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Scientific method 1
Scientific method 1
Scientific method 1
Scientific method 1
Scientific method 1
Scientific method 1
Scientific method 1
Scientific method 1
Scientific method 1
Scientific method 1
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Scientific method 1


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  • 1. The Scientific Method
    A procedure that tests out a scientists hypothesis to see if it is correct.
  • 2. Steps 1 and 2 Make an observation and ask a question
    Observe something and Ask a question
    For example: I might see a dog walking home from school. I might ask, “ Why is that dog so skinny?”
  • 3. Step 3- Form a Hypothesis
    A hypothesis is an educated guess.
    For example: The dog is so skinny because it only eats three times a week.
  • 4. Step 4- Test the Hypothesis
    The scientist is going to gather information, do research, and collect data for his or her hypothesis.
    For example: I would gather information on how often dogs should eat and study the dog I saw walking home and keep a chart on how often it eats.
  • 5. Step 5- Observation
    Scientist will take data and start comparing and contrasting and making observations from the information gathered or the experiment that was performed.
    For example: After studying the dog for two weeks, I will look at my information and make an observation.
  • 6. Step 6- Results
    The results will either prove the scientists hypothesis or it will not prove the scientists hypothesis.
  • 7. Step 7- Conclusion/Question
    After the scientists makes observations, he or she will come to a conclusion. This may cause him or her to ask another question. Which may lead to another experiment.
    For example:
    The dog doesn’t
    eat on a regular
    schedule. Its owner
    forgets to feed it.
  • 8. Homework
    Make an observation at home.
    Ask a question about that observation.
    Form a hypothesis.
    Due Friday, August 19th.
  • 9. It is YOUR turn
    Tomorrow we will do an experiment with M&M’s.
    You and partner will use the scientific method
    Friday, August 12- there will be a quiz on the Scientific method. What are the steps in order?
  • 10. Act out the Scientific Method
    Get in your group and discuss and write out the steps without looking. (3 minutes)
    How can your group act out the step your assigned of the method?
    You get 10 minutes to come up with a way to act out your step.
    All groups will act out their steps in order.
    All members must be involved.
    Each group will make a sign for their step.