Local media assn fall conference report recap 2012


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This session offered summaries of four reports written for the Local Media Association Innovation Alliance delivered with tips, tricks, tactics for success and examples.

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Local media assn fall conference report recap 2012

  1. 1. The Hottest Opportunities for 2012 September, 2012 Atlanta, GA Shannon Kinney Founder, GM, Client Success Officer shannon@dreamlocal.com
  2. 2. What’s hot?• Social Content Strategies• Digital Agency: is it for you?• Selling Social Media• SOLOMO programs• Event Marketing• Think like a startup – low to no cost toolsets and more
  3. 3. Social Content Strategies
  4. 4. Strategy & ROI• Building brand awareness and engagement• Brand extension• Content sourcing and curation• Increased reach• Social amplification
  5. 5. Strategy & ROI• Social influencers (recruit and leverage, build relationships)• Incremental revenue / audience growth• Gathering user generated content (ugc)• Increase digital footprint• Closely monitor your analytics!!
  6. 6. Ethical considerations• How do you identify yourself?• Separate personal and professional Twitter feeds?• How do you verify?• What language is acceptable (WTF)?• What, if any, opinions are OK?
  7. 7. Developing your content plan• Why a content plan is important• What’s in a content plan? • Your voice • Important brand messages • What will be posted where, when • Standards for your content mix (marketing and promotion, conversation, listening) – balance is CRITICAL • Promotions / strategies for fan base growth
  8. 8. Content Distribution• Develop a strategy per channel to maximize engagement. Look closely at audience and optimum times/day for posts• Twitter• Facebook• Google+• Blogs and RSS• YouTube• LinkedIn (Company Status Updates,Groups, discussions)• Pinterest• Posterous, Digg, Tumblr, Reddit, Delicious
  9. 9. Targeting• By geography• By topic or niche• By columnist (if they will engage with users)• By category (advertising)
  10. 10. Challenges to overcome• Need to master all channels and optimize your content for them, invest the time• Digital is different from traditional media• Content is bite sized, photos and videos carry more weight• Social web requires monitoring• Need to develop SOP to build into your workflow• Develop strategy to work with and leverage citizen journalists and UGC (blog hosting @ BDN)• Requires good knowledge of SEO
  11. 11. Local Digital Ad Agency Model
  12. 12. The internet, and social media inparticular, have radically changed the way people consume information and the waybusinesses promote themselves.
  13. 13. In this economy, every businessis re-thinking all of their budgets,and they will never return to the way they once were.
  14. 14. The customer: Local businesses• Increasingly, cannot afford traditionalmarketing, but don’t understand options• View online marketing, and Facebook inparticular, as an affordable and importantoption• Are too busy to keep up with managing theirmarketing and their businesses, seek assistance• Are hungry for solutions• Social media can bring significant results
  15. 15. “You have to sell what sells… There is a huge sweet spotbetween a full-blown (high end)agency and the very small stuff.” Keith Wilson Publisher of the Times-News and The Times Digital Group Team
  16. 16. Times-News Digital Group Breakdown• Most profitable service:video production• Billings average: 1/3 of alldigital revenue for company• Separate P&L but rolled intocompany total• Double digit growth eachyear• Average rate structure:$100/hour
  17. 17. Why Agency?• Serving local businesses is core to your missionand role in your community• Maintaining the relationship as the trustedadvisor and partner is critical to your long termsuccess• Filling the advertiser need and guiding themthrough the process will solidify your position• Solution-based selling builds trust• Can ultimately sell more print
  18. 18. Go BEYOND the ad budget,tap into the marketing budget
  19. 19. The decision:
  20. 20. In-house• Need dedicated resources with experience indigital, video, mobile, and social media• Tight operational efficiencies need to bedeveloped to protect margins• Average investment of companies we surveyed$200,000 many newspaper companies haveinvested several times more than that• Need to stay on top of rapidly-changing trends• Ability to quickly and nimbly scale
  21. 21. Outsource option: Dream Local
  22. 22. Selling Social Media
  23. 23. Solution ComponentsCore Offering Optional • Video optimization, distribution,• Online marketing strategy marketing development • Photography• Social Media channel • Mobile marketing solutions (sites, enhancement and ongoing promotions) management • PR • SEO / SEM• Reputation Management • Agency level service (media and SEO planning, etc)• Email marketing • Event promotion (flyers, etc)• Blog posting management • Print ad design• Video development & • Web site & landing page development editing
  24. 24. SOLOMO
  25. 25. “Our local retailers suddenly understand that the entire retail experience is going digital.”“The challenge for most retailers in using social media is they are too busy managing their business”“We know offering our customers a way to expose their business quickly and efficiently positions us as a true marketing partner.” Tim Anderson Vice President of Revenue Development, Savannah Morning News
  26. 26. Breakdown of SOLOMO program• Set packages available, priced in local market• Intense sales training• Seminar event – several per day for 2-3 days (event planning support from corporate)• Follow up – make it fast! (If you can’t close there, get appointment within 5 business days)• Contracts fulfilled at corporate in most cases
  27. 27. Social package includes:• Setup on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, foursquare• Social media dashboard – update multiple networks in one place• Reputation monitoring and alerts• Competitive monitoring and alerts• Best practices guide and help line• Management available as an option• …and more!
  28. 28. Local package includes:• Google, Yahoo! and Bing map and place pages optimization• Entry and hygiene of your business listing on 25+ online directories to maximize your local exposure• Standardize and enhance your business listing across major search engines• Premium placement on cjonline.com’s local directory
  29. 29. Mobile package includes:• Mobile micro-site for your business• Unique promotional keyword text promotions• Unlimited text messaging• Mobile subscriber database and management• Appointment reminders and scheduling for subscribers• Best practices and help line• And more!
  30. 30. Summary of findings• The Chattanooga Times Free Press has earned more than $2.5million in revenue over the past three years with an innovative event strategy• Wide variety of events, most popular targets are women and seniors• Entire newspaper team (across departments) supports the event team’s efforts• Strong team and planning are required• Deepens relationships with advertisers / sponsors
  31. 31. Leveraging a Newspapers’ Strengths• Recognizable and trusted brand• Voice in the community• Market penetration• Diverse portfolios• Creativity• Workforce• Relationships with businesses• Community Parternships
  32. 32. Revenue Sources• Sponsorship sales• Ticket sales• Booth & ticketsales• VIP packages• Premium seating• Merchandise
  33. 33. Win-win• Help advertisers grow foot traffic• Creative and innovative solutions foradvertisers and sponsors• Deepen community engagement• Grow customer base• Strengthen under-performing audiences,showcase high-performing audiences• Terrific marketing opportunity for paper
  34. 34. What you need for success• Invest in your vision, create world-class event• Intense planning and learning from theexperience• Teamwork• Strong partners (facility, meeting supplycompany if needed)• Solid marketing & promotion• Effective sales effort
  35. 35. Think like a startup
  36. 36. “This isn’t about saving money, it’s about accelerating innovation” Senior Digital First Media executive
  37. 37. Nimble Companies• The Bangor Daily News: the team replaced an aging editorial front end system with low-cost solutions, re- organized and retrained their teams to become a digital first organization, and has the results to prove it• McNaughton Newspapers: transformed four of their operations with low cost tools and eliminated technical limitations from being placed upon them by vendors in the process• Journal Register Company (JRC): Launched the Ben Franklin Project to transform their newsrooms and introduce culture change throughout the organization
  38. 38. Summary of findings• All found large cost savings, yet all stress the value comes in innovation• All had a desire to be more in control and felt that they couldn’t get that control with their current vendors and software• Efficiencies were gained at each profiled company• Digital-first publishing is now in place at each property• New and exciting initiatives were developed as a result of using free/no cost tools
  39. 39. McNaughton Newspapers• Replaced newsroom and web site infrastructure with low-cost web-based solutions• Cost savings were a requirement, but goal was to gain more local control and options than vendor solutions could provide• Become digital native “leapfrogging” then digital first newspaper model• Went from Baseview to WordPress via open source project EditFlow
  40. 40. Key takeaways• Innovation can happen with limited financial investment – in fact, in these cases, forcing the teams to work with less drove innovation – however, focusing on expense control vs. opportunity misses the mark• To be successful in these endeavors, you must be willing to re-think your entire process and workflow, piece meal efforts will not generate large results• Companies both small and large can achieve tremendous growth by adopting these innovative strategies
  41. 41. Thank you! Shannon Kinney Client Success Officer Dream Local Digital shannon@dreamlocal.com @shannonkin www.dreamlocal.comFacebook.com/shannonkinney 207-354-7073