Who Am I


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About me, a ppt I use to introduce myself in lectures.

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Who Am I

  1. 1. Who Am I?
  2. 2. Shannon Anicas • Born on Independence day 1971 • I was born in New Orleans, Lousiana, but moved to Kiln, Mississippi when I was 6. • After high school and joined the military
  3. 3. I have lived in: Lousiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Florida, California, Ohio, North Carolina andmost recently ChinaI have traveled to almost halfof the total states that makeup the United StatesI have traveled to Mexico,Canada, South Korea andChina
  4. 4. Some of the places I have been...
  5. 5. I am a student of the University of Akron where I amcompleting my second degree.I am doing an Inter-disipline Studies(3 majors in onedegree) Communication Business Chinese Culture & LanguageI am currently on scholarship from Hanban &Confucius InstituteI am here at Henan to study ChineseI was asked to assist the department by InternationalAffairs office due to last minute teacher cancellations
  6. 6. Te a c hing E xp e rie nc e C las s e s in :•H e alth c are Ad m in is tratio n (c o lle g e le ve l- U S A) •H u m an D is e as e (c o lle g e le ve l- U S A) •Me d ic al Te rm in o lo g y I (c o lle g e le ve l- U S A) •Me d ic al Te rm in o lo g y II (c o lle g e le ve l- U S A) •Le arn in g C h in e s e Th ro u g h Po p C u ltu re (H ig h S c h o o l Le ve l- U S A) •E n g lis h (p re s c h o o l/kin d e rg arte n - PRC ) •En g lis h Exam Re vie w (Mid d le s c h o o l le ve l- PRC ) •E n g lis h Re vie w (H ig h S c h o o l Le ve l- PRC ) •Vario u s Tu to rin g •Te ac h in g As s is tan t vario u s le c tu re s
  7. 7. My Writing •Have had my essays published in magazines, websites and newspapers. •Had photographs published in magazines, websites and newspapers•Topics Covered –American Pop Culture –Chinese Pop Culture –Travel and Tourism in North Carolina –Military Life –Fashion –Women in Business –NASCAR (stock car racing) –Animal rescue –Travelling in China –Travelling in South Korea –Motherhood –Chinese Cultural Events in Akron, Ohio –Chinese Language learning –Culture of New Orleans –Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath –Casinos