Thinking skill games


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Thinking skill games

  1. 1. THINKING SKILL GAMESWHAT IFA fun game to play with your child is "What If". It not only isfun but it exercises your childs thinking skills. To play, you taketurns with your child making up funny or serious "what if"situations. Examples: What would you do if... You could ride on a cloud? You had a tail? Candy grew on trees? Your brother was a mouse? Your T.V. broke down? There was no sun all day? The postman brought you a monkey? Your hair turned orange? You found a dollar?HOW MANY WAYS Another fun game is to have your child think of alternatives tocommon occurrences. Examples: How many ways can you thinkof to... Go down a hill? Cover your head? Keep warm? Get across the room? To read a book? WHY QUESTIONS Children love to ask questions. Well, in this game you get to askthe questions while you both take turns making up as manyscenarios as possible for each question. Examples: Why was there a monkey on Marys car? Why did the chicken fly up on the roof? Why was the postman all wet? Why did father have on two hats? Why was the dog barking last night?The idea of the game is to not have to always think up a logicalanswer but to encourage children to brainstorm other possiblereasons why something might happen, even if it is far fetched.Examples of possible answers to the first question about Maryand the monkey on her car. Mary wanted to show everyone her monkey.
  2. 2. The monkey was wet and Mary wanted to dry him off. The monkey jumped on the top of the car and wouldnt let go. The monkey was looking for his mother and thought he could see better on the top of the car.GUESSING GAMES WHATS IN THE BOX? - Hide an object in a box. Let your child rattle and shake the box and ask you five questions. Can he guess whats inside? Your childs interest in this game will last longer if you take turns trying to fool each other. WHATS IN THE SOCK? - Place a common object in a dark sock. Tie or pin the end closed. Let your child feel the object through the sock. Can she guess what it is? I SPY - Take turns finding object in a room with your child. One person picks out an object and tells the other, "I spy a blue object". The other person gets 4 chances to guess the object. CATEGORIES - Pick a category and take turns with your child naming objects in that category. Examples: Toys, Decorations, Pies, Things with wheels, etc.STORYTIME Tell or read your child a short story and have her make up her own name for the story. Show your child a picture from a book or a magazine and have him tell you, "What just happened?" or "What will happen next?" Make up a new version of a fairy tale with your child. Act out the tale using available stuffed animals. Example: The Green Frog and the Three Elephants" After reading a story or watching a video, ask your child to describe the main character. "What did she look like?" "What kind of a person was she?" etc.