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Gabel project1 part_b

  1. 1. PHILLY CUPCAKEwebsite redesign
  2. 2. Amy FioreLaura GabelShannon AbrahamHTTP://WWW.PHILLYCUPCAKE.COM/Draft 1
  3. 3. WHAT IS THE MISSION OR PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATION?To provide Philadelphia with a specialty boutique offering gourmet, artisancupcakes to reflect the creative couture style of at trendy city.
  4. 4. WHO ARE THE INTENDED AUDIENCES?Females 20-54 interested in the fashionable aspect of the city life, andwilling to treat themselves with high-end quality sweets.
  5. 5. WHY WILL PEOPLE COME TO YOUR SITE?Philly Cupcake is a local, well-known pastry retailer. A stronger onlinepresence is necessary for those who can not make it to the store as theyplease, but still want to enjoy the luxury of a gourmet dessert.The site can give tourists who visit the boutique a chance to satisfytheir craving without traveling, at the same time making it a must-seePhiladelphia destination.
  6. 6. WHAT ARE THE SHORT- AND LONG-TERM GOALS OF THE SITE? Short Term 1. Become a user friendly site 2. Match aesthetic of store/brand with online interface 3. Create a social media buzz 4. Function as promotional channel via mobile app 5. Cater to customer via personal interaction
  7. 7. WHAT ARE THE SHORT- AND LONG-TERM GOALS OF THE SITE? Long Term 1. Develop a stronger corporate identity 2. Expand regular/frequent customer base 3. Drive traffic to site with online order accessibility 4. Become a Philadelphia tourist destination 5. Extend local ties with other businesses through promotion
  8. 8. DEFINE THE AUDIENCE THAT YOU WILL TARGET.Tourists looking to continue their craving online once they fall in love withthe cupcakes on their visit to Philadelphia.Professionals working in the corporate world who are looking to ordercupcakes for a company event.Local city-goers looking to get their favorite treat while avoiding the hustleand bustle.PROFILES Creative & Stylish StudentChic Working WomanSavvy Career MomUpscale Mature Fashionista
  9. 9. AUDIENCE SCENARIOSNAME: JordynAGE: 20Young, fashionista, who is new to the city.Likes to party on the weekends but isfocused on her education. Enjoys yoga in themorning, shopping at Urban Outfitters with herroommates, and posting photos on Instagram.SITE PATH: She heard about the delicious cupcakes at Philly Cupcake fromgirls in her sorority. Visits the site to find out the store’s location, menuoptions and pricing. She reaches the home page, first clicks on “Contact”tab. From there she is able to click the “Menu” tab to find out flavors andpricing. A tab called “Dressing Room” catches her eye. She spends timedesigning custom cupcakes and then signs up to build a “closet” whereshe can save her creations. She can share them via social media sites and/or place an order.
  10. 10. AUDIENCE SCENARIOSNAME: DeborahAGE: 28Professional woman, focused on a career andwants to take in all that the city has to offer.She enjoys staying fit, and the occasionalhappy hour with her co-workers. In her sparetime she connects with friends on Facebook.SITE PATH: She passes Philly Cupcake on her way to work but has neverhad the time to stop in and treat herself. She has an upcoming newbusiness meeting and wants to impress the client by providing a sweettakeaway. She remembers Philly Cupcake and goes to the site to place herorder online. She reaches the homepage and clicks on the “Menu” tab andsees a link that says “place order” at the bottom of the page. She clicksthrough and selects her choice of cupcake flavor, icing and toppings andenters the amount she will need. She submits her order and recieves aconfirmation.
  11. 11. AUDIENCE SCENARIOSNAME: ColleenAGE: 45Light-hearted mom, with substantial finances.Loves spending time with her two kids andkeeps a very active lifestyle. Her and herhusband like a night out on the town but shealso enjoys cuddling up with a good bookwhen she can.SITE PATH: She is planning a birthday party for her 14 year old daughter.Her daughter loves Philly Cupcake so she visits the site to look at theordering options. She looks at the “Menu” tab first to see what they offer.She knows that two of the girls attending the party can only eat gluten-free cupcakes and selects the “gluten-free” product options. She finalizesher purchase and receives confirmation of her order. After the party, sheuploads pictures of the girls with their cupcakes onto the “Gallery” pageand posts a review on the “comment” thread about how much they enjoyedthe treats.
  12. 12. AUDIENCE SCENARIOSNAME: LeslieAGE: 26An adventurous, hip foodie, venturingfrom Chicago to tour and taste the city ofPhiladelphia. She is tech savvy, and keeps upwith a daily blog of her travels. She hopes thather life will turn out like her favorite romanticcomedy.SITE PATH: Leslie is walking through the streets of Center City, shopping atsmall boutiques. She decides to indulge in something sweet between sites.She looks on her phone for bakery shops in the area. Her search brings herto Philly Cupcake’s website and she chooses to download the mobile appso that she can get the details as she travels. The app gives her directionsand navigates her to the store. After enjoying a cupcake and her visit toPhiladelphia, she decides to blog about Philly Cupcake in her post abouther trip and it pings her viewers to her website. From the website she alsofollows the link to Philly Cupcake’s facebook page to “like” it.
  13. 13. AUDIENCE SCENARIOSNAME: Ana MaeAGE: 64A grandmother at the brink of retirement,who is invested in her community, an avidjewerly collector and paints in her spare time.She loves vacationing with her family andgardening.SITE PATH: Her grandkids are in Philly visiting and she wants to treat themto something sweet when they arrive. She heard about Philly Cupcakefrom a friend at her charity and visits the site to find out more. She wantsto know others’ opinions so she clicks on the “Our Story” tab to find outwhat the press has to say. She also clicks on the “What’s New” tab to skimthrough the review thread. The majority of the reviews are exceedinglypositive so she explores the menu to see what her grandkids would enjoy.After a wonderful visit to the boutique and tasting the delicious cupcakes,she decides to place a large order for the charity event next month.
  14. 14. AUDIENCE SCENARIOSNAME: BradAGE: 31A sports loving, finance broker. Works a 9-5job, spends his weekends on the golf courseand doting on his fiance. He is humble butpersues and upscale lifestyle. His favoriteshow is “How I Met Your Mother”.SITE PATH: Brad wants to surprise his fiance with a romantic candlelitValentine’s dinner. Her favorite dessert is cupcakes so he searches thecupcake bakeries around Philadelphia. He stumbles upon Philly Cupcakeand from there clicks on the “What’s New” tab to see if there are anyValentine’s Day promotions on the “Events Calendar”. The promotiontakes him to place a personalized order. After his fiance tried the cupcake,she raved about wanting to order them for her wedding shower. She visitsthe website again to check the “FAQ” tab about themed cupcakes for hershower.
  15. 15. COMPETITIVE SCENARIOSSPRINKLES CUPCAKES - Excellent design- Easy to read navigation, effective heirarchy and tabs clearly signified- Text-feed at top- Customized icons- Minimal text, site driven by visuals- Product gifting, virtual selections come to life (customer interaction)- Quick to load and successful hyperlinks- Aesthetic matches brand and product (bright, colorful, fun, chic, tasteful)- Layout is left-adjusted and only uses a small portion of the page- Probable error: if the user types in the domain “” it brings you to a microsite which can confuse and hinder interaction.
  16. 16. SPRINKLES CUPCAKES SITE PATHphotos > biggest fans > submit a photovideos > short films > behinds the scenesbirthday > join the birthday clubstars > tv > print > photoscupcake atm > demogift a purchase > send virtual cupcakes around the worlddownloads > mobile app > jingle > wallpaper > screensavercupcake wars > blog > videos
  17. 17. COMPETITIVE SCENARIOSWHIPPED BAKESHOP - Effective use of typography, color and white space- Top and bottom navigation bars- Content includes, weddings, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, blog, flavor menu- Simple homepage gallery slideshow- Product display via gallery from dropdown menu- Mailing list, e-mail submission- Local delivery service only, no online purchases (call in inquiry submission)- Customer comment page- Product suggestion feature- No multimedia, quick to load pages- Simple and clean look & feel “sophisticated Willy Wonka”- Claims that the site “elevates the web presence of Whipped Bakeshop by taking cues from fashion sites while maintaining the fun and energy.”
  18. 18. COMPETITIVE SCENARIOSPAMCAKES PHILLY - Quirky blog aesthetic- Busy background- Extremely simple navigation, clean typography- Live social media feed- Transitioning info gallery- Mailing list subscription at bottom- Content includes home, menu, location, our story, news, gallery, contact- Menu pop-up windows- Embedded Google Map- Small thumbnail gallery- Comment thread via contact page- Centered, traditional grid layout
  19. 19. CONTENT- Home- Our Story About Us > content blurb and visuals FAQ > information list Press > news content- Menu Cupcakes > product gallery and purchase options Baked Goods > product gallery and purchase options Chocolate > product gallery and purchase options Merchandise > product gallery and purchase options- Gallery Picture grid/submit a photo- Dressing Room Design Your Own Cupcake > personalize order > gift and send- What’s New Event Calendar Mobile App Download Comment thread- Contact Location /Map/Phone/E-mail/Social Media Icons
  20. 20. FEATURESSite SearchStore Location MapSocial Media IconsShopping CartGalleryDressing Room/Cupcake customizationPromotional Event CalendarComment ThreadMobile AppMember Log-in/Sign Up
  21. 21. FUNCTIONALITYSite Search - search engine codeStore Location Map - embeded Google MapsSocial Media Icons - hyperlinks to static pagesShopping Cart - view/selection capability/save cloudGallery - photo viewer/jpeg uploaderDressing Room/Cupcake personalization - custom coding “flash player”Promotional Event Calendar - embedded calendar w/ promotion call outsComment Thread - input/output functionMobile App - download capabilityMember Log-in/Sign Up - registry function
  22. 22. PHILLY CUPCAKEInformation Architecturehomeourstory menu gallery dressingroom contactwhat’snewaboutusFAQpressmerchcupcakesbakedgoodschocolatephotos DYOCcreatesendappDLcalendarcommentthreadmobileappbusinessinfo