T shirt designs pro-forma(1)


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T shirt designs pro-forma(1)

  1. 1. T-Shirt DesignsShannon Walshaw
  2. 2. Idea GenerationTheme:When looking on Redbubble forinspiration I came across a few themeswhich I liked, for example I like thetheme of Marilyn Monroe and NickiMinaj. I have different themes in mind,like having a quote from MarilynMonroe and putting in a picture of herbehind the writing or having a quotefrom here with the writing shaped outlike her face.Marilyn Monroe:One of my ideas was Marilyn Monroe. Ithought about having one of her quotesand behind the quote having a picture ofher in black and white and just having herlips and eyes in colour to make themstand out. Another idea was to have herface then another quote of hers outliningthe shape of her face. However I also likethe idea of having her face in black andwhite then adding colour to certain partsof her face to make them stand out more.For all these designs I would keep the t-shirt black as the pastel colours I wasthinking of using will stand out moreagainst the black.Music:I also thought about having a pictureof a famous music artist with eithersome lyrics of theirs or the name theycall their fans. For this I would havingthe t-shirt white and try and find apicture of the artist which is not usedoften and keep the colours bright andeye catching to make the t-shirt moreappealing. Examples of music artists Iwas thinking about was Nicki Minaj,Lady Gaga or Rihanna as they are allwell known and quite popular.Disney:Another idea that I found was having aDisney character, for example MinnieMouse and making her look like acelebrity like Lady Gaga or havingHello Kitty and changing her to looklike a singer. The t-shirt will be black asthe colours I was thinking of using willall be bright and they will stand outmore against the colour black. I couldalso have Micky Mouse and make himlook like Michael Jackson because hewas a well known singer.
  3. 3. “Fear is stupid. So are regrets.”“It is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutelyboring.”“I don’t want to make money. I just wantto be wonderful.”“The body is meant to be seen, not allcovered up.”“Its all make believe, isnt it?”
  4. 4. ProposalDimensions2400 by 3200 pixelsContentI am planning to make a t-shirt based on Marilyn Monroe as she is well known and a lot of people like her. I have come up with twoideas. The first one is a quote of her over the top of a picture of her. The image will be black and white and only her lips will be incolour. My second idea is to have her face with her lips and eyes coloured and everything else in black and white. I have thendecided to add magazine cover she has been in behind her face with a low opacity so you can still see her face, I will do this on awhite t-shirt as I think this will look much better as her face is quite pale on the picture I am using.Export FormatPNGAdvantages; compatible with Redbubble, can save transparency and lowered opacityDisadvantages; larger file size than similar formats such as JPEGAudienceMy target audience is older people, around the age of 20 and 40, this is because they will more likely know who Marilyn Monroe isand her quotes. The T-shirts will be more for females who like Hollywood actresses.
  5. 5. ProposalDeadlineWednesday 15th May, 16:20Monday Tuesday WednesdayResearch designs on Redbubble and onthe internet of some t-shirt designideas.Start planning the layout of the t-shirtand the design.Upload my t-shirt design to Redbubble.Schedule
  6. 6. Digital Flat Plans