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Music video analysis

  1. 1. Music Video Aims and ObjectivesMusic videos are a form of promotion of the artist/band who are able to entice people into listening to the song. Ituses certain conventions that will help the video appeal to the artist/band’s target audience, for example the actorsthat are used in the video and the mise en scene, focusing on elements such as setting and costume. Productplacement is also frequently used within music videos to advertise certain products to the target audience for theartist to gain more of a profit. These products have to be aimed at the target audience as they would be what theywould usually purchase. For example, in the video to What The Hell by Avril Lavigne product placement isfrequently used of her perfumes, which is a product her target audience would be interested in.Music videos also represent the target audience as they feature actors of a similar social standing or gender etc. Theyalso may have messages within them be it political or social to get the artists view across on something that they feelstrongly about. Sometimes actors can be well known. An example of this could be Love The Way You Lie byEminem, as it features the actress Megan Fox and also deals with the issue of domestic abuse. Music videos are apopular way of being able to display the band although there are various types of music videos where it’s actors thatplay out a story in relation to the video or shots of the actual band playing, or they could be a mixture between thetwo including things such as special effects, still images or stop motions to entice their audience into watching.In some cases music videos can be an example of synergy if the song in the music video is featured in the movie.Then clips from the movie will be featured within the music video, giving the featured film and the artist/band’spromotion. An example of this could be Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith featured in Armageddon. What The Hell Love The Way You Lie Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing
  2. 2. The Bucket – Kings of Leon of Leon released Indie Rock song The Bucket as a single from their album Aha ShakeHeartbreak that was released in 2004.The music video features the four members in a studio and has up to 16 screens showing the band ata time. The shots frequently alternate between showing the setting of the music video (the studio theband are in), and the band. Also during the video there are different shots of things such asfireworks, flowers (which could relate back to the cover of the single, which features a flower), andseveral close up shots of the instruments the band are playing, this is focusing on an action as thesong is fast paced and therefore the close up shots reflect this as we are able to see the speed that theband are playing their instruments. The lighting within the studiois also quite a natural lighting, enabling you to clearly see what’sgoing on within the music video. It also comes across as a naturalpractice or performance because all member of the band are incasual attire, making the music video feel at a more persona level,as it’s allowing their fans to seem them how they really are. Thesynchronization of the music and the video is matched upperfectly, this could be due to the cost of production. The end ofthe video shows a microphone standing on it’s own, signifyingthat the song has now ended. This video has a linear narrativeand it is single strand, as it solely just focuses on the bandperforming.
  3. 3. Say You Don’t Want It – One Night Only Night Only released the single ‘Say You Don’t Want It’ off of their second album ‘One NightOnly’ in 2010.The music video features a linear storyline of the front man of the band, George Craig, and hisgirlfriend at the time, Emma Watson, wandering the streets of New York, with several shots of theband playing on a rooftop of a building. The music video appears to be quite saturated, to make thelights and colours stand out upon the night that the video was filmed in. It has a twist at the end ofit, as the two characters turn out to be dogs in a ‘Lady and the Tramp’ type situation, as the femalecharacter belongs to a wealthy lady and the male character is a stray dog that the female characterdog came across when she was accidentally separated from her owner. The music video frequentlyshows situations where it could relate to both of the characters being dogs, for example at one partGeorge lick’s Emma’s face, and another when the male character comesacross a group of people he’s familiar with, and the female character looks scared and intimidated. The mise en scene of this music videoalso reflects the story line, as George is wearing a simple black casualtrouser suit and Emma is wearing a more formal outfit, with jewelleryand a fur jacket. Landmarks around New York are shown frequentlywithin the music video, and a hot dog branch ‘Grays Papaya is a predominant feature among the story line, making the characters withinthe video seem more like everyday citizens of New York, and removingtheir status as a well known musician or actress to make the video seema lot more authentic.
  4. 4. Album Cover and Album Release Magazine Advert Aims and ObjectivesAlbum covers have many purposes when it comes to promoting the band, asthe artist who’s album it is would want the album artwork or image to reflectthe genre of their music, drawing any potential listeners intodownloading, streaming or purchasing the album. The album normallycontains an insert, which is usually a little booklet featuring lyrics of thesongs featured on the album, or images and a letter of thanks to let fans havean insight into artists life. Digipack’s also encourage the purchase of a hardcopy of an album.Magazine adverts also have the same objectives, as they are to encouragelistener’s and the artist’s fans to purchase the album. They often contain arelease date, informing listener’s as to when the album is coming out, andoften the style of the magazine advert is reflected within the album cover, solisteners can make a correlation between the two, with both media formsusing either the same image or text, or shows a picture of the album.
  5. 5. Aha Shake Heartbreak Album ReleaseAlbum Cover(s)Aha Shake Heartbreak was released with RCA/HandMeDown Records andproduced by Ethan Johns. It had two different release dates for the UK andAmerica, being released in late 2004 in the UK and early 2005 in theUSA, featuring two different album covers, one for it’s UK release and onefor the release in America.The UK release of the album shows a very simple and contrasting image of awhite, brightly lit flower on a black background, with a quite ornamentalfont, that cold be quite difficult to read from a distance due to theexaggerated serifs and italics. As the flower featured on the cover is quiteclose up, digital manipulation was probably used to make the surface smoothand unmarked. The white colour of the flower could connotation the purity ofthe album on which the album was made, and the openness could reflect thetopic of song within the album, and that within the songs featured they weremessages the band wanted to get across to feel a connectedness to their fans.The album cover conforms to the general conventions of the product, as itfeatures the title of the album, the band’s name and has a main image.The USA’s cover for the release of an album sticks to a similar arrangementof the UK release, although the background is white and the text isblack, with a different flower being used as the main image. The use of thetwo different covers of the album could relfect how they want to appear to beshown within both continents, with the USA release being a lot brighter, asit’s the band’s home country, and the UK release a lot darker and contrasting.
  6. 6. Tribes Album ReleaseAlbum CoverBaby by Tribes was recorded at The Motor Museum in Liverpool and released on the 16th January2012 on the label ‘Island’. It reflects an Indie Rock genre.The layout of this album is quite simple, with a clear image of the band members as the main focuswithin the cover. The text to image ratio is quite uneven, with only a small text just under the bandname displaying the album title. The band use a white background behind their name in a bold sansserif font, drawing attention to the text. The album cover also features the logo of the recordcompany they released the album off of in the top right corner, which is not conforming totraditional album conventions as the record company’s logo is usually found in the bottom at theback of the album, along with the track list.The main image of the album cover features the band sitting on a bench in front of a brick rundown, plain wall. The outfit choices of the band members and theplain background that they are sitting in front of creates a juxtaposition, as the member’s of the band are dressed quiteeccentrically, in a way that would reflect their album’s genre. Eachof the members also have an uninterested or distant look on theirface, which is often a common convention of images within the IndieRock genre (see for example, The Libertines magazine advertisement). The album cover reflects the music on the album, and the charactersthat the band represent, as it’s displayed that they each have their ownstyle and that this album is different to a lot of other mainstreamproducts, with a 90s vibe about it as displayed within the mise enscene of the image featured.
  7. 7. Magazine Advert (New Album)This magazine advert is for Kings of Leon’s 2nd studio album ‘Aha Shake Heartbreak’ that was releasedin November 2004 in the UK. The album reflects an Indie/Southern Rock genre. The image of the floweron the magazine advert is also featured on the UK cover for the album. The advert for the new albumfeatures a black, mostly plain background, other for what looks like a smoke/water effect at the top of thepage where the band’s name is. The focal point of the poster is the close up image of a white flower, as itcontrasts with the dark background and really stands out on the page. In terms of image manipulation, theimage is very clear and therefore the brightness may have been enhanced and any blemishes or unneededmarks upon the flower may have been removed as the image is a close up and everything would bevisible upon it. The image to text ratio of this advert is relatively even and the text featured is a simple,plain white sans serif font which doesnt’t distract away from the main image of the advert.The further the text gets down the page the smaller it gets, and there isalso more text featured at the bottom of the page than the top. Thiscontradicts the research that when reading text the eye falls to the top leftof the page first as, with this advert the eye would tend to look to thealbum name and release date first with the way that the advertisement islaid out. The very bottom of the adverts has the band’s webpage in verysmall text, so the people that are interested can go on the website and findout more, but the advert isn’t absorbed by this text as it’s a very simpleadvert. The connotation of this advert could be that it reflects thesimplicity and pureness of the album that’s featured within the advert, soreaders get a sense of what type of genre album this will ne withoutalready knowing of the band.Overall this magazine advert is a very simple one that gets straight to thepoint and doesn’t use lots of special editing within it, and it also reflectsthe genre of the band/album.
  8. 8. The Libertines Album ReleaseMagazine Advert (New Album)This magazine advert is for the release of The Libertine’s self titled album that was released in August2004 in the UK. The album reflects an Indie Rock genre. This was the Libertines’ 2nd studio recordedalbum. It features an image of the two front men of the band with clear lighting, so you are able to see theirfacial expressions, which seem quite distant. The image used within the magazine advert is also the imagethat’s used on the album cover, so along with the band’s logo the advert is very distinguishable of thealbum. The photo within the magazine advert shows the two front men displaying their ‘Libertine’tattoo, reflecting the member’s passion to the band and the close relationship that has been formed.By the magazine advert naming a well known song that features on the album, it draws potential listenersin because, if they liked the song mentioned on the advert the may be moreinclined to see what other music they have to offer. For this magazine advert,the outfits and hair style and general mise en scene of the image is very natural,and doesn’t come off staged, as if the artists have intended to look a certainway. This is often a common convention for this genre of music. It appearsthat this magazine advert for the self titled album gets straight to the point indisplaying that the album is already out, and the image and type face usedwithin it greatly reflects the type of album that is being promoted, thereforepotential buyers can get a feel of what they will be listening to before theyactually do.As this album was released in 2004, just 3 years after broadband had beenreleased to the public it does not mention the formats that the album isavailable in, which is a common feature in more modern adverts.