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Did this branding and website design RFP recently for a friend and thought it was a no-nonsense, effective approach for companies that know what they want in a design firm. Most RFPs ask for too much info that isn't even relevant to the real work.

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Sample identity and web rfp

  1. 1. Acme, Inc.<br />Identity and Website Redesign Brief<br />Acme, Inc. is looking for a nimble, fresh, experienced, boutique creative agency to partner with for ongoing branding, design and web initiatives in 2011 and beyond. <br />Acme, Inc. boilerplate or company info here.<br />Immediately, we want to redesign our corporate identity system and company website – launching on date.  Following these priorities, there is enormous opportunity for ongoing partnership and future projects including a global brand advertising campaign, ongoing corporate/solutions video production, website localization and campaign microsites. <br />Our budget for the initial phase of identity and website redesign is $100,000. These are our top line goals for the initial project:  <br />Modernize the company's identity system and web presence to reflect both the digital savvy of a scrappy innovator with the sophistication and staying power of a billion dollar company<br />Unify and significantly elevate the Acme, Inc. global brand <br />Design a flexible identity system and scalable website architecture that supports the fluid and expanding nature of our business <br />Scope and Requirements<br />New Corporate Identity System <br />Corporate identity<br />Product identity – platform and three verticals <br />Tagline<br />Biz cards<br />Letterhead system<br />PPT template<br />Collateral template (system of 2-3 templates for 1-, 2-, 3-page templates)<br />Style guide<br />Corporate Video<br /><ul><li>3-5 mins – corporate profile for use on website, office lobbies around the world, sales presentations</li></ul>Corporate Website Redesign<br /><ul><li>Multi-national site – full site in English with multi-language microsites/translations in 4-5 languages including Spanish, German, French, Italian (select content only)
  2. 2. Built on WordPress
  3. 3. Video platform/player integration
  4. 4. Motion graphics
  5. 5. Mobile rendering on html 5 standard
  6. 6. Marketing automation integration
  7. 7. IR site integration – in partnership with IR firm</li></ul>We're doing a fast search for the right creative agency to partner with on these initiatives.  Here's what we want to know about you:<br />What corp ID work from the past 18 months are you most proud of?  Show us, tell us why?<br />What web work from the past 18 months are you most proud of?   Show us, tell us why? Please include example(s) of video and or interactive work.<br />What will your timeline and process be for a December 1 launch of a new corp ID and website?<br />Who are the main people that we'll work with on strategy, client/project management, creative and technical?  Provide 1-2 examples of their recent work and short bios.  <br />How do you characterize your favorite and most successful clients and engagements?<br />If you think you're the right partner for us, please respond to this request for information by Monday, October 1, 2011. We want to move fast, but we’d be happy to talk by phone to elaborate on this and help you prepare between now and then. Contact for more details. <br />Send your response to both of the following people:<br />Insert contact information here.<br />