LMS Ecosystems
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LMS Ecosystems

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An ecosystem in the LMS space is one that offers courses (ideally free) within the system, apps and additional feature sets.

An ecosystem in the LMS space is one that offers courses (ideally free) within the system, apps and additional feature sets.

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  • 1. LMS Ecosystems An assessment of the market
  • 2. LMS Ecosystem Definitions / Basics
  • 3. What is a LMS Ecosystem 5/7/2013 3LMS Ecosystem Elite Personalized Experience Personalized experience is hot in the LMS market. An ecosystem pushes it to elite status, because it truly empowers the learner to decide what they will use and want. Apps A robust app/add- ons/extensions store, whereas learners select what they want rather than the administrator or vendor. Free Courses Courses automatically are included in the system at no charge. Course marketplace Client can select and purchase individual courses or bundles in the marketplace. Automatically goes into system. Other clients can sell their own courses. One Click The learner simply clicks and the apps and courses automatically go into the LMS. The same applies if they want to remove them. The Sky is the limit An LMS ecosystem has no boundaries. Clients can pick and choose their own new features in a store. Clients can add/drop any number of services.All inclusive. Key Features
  • 4. Key Objectives Top three objectives required to achieve early success with ecosystem 5/7/2013 4LMS Ecosystem Objectives TOP 1 objective: Implement into your LMS before Q4 2013. TOP 3 objective: Course marketplace must include free courses when launch of ecosystem. TOP 2 objective: Minimum number of apps and extensions should be 25 at launch date.
  • 5. LMS Ecosystem Successes and Failures The line between is thin 5/7/2013 5 Design and Capabilities Success Failure User interface Marketplace Apps and Extensions Analytics Customer service  Simplicity  Easy to do  Quick Click  Quality of courses  Free and Fee  Large selection  Vendor constantly adds new and removes rarely used  Client can see what apps are being used by learners  Report and graph  Vendor online tutorials  Vendor sends out updates to clients Too many fee based courses, not enough free courses. Free courses are static and text. Low number of apps and extensions. Outdated. Focuses too much on social media apps. No analytics. Vendor adds apps and extensions and then provides no guides, tutorials, assistance. Client & Learner has difficulty figuring it out. Cumbersome.
  • 6. LMS Ecosystem Influential Factors New capabilities and features Roadmaps and strategy Emerging technology integration Apps and Extensions not only on mobile but also Computer OS Interfacing with multiple products. Example: Google Docs and Box.net New customer wants and needs Evolution of Learners’ experience Personalization Engagement and interaction Focuses on “Now” ignores “Past”
  • 7. LMS Ecosystem Future Ability to change, come up with new ideas and adapt to current consumer experiences and crucial factors Present Today 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Future Idea Generation
  • 8. Benefits, Factors and Gains Out of the box thinking Personalized experience Long term growth Competitive advantage 1 2 3 Increased revenue $ New customers Store and marketplace design
  • 10. We believe that customers will have app options Apps and Extensions created by learners and clients Apps created by vendor for m-learning Apps can be used in any LMS Apps and Extensions This isn’t your typical marketplace
  • 11. Who is leading the charge Docebo is the only vendor who has implemented a full ecosystem Features One Click Free courses come with LMS Course Marketplace Apps Pure Personalized Experience
  • 12. SWOT Analysis Docebo LMS Ecosystem S O W T Strength  1st vendor to fully implement  One click into platform  Comes with apps, free courses in system and course marketplace (fee based) Weaknesses  No analytics  Marketplace offers more fee than free courses  Unable to one click remove Opportunities  Add more apps and extensions  Offer analytics for adminstrators  Enable clients to create and sell or giveaway courses to other users Threats  1 vendor offers ability to use apps in other LMSs via LTI  Un-engaging courses  Competitors adapt and add more capabilities
  • 13.  FrogTrade will launch app store in Summer 2013  Silkroad (SR)comes with 400 free courses  Instructure offers over 100 apps and extensions  Docebo and Silkroad are business focused  Emtrain offers over 1,000 courses LMS Comparison A few vendors are offering some of the capablities but are missing others One Click 100 0 0 0 0 Free courses 100 100 0 100 100 Apps and Extensions 100 50 100 0 0 Course marketplace 100 0 0 0 100 Ecosystem analytics 0 0 0 0 0 Courses incl. in LMS 100 0 0 100 100 Total 500 150 100 200 300 Product Frog Trade EmtrainDocebo SRInstructure
  • 14. LMS Comparison Some other platforms 5/7/2013 Lightspeed • 800 lessons in E-Sports and Nutrition - included in platform at no charge Coursepark • Assign free courses into system • Add over 1,000 fee based courses into system Essential Learning • Comes with extensive number of free courses • Behavioral healthcare focused LearnDash • Comes with free extensions • Wordpress LMS GroupLearner • Comes with accredited courseware including Food Safety, Health and Safety – included in system - free Two more • Frontline LMS comes with 300 pre-loaded free courses • SumTotal Maestro offers widgets for learners to add
  • 15. Summary LMS Ecosystems Our Forecast  LMS ecosystems by 2015 will be hot in the market  Evolution will include analytics for administrators Key Components  One click to push into a LMS  Free courses included in platform Key Components  Course marketplace visible to learner  Offers free and fee based Key Components  Ease of use, simple and quick – no need to contact vendor  Ultimate personalized experience