School Library Journal....Be the Change April Webcast (Make the Administrator Connection)


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This presentation is the April webcast of the School Library Journal "Be The Change" series. Shannon McClintock Miller is the moderator for the series. Her guests for "Make the Administrator Connection" were Mark Ray, Patrick Larkin, Sam Miller and Kathy Kaldenberg.

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School Library Journal....Be the Change April Webcast (Make the Administrator Connection)

  1. 1. ccc image via theCHANGE
  2. 2. Make The Administrator ConnectionApril 25, 2013Hosted by Shannon McClintock MillerPanelists: Kathy Kaldenberg, Patrick Larkin, Sam Miller & Mark Ray
  3. 3. cc via McClintock Miller
  4. 4. cc via in...and BE the change.archive & SHARE
  5. 5. cc via the administratorCONNECTION
  6. 6. cc via Larkin
  7. 7. cc via Kaldenberg &Sam Miller
  8. 8. cc via Ray
  9. 9. cc via TRENDS
  10. 10. from an administrators standpoint, whatare the KEY SHIFTSin student learning thatteacher librarians need to be ready for?ccimagevia
  11. 11. students and teachers workingfrom and creatingDIGITAL content.students and teachers working from andcreating DIGITAL content.
  12. 12. students with ubiquitousACCESSto technology.
  13. 13. students learning to be safe, responsible &productive digital CITIZENS.
  14. 14. students PREPARINGfor college, career & life. being creative,collaborative, communicating & critical thinking.
  15. 15. teacher librarians being activeTEACHERS.
  16. 16. cc via doesLEARNING&TEACHINGchange with these shifts?
  17. 17. cc via is the change forTEACHERLIBRARIANSwith these shifts?
  18. 18. cc via importance of theseRELATIONSHIPS
  19. 19. ccc image via must administrators do toSUPPORT these shifts?
  20. 20. cc image via do administrators need to SEE,KNOW and be able to DO?how can teacher librarians support theiradministrators in learning?
  21. 21. cc via
  22. 22. cc via of SUCCESS
  23. 23. cc via was the first time Id everbeen in our high school! I like theINTERACTION between theage groups.~Community memberI thought this was a great project! Ilove astronomy so getting to choosemy own topic was awesome. I hopethat in our other units, we can doPROJECTS LIKE THIS again!~Student
  24. 24. "Effective teacher librarians improve STUDENT LEARNING. Administratorsand teacher librarians must collaborate to show stakeholders correlations betweenteacher librarian leadership and its positive impact on student achievement data."~Sam Miller
  25. 25. cc via next steps to BEINGthis change with your administrators.
  26. 26. strive for administrators toOPEN their doors.what are the attitudes, beliefs orbehaviors that are consistent withthe change we must embrace?cc image via
  27. 27. The era of working quietly and modestly is past. Its time to communicate andcelebrate our successes with all our stakeholders and our colleagues, throughtraditional venues and social media. I truly believe that "what isobvious to you is amazing to others" and that we can only"BE THE CHANGE" when we share and learn together.~Kathy Kaldenbergccc image via
  28. 28. "Library/media specialists have always been the "GO-TO" PEOPLEto find information and for schools to flourish in the 21st Century, We need people inthis role who understand how to continue to be this "go-to" person. Additionally, we needadministrators who provide the necessary resources for library/media specialistsso that they can meet this challenge and support students and staff."~Patrick Larkincc image via
  29. 29. Powerful educational trends are remaking schools and classrooms. Teacher librariansmust see beyond their libraries to lead, teach and support student learning in new ways.Despite perceptions to the contrary, their experience and skills are more valuable thanever. The challenge to both teacher librarians and administrators is to understand andacknowledge this. And to DO SOMETHING about it.~Mark Rayccc image via
  30. 30. cc via ways to CONNECTto your administrators.
  31. 31. leaders to followFOLLOW
  32. 32. VISIT
  33. 33. together we can be theCHANGE we need to be.Photo by Joe Murphy
  34. 34. lets answer image via
  35. 35. cc via YOU.
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