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  1. 1. NOKIA mobiles PRESENTED BY: Shankar behera
  2. 2. OF• Established in 1865 as a “wood-pulp mill” by ‘Knut Fredrik Idestam’ on the banks of Nokianvirta river in Finland.• Finnish Rubber Works acquired Nokia Wood Mills  Telephone and Telegraph Cables• Nokia Corporation created - 1967 - paper products- car tires- personal computers-cables
  3. 3. OF• Nokia began developing the digital switch (Nokia DX 200) which became a success.• 1991 Nokia - agreements to supply GSM networks - nine European countries.• August 1997 Nokia - GSM systems to 59 operators in 31 countries.
  4. 4. • Company offers its products in 150 countries. Its HQ is in Espoo, Finland and employees about 68,500 people . Other company of Nokia are in China , Hungry , Germany , Korea and India
  5. 5. MISSION STATEMENT• Everyone has a need to communicate and share. Nokia helps people to fulfill this need and we help people feel close to what matters to them. We focus on providing consumers with very human technology NOKIA…
  6. 6. BRAND PERSONALITY• Nokia focused on building customer relationship and trust.• Building friendship and trust is the heart of Nokia brand.• Logo shows their brand personality.
  7. 7. NOKIA TODAY• Head office in Finland; R&D, production, sales, marketing activities around the world• World’s #1 manufacturer of mobile devices• 112 262 employees• Sales in more than 150 countries
  8. 8. MARKET SEGMENTATION• Entry level:(Rs 2,500-6,000) Nokia targeted low income people and first time mobile buyers in this series . Sets include are 1200,1208,1100,1110,1112 etc• Classic Series:(Rs 7,000-17,000) Nokia targeted decent people in this series . Sets include in this series are 6300,6233,6120,3120 etc• N gage series:(Rs 8,000-16,000) Nokia targeted game lovers in this series . These sets include game like play station ,PSP and Xbox
  9. 9. • Xpress music:(Rs 13,000-35,000) In this series music lover are targeted. Sets are 5220,5310,5800,5610,5320 etc• N-series:(Rs 18,000-50,000) This series is also called multimedia computer. Named as on step ahead multimedia.Sets are N70,N73,N95,N96,N80,N81,N91 etc• E-series:(Rs 18,000-60,000) This series is for business people. Sets include are E51,E66,E71,E61i,E90 etc• Premium series:(Rs 80,000-1,500,000) In this series nokia targeted people which show visual status. Sets include in this series are Sephira arte,8800Gold,8800arts etc
  10. 10. PRODUCT• Variety: In every series of Nokia there are large number of sets thus large variety. .e.g. entry level include 1200,1208,1100,1110,1110i,1112 etc• Quality: Nokia gain brand personality and market shares because of its quality.• Design: Nokia sets are of various design such as Flip sets , Flat sets, Slide sets , Sets with rotating camera etc
  11. 11. PROMOTION• Advertising:1. Though TV , Sign boards , Bill boards , Radio and Newspaper2. Broachers , Posters ,Dummies and display stands• Personal selling: By product training to Distributer(what is product)• Sale promotion:1. Gift like Yamaha bike , Philips TV , Mitsubishi split AC , watches and digital diary2. With N73 mobile offer Rs2500 original Blue tooth free3. With 6220 offer leather Wallet4. With 6300 offer caps and shirts
  12. 12. • Public relation:1. Nokia spot light2. Road shows3. for game lovers4. Nokia football crazy Nokia strategy for promotion is “ Eye level is buy level”
  13. 13. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Weakness • N Gage is a flop.•Durability•Long battery life•User friendly•Global Expansion • Low voice quality•Brand loyalty • Less stylish•Use of Carl Zeiss lens • Heavy sets•Largest CELL PHONE VENDOR • Market skimming prices of high sets
  14. 14. Opportunities Threats•Mobiles with computer •China mobileswindow •Orange, Vodafone and O2 and•New growth markets many other operators are globally selling their own brands• Other hand held devices of phone.•Well designed and styled sets •Company in China•Growth markets such asCHINA, LATIN AMERICA •Country situation •Cheaper MID RANGE models from Motorola & others
  15. 15. Competitors:
  16. 16. WHY NOKIA• Largely available• Easily repaired• Changeable body casing• Updating software• Use of Carl Zeiss lens(camera lens)• Only dealing in mobiles• User-friendly with advanced human technology.• It is the company which deals with green market (all product of Nokia are recycle-able)• Nokia is world third richest company
  17. 17. THANK YOU!!!