Finding My Passion


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Finding My Passion

  1. 1. Shannon Marie Hilbert, AAC March 2, 2007 APTi 1.1 Assignment #8 Mission statement, “WHY” activities Finding My Passion Little did I know when I was participating in bingo games and when I went along with a group to Furr’s to eat dinner, I was really planning out my future career decisions. During the summertime, I would volunteer at the hospital on the rehabilitation floor where I was a patient. After high school, my main goal was just to go to college and take classes that were human services related. My career choices changed after a year and a half of college, but I volunteered with several social service agencies in activities. After working eleven years in the business related field, I went back to college to finish my Associate in General Studies Degree. This time I took stock in what mattered most to me which is helping people be happy and appreciating everyday life. Upon completing the Kansas Certified Nurse Aide course, I took the Kansas Social Service Designee/Activity Director course. In the Activity Director course, my mind reawakened a passion I thought was beyond my reach. There are so many possibilities in this profession. Really the Kansas approved course that colleges teach just brushes the entire spectrum of Activities as a career. After researching my career choice, I found many different possibilities to pursue in the future. I belong to the local Activity District #6; KADA, Kansas Activity Directors Association;
  2. 2. NAAP, National Association of Activity Professionals; NCCAP, National Certification Council for Activity Professionals. My first job as an Activities Assistant was a great experience. I worked part-time and was in charge of the Activities in the Alzheimer’s Unit. There was a new activity every thirty minutes - so I was on my toes! This was my first job experience with documentation. I cannot wait till I am working again! In April 2006 I went to Clown College at Southern Care Hospice. I graduated from the class in June 2006. I am a caring clown. I don’t wear scary makeup. My clown name is Shaba-Daba-Do and I entertain at nursing homes and senior living facilities. I will never forget the first time I spotted a resident singing along with one of the songs I was dancing to around the room. The person’s mind has stored the words to that song from long ago. NCCAP offers the MEPAP, Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals course for a more through study of Activity Professionals, Activities, and how I can further my career. I am currently an Activity Assistant Certified, and I taking the MEPAP class to expand my knowledge of the activity profession. As far as I am concerned, the options are limitless in this career. I feel some sort of kinship with anyone in the rehab/hospital/nursing home facility. Nothing is better than to see a smile on a person’s face when involved with a fun activity.