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AJAX Frameworks
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AJAX Frameworks


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Presented @ Ignite Chicago Eent on Dec 06, 2007. Moving Towards RIA - Birds eye view on the available technology, primarily AJAX frameworks and toolkits.

Presented @ Ignite Chicago Eent on Dec 06, 2007. Moving Towards RIA - Birds eye view on the available technology, primarily AJAX frameworks and toolkits.

Published in: Technology

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  • Presented @ Ignite Chicago Eent on Dec 06, 2007. Moving Towards RIA - Birds eye view on the available technology, primarily AJAX frameworks and toolkits.

    Feel free to comment on various frameworks and classification, for everybody's benefit....<br /><br/>
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Moving Towards Rich Internet Applications… AJAX Frameworks, Toolkits and Libraries Birds Eye View on the available tools… Ravi Shankar Fiserv FGS - Tech COE [email_address]
    • 2. Personal Background… Today’s Focus – Available UI Tech for RIA teraction formation terface Experience Usability In { } User Business Technology
    • 3. AJAX Frameworks, Toolkits and Libraries And many more
    • 4. AJAX Frameworks, Toolkits and Libraries
      • Can we get some grounding on all these frameworks and toolkits?
      • Starting with some understanding on AJAX & the Need for Frameworks and Toolkits
    • 5. AJAX – “ Asynchronous ” JavaScript + XML
      • What it is NOT
        • Ajax is not a new technology.
      • What it is
        • is a Web development technique
      • What has enabled AJAX
        • The de-facto standard XMLHttpRequest
      • Ajax incorporates
        • standards-based presentation - XHTML and CSS;
        • dynamic display and interaction using the DOM;
        • data interchange and manipulation - XML / XSLT;
        • asynchronous data retrieval - XMLHttpRequest;
        • and JavaScript binding everything together.
      Ajax Frameworks Basics Client side - Handles JS Requests Server Side - Process requests
    • 6. Need for AJAX Frameworks & Toolkits
      • Building AJAX based RIA is easy ...
        • If you are a JavaScript guru
        • Handle entire DOM API
        • DHTML, JavaScript, CSS
        • Master all the hacks for each technology
    • 7. Need for AJAX Frameworks & Toolkits
      • Building AJAX based RIA is easy ...
      • Building AJAX based RIA is hard ...
        • If you come from a mostly static HTML/CSS background
        • If your primary use of JavaScript is cut-n-paste of cool in-page behaviors
        • Even If you are a programmer with Asp, Jsp, Php, .Net, Java… skills – Handle JS issues ? Nay that’s low Key!
    • 8. Need for AJAX Frameworks & Toolkits
      • Can we make this simpler
        • Build out-of-box, ready to use library of widgets and components
        • Hide functionality behind simple building blocks
        • Framework for assembling complicated stuff from simple things
        • Embed the encapsulations inside development tools that can do some of the grunt work
      • Now lets look at the popular frameworks & toolkits with some soft classification!
    • 9. Browser - Asynchronous Communication
      • Browser has Asynchronous comm built in!
      • Support JavaScript, XHTML, XML, XHR object…
      • Even before AJAX – we were hacking with iFrame
      • Pros: Can build AJAX app w/o any framework!
      • Cons: Handle Browser incompatibility, lot of code!
      Hacking with IFrames Supports JS, XHR…
    • 10. Communication Libraries
      • Handle browser differences internally
      • Some support even non-AJAX browsers
      • Offer strong CSS and DOM capabilities
              • Prototype
              • DWR
              • JSON-RPC
              • SAJAX
              • AJAX.NET
          • Pros: Light weight libraries - Prototype (94kb)
          • Cons: Want more building blocks!
      Browser Differences Strong CSS / DOM
    • 11. User Interface Toolkits
      • Ready Out of box UI Components
      • Retrieve data in the background & Render it in the Interface
        • Dojo
        • Rico
        • Ext JS
        • Yahoo UI
        • Zimbra
        • eBusiness-Apps
      • Pros: Cool UI Controls - trees, Tabs…
      • Cons: May not share common libraries
      Ready UI Components Cool User Experience
    • 12. AJAX based RIA Framework
      • Ready built, fully integrated libraries
      • Share common infrastructure
        • Bindows
        • Smartclient
        • BackBase
        • JackBe
        • Tibco GI
      • Pros: Common approach to data acquisitions & communication
      • Visual authoring & custom IDE for rapid development
      • Offer server side modals and client side libraries
      • Cons: Are these really new app development frameworks?
      Share Common Infrastructure Fully integrated Libraries
    • 13. Web Application Framework with AJAX Extensions
      • Web frameworks that are becoming aware of AJAX
      • Early supporters, Ruby on Rails, Shale, Echo2, Wicket
      • Major programming languages are represented
          • C++ (wt-witty)
          • Java (GWT, Thinware)
          • Net (Asp.Net - Atlas)
          • Php (XAJAX)
          • Python (Phylon, Django)
      AJAX Extensions Use JS Library internally
      • Pros: Minimum or no requirement of JavaScript coding
      • Cons: Use native extensions, but with limited power and performance
    • 14. Putting it all Together XMLHTTP, JSON, (Even iframe) DOJO, RICO, ZImbra, Yahoo UI Ext JS, MooTools, eBusiness-Apps, Bindows, Smart client, JackBe, Tibco GI, Backbase Shale, Echo2, Ruby on Rails, GWT, ASP.Net, ADF (JSF) DWR, JSON-RPC, Prototype, SAJAX, AJAX.Net, *Not Authoritative - Personal classification of the 100s of AJAX tools - for the mental model, *Each framework has different focus & purpose and are constantly evolving, expanding into other dimensions.
    • 15. So What Should You Use?
      • Assuming you are on Java tech…
        • Use AJAX enabled JSF components, with JSF enabled IDE like Visual Web Pack
        • If not committed to JSF components, Use jMaki instead
        • If you already have swing apps that you want to Ajaxify or do not want to deal with JS at all, use GWT
        • If you want total control on client side JavaScript coding, use Dojo or YUI library
        • If you are already on a particular web application framework, use native AJAX extensions…
        • Explore more tools - based on the earlier model ;)
    • 16. Rich Internet Apps Alternatives
      • Plug-in based
        • Flex, SVG
      • Browser based
        • XUL, XAML, UIML
        • Laszlo XML
      • Cool stuff gaining ground!
        • Adobe Apollo / AIR
        • Microsoft Silverlite / WPF/E
        • Sun JavaFX
        • Google Gears
    • 17. Lets Move Towards Rich Internet Applications… Fiserv FGS - Tech COE [email_address]
    • 18.