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Lady gaga Lady gaga Presentation Transcript

  • White space Pull quote Use of capital letters to emphasize certain words Drop capitals
  • Q magazine have a double page spread on lady gaga. They have used a large and red letter ‘L’, as that’s what her name begins with, right across the page, this is usually known as a pull quote, by making it larger and a different colour from the rest of the copy makes it stand out and draws your attention to it . They also have a lot of white space surrounding the double page spread, which I think makes it look more professional as they have the photograph of Lady Gaga in black and grey which stands out more against the white space, but also making the text and ‘L’ stand out and works well with the copy and letter ‘L’ to get peoples attention but to also anchor Q magazines style.. The photograph used will draw the attention of the target audience that Q magazine aim to please, as they are mostly young males and the photograph is revealing which the male population will like more. The copy is quite dense which shows that the people who read the magazine are actually interested in the gossip about Lady Gaga. The use of the drop capitals used in the columns to liven up the copy and make it look more interesting and keep the readers interested as there is a lot of plain copy to read. They have put the header onto the left side of the page, Lady is in a lower cape serif font, and Gaga, is a serif font as well however in capitals, I think they have done this as the word ‘gaga’ normally means quite mad, so by empathizing the word ‘gaga’ could show they are saying that Lady gaga has a reputation of being a bit crazy. The magazine has used three large columns which is the same amount of space as the picture takes up. Unlike most magazines, as this magazine is aimed mainly young males around the ages of 20, they tend not to star any taboo language as you can see from just glancing at the article.
  • spreads Cut-out strapline White space columns margins Pull quote
  • Vibe magazine have done a double page spread on Solange Knowles, as many people may not know who she is, because I do not think she is that famous, they have used a strapline where they have made her name stand out by changing the colour to a bright blue. They have used a cut out image of the artist to place in the middle of the pages so when people glance at the page it makes you aware of who it is about, they have also used several different images, all black and white at the top of the page gives a better representation of the artists personality, but does not draw too much attention away from the picture used in the middle. Underneath the black and white images they have chosen to add black lines going across the page which separates the pictures from the copy, they have also thought is would be the right place to add a white box to stand out from the lines which includes details about her latest single. Unlike most magazine articles, vibe has chosen not to use a drop letter but to use a bold sentence, which is short and draws the reader in by saying she is an ‘easy target’ because many people will read on to find why she is, by having the first sentence bold makes the whole article look more intriguing. On the right side of the double page spread they have used a pull quote from the article, this is used to drawn the reader more into reading the full article, by using a good and interesting quote it will entice the readers as they may feel the whole article is going to be as interesting as the pull quote.