstraining.DVD’s, CD’s, books, and other support tools .Product seminars carried out by health professionals.Dr.HerminioNevarez23. COME JOIN OUR FAMILY