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Temple green

  1. 1. “Lite Greens”
  2. 2. Jacki BooneShannon AbrahamScott ThomasHillary WicklineCreating a Culture ofConservation
  3. 3. Target – “Lite Greens”• Care about sustainability when asked but it’snot a top concern for them• Sustainable when convenient• Largest portion of Temple students
  4. 4. Research Methodology• 8 individual interviews• Students are considered “lite greens”• Ranging from freshmen to senior
  5. 5. Recurring Themes• Opinions about Temple• Personal habits• Peer influence• Money responsibility• Green responsibility
  6. 6. Recurring Themes• Opinions about Temple • Personal habits • Peer influence• Money responsibility • Green responsibility
  7. 7. Insight:We are creatures of habit…but succumb to peer pressure (at least at home)“It’s a common sense kindof thing.”“I mean I care but I wouldn’t go too far out of my way todo it if my parents didn’t yell at me that much.”“I guess people really don’t think about [turning lights off inacademic buildings]. I feel like people think that someone elsewill be using it afterwards, and they just leave it on for them.”
  8. 8. Insight:Temple students believe saving money is important“Stressing about money was the worst”“I split the electric bill so it’s unfair if I leave mythings plugged in, [my roommates are] paying forit.”“Definitely paying for college. That’s my number one right there.”“I try not to spend money around campus on junk food or planaccordingly so I do not have to drive back and forth to temple.Also, I look for cheaper books or rentals from the library.”
  9. 9. Insight:Temple students find their peers, faculty, andUniversity as whole do not conserve energy“I think there are small groups of people on campusthat are very interested in that topic but I think on thewhole, most kids don’t care. They just don’t care.”With conserving energy specifically, do you thinkTemple tries to conserve energy? “No… we’re wastingall this money on all these unnecessary things…”“You don’t see people going around turning offlights or turning off computers most people justkeeps that stuff on...”
  10. 10. Insight:Students find flyers ineffectiveHave you ever done anything because of anything on a flyer?“No, not really.”Do you notice any flyers, does any stand out?“No, I look at them at it’s tons of colored paper.I don’t even focus on them.”Have you ever done anything on campus because what a flyer said?“No, not unless I knew about it already.”
  11. 11. RecommendationsPlace signage encouragingstudents to “switch off” whereflyers are notBridge the gap betweenhome & school habitsTarget opinion leadersto influence studentsMake the students feel thatthey’re not shouldering theburden of energy conservation