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Fresh direct creative_developement_research_report

  1. 1. Chris MinShannon AbrahamCreative Development Research Report
  2. 2. 2Introduction Online grocery shopping has been around since the late 90’s and recentlygrowing in popularity, and is becoming the next big trend. Companies likePeapod, Freshpicks, FreshDirect, Netgrocer and Amazon have taken onlinegrocery shopping from the 90’s to the 21stcentury. With the popularity of onlinegrocery shopping on the rise, companies want to spread the word.Background/Recap Introduced to the New York City metropolitan market in 2002, FreshDirectis an online grocery store that delivers to both homes and businesses. Itgrew popular for its convenience, fresh food, and wide variety of selections.FreshDirect is also popular for its distribution of organic, sustainable, locallygrown items. FreshDirect is even recognized by the Marine Stewardship Councilas a certified sustainable seafood vendor. Then in October 1st 2012, FreshDirect was made available to thePhiladelphia area. FreshDirect will initially launched in eight center-cityPhiladelphia zip codes, with plans to expand throughout the Greater Philadelphiaregion in 2013. The eight zip codes include the following neighborhoods:Rittenhouse, Logan Square, Washington Square, Old City, Society Hill, BellaVista, Queen’s Village, Graduate Hospital, Grey’s Ferry, Fairmount, Art Museum,Spring Garden, and Northern Liberties.
  3. 3. 3MethodologyStrategy We conducted both qualitative and quantitative research. For ourquantitative research we utilized surveys. These surveys were comprised of 39questions asking about their opinions of the ads. We used an online forum calledReddit (; to narrow down the survey to where our targetaudience might be able to see it. We utilized the sub forums, r/mommit and r/parenting. We got a total of 26 completed surveys. For our qualitative research, we used focus groups. We had a total of 7participants (6 females and 1 male) and had a group discussion about onlineshopping and obtained feedback about the 4 advertisements. We had all theparticipants speak and write down their opinions throughout the process. To parents with young children, FreshDirect is the brand of online groceryshopping that provides the peace of mind from having to take their youngchildren grocery shopping with them, because FreshDirect provides them with a:• A daily freshness rating that updated every morning for the produce and seafood• Make bread fresh everyday• Work with local farmers for their meat and produce• They 100% satisfaction guarantee with every order, every time.
  4. 4. 4Key Findings &RecommendationsAd # 1Strengths: Attention grabbing effect from the page flipping, creative, and uniqueWeakness: Too Blurry, Message can be a turn off to some people, The ad got mixed results from our participants when they were askedwhether the ad felt relevant to them or not as they results showed it was splitdown the middle. They liked the creativity and idea behind the ad, but they didn’tlike the blurriness of the image, or the copy which felt like it was taking them ona guilt trip.
  5. 5. 5 The participants also thought the ad was unique, but the adextension didn’t seem to resonate with the consumer as 73% of thesurvey respondents said they did not like the ad extension. They werealso very up in the air with the ad extension being cohesive with the ad. The participants really resonated with the picture of the baby as it wasmentioned over and over again as the most memorable part of the ad.Recommendations:Overall, everyone agreed it was not a believable ad, but it was unique and theidea was clever. It still needs to be worked out more.- The Ad message can be reworded so it doesn’t feel like it is guilting parents touse FreshDirect- Get rid of the blurriness- Make the body copy more legible
  6. 6. 6Ad # 2Strengths: Bright/Colorful, Grabs your attention. Great cohesiveness betweenad and the extension.Weakness: Hard to decipher what the main point of the ad is. It doesn’t look likea refrigerator. The participants of the survey and focus group opinions clashed greatlyon this ad. 73% of the survey takers thought it was relevant while the generalconsensus of the focus group said it wasn’t relevant to them at all. The surveytakers could resonate with the To - Do List, but the focus group participantscouldn’t relate to the To - Do list at all. The survey takers thought the ad was unique and really liked the ad, butthe focus group disagreed greatly and had a lot of negative feedbackfor the ad.
  7. 7. 7 The area in which it seemed like the 2 groups agreed upon wasthe fact that they both liked the ad extension. Both groups thought is wascohesive and they both thought it was nice and simple.Recommendations:Overall the opinions for this ad were either they really liked it or really hated it.The ad is very polarizing, but overall it is an attractive ad that can catch people’sattentions.- The ad background should look more like a refrigerator- Make it less cluttered
  8. 8. 8Ad # 3Strengths: Relatable, Funny Copy, Simple, and The food made it memorableWeakness: Seem almost too plain, It looked cheap The ad got the highest percentage of votes for being believable on thesurvey and the focus group participants echoed a similar opinion. 58% of thesurvey participants said it was relevant to them, while just over half of the focusgroup participants said it was relevant. The sticking point of the ad was the food. The food seemed to really drawthe people in and was brought up over and over when people were describingwhat made the ad memorable. It was also brought up when mentioning whetherthey liked the food shown or wish something about the food image was changed.
  9. 9. 9 However, throughout both the surveys and focus group. The wordcheap showed up a couple of times. It almost took away from theoverall of the ad. The ad extension was seen as cute and most people liked it in both oursurveys and focus group. However, they seemed to be confused on what it hadto do with online grocery shopping.Recommendations:Overall it got a very positive response from everyone. The food seems to be apolarizing topic. It drew people in and got people to focus in on the ad.- The ad extension might be reconsidered- More plates could be added to create a family setting- I would reconsider the background so it doesn’t look too plain
  10. 10. 10Ad # 4Strengths: The participants could really relate to the feeling of juggling manythings, simpleWeakness: Relatable, but it reminds them too much of feeling overwhelmed andnot on using online grocery shopping. The ad imagery of the juggling mom really got all of our participantsto relate and that it what also made it memorable. However, it almost workedtoo well though. It really got them thinking about their life, and took away fromgetting them to the fact that it was about using online grocery shopping to helprelieve them of an added burden. The opinion of whether the ad was unique was split evenly in our surveysand focus group. It didn’t really stick out, but it did grab their attention.
  11. 11. 11 The ad extension was not really seen as cohesive, because otherthan the font and words the ad used illustration and the extensionused a photograph. They general opinion about the extension was that it wasokay. The photo of the fruits was nice, but that was about it. The respondents had some criticism about the ads. They first mentionedhow it was almost sexist to only have the woman juggling the items and thingsthey were juggling was associated with something woman usually do. They alsodidn’t really like the fact that the woman seemed like a white collared worker whodidn’t have enough time for their kids.Recommendations:Overall everyone could relate, but it almost takes away from the originalmessage/purpose of the ad. It is simple and nice, but requires some work to so itdoesn’t offend anyone.- Have a stronger call to action- Maybe incorporate both a male and female- Rework the ad extension to be cohesive
  12. 12. 12Summary/Next Step To parents with young children, FreshDirect is the brand of online groceryshopping that provides the peace of mind from having to take their youngchildren grocery shopping with them. We believe the ad to best fulfill thispositioning statement is ad #3. The 3rd ad really gave off an overall positiveimpression to participants, the food really drew people in, and it was believable.It was gender neutral and received the least amount of negative responses. We believe that with the recommended changes to the 3rd ad asmentioned before. It would be a successful and memorable campaign that canreally resonate with the parents of young children. It would transfer to them thepeace of mind that they are looking for.
  13. 13. 13AppendixCREATIVE BRIEFClient: FreshDirectAgency: C&S Agency (Chris Min & Shannon Abraham)Background:Introduced to the New York market in 2002, FreshDirect is a online grocery store thatdelivers to both homes and offices. It grew popular for its convenience, fresh food andlower prices than many Manhattan supermarkets. FreshDirect is popular for itsdistribution of organic food and locally grown items, as well as items that consumers seein supermarkets daily. FreshDirect also delivers numerous Kosher foods and isrecognized by the Marine Stewardship Council as a certified sustainable seafood vendor.Business Problem:FreshDirect has just started to service the Philadelphia area and lacks awareness amongthe people of Philadelphia. It is popular in NYC, because most New Yorkers already getmost things delivered and most don’t own their own cars.Objective:To raise awareness among parents about FreshDirect an online grocery store whichdelivers throughout the Philadelphia area.Target audience:Our target audience is parents with children ranging from infants to kindergarteners.They have a HHI of $25,000 – 75,000. They either have full time jobs or are a full timehomemaker. They have at least a Bachelors degree, are tech savoy, and are able to utilizesmart phones. Grocery shopping is a task that involves juggling around nap times,children nagging for certain items, and heavy bags. They are willing and open to tryingonline grocery shopping.Whats the single most important thing to say:Peace of mind. I.e.:Peace from not having to buy a lot snacksPeace from worrying about bring your infant child out to a germ filled grocery storePeace from children running around the storeWhat are the supporting rational and emotional reasons to believe and buy:We want to show FreshDirect as a convenient and trustworthy online grocery store. Thatprovides the freshest produce, meats, and baked goods in the midst of a hectic parentallifestyle.• FreshDirect has a daily freshness rating that updated every morning for theproduce and seafood• FreshDirect makes bread fresh everyday• FreshDirect works with local farmer for their meat and produce• FreshDirect has a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every order, every time.• FreshDirect is an easy to use online grocery store with a mobile app.Tone:Warm, Caring, Comforting, Uplifting, Personal, ConfidentMandates:Logo, webpage
  14. 14. 14Chris  Min  &  Shannon  Abraham  FreshDirect  Survey  Questions  Draft    Intro:  Hi,  we  are  students  at  Temple  University  who  are  currently  seeking  insight  from  parents  with  Infants  all  the  way  up  to  Kindergarteners.        This  survey  will  take  about  10-­‐15  minutes,  and  your  participation  would  be  greatly  appreciated.  All  of  your  answers  will  be  kept  strictly  confidential  and  you  can  stop  taking  the  survey  at  any  time.  Thank  You    Do  you  have  kids?  A.  Yes  B.  No    Does  your  kid’s  age  range  from  0-­‐6?  A.  Yes  B.  No    If  you’ve  selected  “No”  to  any  of  the  questions  above,  we  would  like  to  thank  you  for  your  time,  but  your  participation  in  our  survey  will  not  be  necessary.    How  often  do  you  shop  for  groceries?  -­‐ Once  a  month  -­‐ Every  other  week  -­‐ Once  a  week  -­‐ Twice  a  week  -­‐ 3+  times  a  week    What  is  the  most  important  factor  when  it  comes  to  buying  your  groceries?  A. Wide  Variety  of  Selections  B. Quality  C. Price  D. Organic/Green  E. Other    Would  you  try  online  grocery  shopping?  A. Yes  B. No        *Repeat  set  of  questions  for  each  ad  Please  answer  the  question  after  looking  thoroughly  through  the  Advertisements.    What  emotions  come  to  mind  after  seeing  the  ads(Please  select  all  that  apply)?  -­‐ Happy  
  15. 15. 151. Warm  2. Caring  3. Confidence  4. Indifference  5. Confusion  6. Anger    Do  you  believe  this  ad  to  be  relevant  to  you?  A. Yes  B. No    Compared  to  all  grocery  store  ads  is  this  ad  unique?  A. Yes  B. No      What  stood  out  the  most  in  this  ad?      Has  your  opinion  of  online  grocery  shopping  changed  after  seeing  this  ad?  A.  Yes    B.  No      If  you  answered  Yes  to  the  question  above,  Has  it  changed  to  a  more  positive  or    negative  view  of  online  grocery  shopping?  -­‐ Positive  -­‐ Negative    Do  you  believe  this  ad  extension  is  cohesive  to  the  original  ad?  A. Yes  B. No    Do  you  like  the  ad  extension?  A. Yes    B. No    Conclusion    Which  ad  was  the  most  memorable?  A.  Ad  1  B.  Ad  2  C.  Ad  3  D.  Ad  4    Which  ad  would  make  you  want  try  FreshDirect  and  why?  Thank  you  for  taking  your  time  to  fill  out  this  survey.  Your  input  is  greatly  appreciated.      
  16. 16. 16Chris Min & Shannon AbrahamIntroductionHello, everyone. My name is ____________ and I’d like to thank everyone for comingout tonight. I am very interested in your opinions and I look forward to our discussion.Please know your answers are being used for research purposes only. There are no rightor wrong answers to my questions, so I encourage you to be honest, open and mostimportantly, to enjoy yourselves. Let’s start by introducing ourselves and one thing aboutyourself. I’m _____________.Category & Lifestyle1. To get things started, let’s talk about grocery shopping. Let’s list some grocery storesyou regularly shop at.2. What is your favorite grocery store? Why?3. List pros and cons of your favorite grocery store.4. What are your main reasons for going to the grocery store?5. Describe for me your perfect grocery store.6. How important is price when buying groceries on a scale of 1 – 5 with 5 being the mostimportant and 1 being least important. Why did you give it that rating?Online Grocery Shopping1. Have you ever heard of online grocery shopping?2. If you have, what are some of the retailers that you have heard of?3. Would you ever try online grocery shopping? If yes, why? If no, why?FreshDirectNow I am going to show you some advertisements for a specific online grocery company.I’ll show you a series of print ads, all for the same product, and then we’ll talk about it.FreshDirect Ad 1Hereʼs our first ad.[Show Paint Print Ad]Now I am going to ask you a few questions and I’d like you to write down your responsesin a few words.1. What was your initial reaction to the ad?
  17. 17. 171. What do you think is the main idea of the ad?2. How believable was the ad?3. Was the ad relevant for the product?4. Has the ad helped change your views about online shopping?5. After seeing the ad would you try online shopping?1. Show next 3 ads and ask same questions above.Purchase IntentNow that we’ve seen and talked about all of the ads, I am going to show you all the printads again. (show all the ads)Please tell me which ad got your attention the most and why? (we can go around statingwhat everyone had to say)(Based on the most popular ad) I want to talk a bit more about Ad # ___. What was itabout this ad that stuck out the most and what stuck out the least?What changes would you do to the ad to make it more eye-catching/  memorable?When seeing this ad what are some words that come to mind first?Conclusion (To conclude, I’d like to ask two final questions.)1. What do you believe is the most important thing we discussed tonight?2. Is there anything we did not discuss that we should have?And that wraps up our discussion. Thank you, all once again for coming out and sharingyour opinions and insight with me. Have a great day, everyone.
  18. 18. 18Notes from Focus GroupNotes:1. “I doesn’t look like an online grocery ad” (ad 2)2. “It shows a busy working woman juggling too many things in one day and how she canhelp herself by joining Fresh Direct” (ad 4)3. “You have to be kidding me! I was actually surprised that this ad was actually made intoan ad” (ad 1)4. “Convince people to buy their product so it could benefit their company and business”(ad 1)5. “I know if I get ill or something, I will go to a local grocery market, not an online one”(ad 2)6. “When you have so much to do it’s not worth going to an actual store when you can do itonline” (ad 4)7. “Freshness and variety” (ad 3)8. “An average American woman has to juggle work and household chores and kids on adaily bases” (ad 4)9. On Ad 4 most of the females sated if that was a real ad, would it be sexist and be sayingsomething against at home men.10. Almost everyone laughed at the first ad, saying would something like that ever be created.• All the ads were treated the same when it came to people spending time and lookingthem over. It was an average of like 10 to 15 seconds for all the ads. I don’t believe anyone ad had anyone highly excited and concentrating on an ad.
  19. 19. 19Survey Results attached seperately