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  • 1. Shannon Martensson Shannon Martensson Selected Article: 5 most common financial scams http://money.cnn.com/2013/09/12/pf/financial-scams Professor Klinkowstein Professor Klinkowstein
  • 2. Shannon Martensson Professor Klinkowstein Free lunch Look out for! Penny stocks You won the lottery! Cold calls E-mails from abroad
  • 3. Shannon Martensson Professor Klinkowstein What are financial scams? Men and elderly are the biggest targets E-mails and phone calls promising money Financial fraud has risen to $50 billion/year Promising too good investments to be true
  • 4. Shannon Martensson Professor Klinkowstein “People often fail to report financial fraud—either because they don’t know who to report it to or because they’re too embarrassed” FINRA FINRA is the United States Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.
  • 5. Shannon Martensson Ethnographic Research Professor Klinkowstein
  • 6. Shannon Martensson Professor Klinkowstein The Hammer Lab -Everyone was within the age range of 19-22. -It was a highly calm and quiet setting.
  • 7. Shannon Martensson Professor Klinkowstein The Hammer Lab -It is crowded and the noise level has raised. -There are people from many different nationalities.
  • 8. Shannon Martensson Professor Klinkowstein Christina Kaschte Have you ever been a victim of financial fraud? “I have never personally, I like to believe I‟m smarter than that!”
  • 9. Shannon Martensson Professor Klinkowstein Edwin Samuels Do you know anyone who has fallen victim to a financial scam over the internet? “My uncle lost a few thousand dollars when falling victim to „junk email‟ scams”
  • 10. Shannon Martensson Diagonals Professor Klinkowstein
  • 11. Shannon Martensson Arcs Professor Klinkowstein
  • 12. Shannon Martensson Irregular Shapes Professor Klinkowstein
  • 13. Shannon Martensson Grids Professor Klinkowstein
  • 14. Shannon Martensson Monochromes Professor Klinkowstein
  • 15. Shannon Martensson Neutrals Professor Klinkowstein
  • 16. Shannon Martensson High Key Professor Klinkowstein
  • 17. Shannon Martensson Low Key Professor Klinkowstein
  • 18. Shannon Martensson Combination Professor Klinkowstein
  • 19. Shannon Martensson Professor Klinkowstein Combination: Black and White