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Social Media Presentation for LCRA
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Social Media Presentation for LCRA


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This is a presentation I gave in Boerne and Brenham for LCRA's Economic Development Forum about how the @AbileneCVB has used and is currently using social media for tourism.

This is a presentation I gave in Boerne and Brenham for LCRA's Economic Development Forum about how the @AbileneCVB has used and is currently using social media for tourism.

Published in: Travel

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  • 1. Economic Development Forum: Social Media
    Shanna Smith Snyder
    Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • 2. By participating, there was potential to make the visitor’s experience better than expected—and therefore, potentially increase visitors to the Abilene community.
    Messaging could influence visitors decision to visit
    Once visitor comes to city, social media is a service – providing information. Think virtual visitor’s center.
    Start small and master one platform at a time
    Two years ago, I started with a Facebook Fan Page, then grew from there
    Figure out whowas ourTarget Audience?
    Leisure? Sports? Meeting planners? Locals?
    Reach & connect with people/audiences we wouldn’t be able to otherwise
    Iwanted to talk! (i.e. We have something to say!)
    Overall goal for tourism Social Media strategy: Transparency/Authenticity
    Initial Goals & Objectives
  • 3. SoMe? Why are we doing all this?
    Initial purpose? To increase exposure to Abilene and the ACVB and refer individuals (visitor or local) to the website & eventually blog.
    We hoped to receive the following benefits:
    Increased SEO/rankings;
    Increased brand awareness, image and recognition;
    Direct and real-time communication with target audience
    For us, social media has leveled the playing field – especially in the budget department.
    In the online “SoMe world” it’s no longer pay to play.
  • 4. Social Media Timeline
    Asked ourselves questions: what platforms did we want to use? Copyright issues?
    What did we want our custom blog to look like?
    Names for vodcast series, blog, etc.
    The One-Year Plan
    Getting set up on all of our platforms
    Who would be our Target Audience on each platform we selected
    EX: Media/Travel Writers are our primary followers on Twitter. Locals, visitors, past residents on Facebook.
    Getting quality fans, followers, etc.
    EX: Fans that respond to negative content FOR us. Getting retail, attractions, restaurants, etc. to send us their messages, versus me having to do all the writing for SoMe.
    All policies enacted by certain deadline
    Writing a SoMe policy for the Abilene CVB eased my boss’ fears & allowed me to move forward!
    Initial Strategy
  • 5. Track, Track, Track – from Day 1
    Consider email accounts tied to social
    media platforms
    Fan Page versus a “Friend/
    personal Page”
    -We see this w/local
    businesses. DON’T make
    that mistake!
    Lessons Learned
  • 6. Adapt a Social Media Policy
    If pushing for SoMe is difficult w/
    Community leaders, boss, etc.
    How to deal w/negative comments
    Include purpose, objectives of SoMe
    Blogger Policy
    Assists w/outside writers from the
    Social Media “School” for staff
    Update Content Often
    Time Management
    Hootsuite, TweetDeck
    Apps on SmartPhone
    Helpful Tips
  • 7. The One-Year Plan became the Two-Year Plan
    Includes Social Media Campaigns & “In-Market” Work
    We have allocated a small portion of our marketing budget for social media (equipment, conferences, etc.)
    We are on more platforms & have grown more than we ever thought we would.
    We have a solid audience on different channels & know where to target different messages.
    Social Media is now integrated into our ACVB Marketing Plan
    Best advice: Be flexible. Be willing to CHANGE & adapt.
  • 8. The Big Picture: Examples!
    The Abilene CVB has a presence on:
    Blog – The Abilene InSite
  • 9.
    • Facebook/Flickr-Project 365
    • Twitter-Twisitor Center
    • Travel Matters
    • Blog & Social Media Directory
  • Bottom Buttons
    link to printable/
    online visitor
    coupons, playoff schedule (updated weekly) & special
    hotel rates for
    visitors in town for
    • FBML Tab – Football Playoffs
  • Shanna Smith Snyder
    Director of Communication
    Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau
    325.676.2556 (Office)
    Contact Information