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Gen1week4final' Gen1week4final' Presentation Transcript

  • Becoming Iris: Generation Kitrinos, Week 4 This Week is brought to you by dancing zombies!
  • Welcome back to Becoming Iris! If you have been following, we are now on week 4, and this week will once again be uploaded to slideshare because I am currently on...Vacation! Yay! Anyways, in this update be prepared for: Toddlers! Babies! Me breaking rules already! Heart Shorts! Zombies! And uh...yeah... I kinda forgot some of the things that happened/forgot to take pictures this week... So if it goes by kinda fast, blame Game of Thrones for that.
  • We start off the week with Kali playing on her toy. At least I think it's Kali. It might be Turunca.
  • Whichever one she is, she is a smilie little toddle thing.
  • And here is the other one! I think this one might actually be Kali. All I really know is that she was picking her nose and it was cute.
  • And then she ate it... Cuteness gone.
  • Aran is a good big brother, coming up and hugging the girls. I finally figured it out, this is Kali!
  • I don't remember why they were talking but Aran looks bored as could be right here. Plus he's cute!
  • A neighborhood pet adoption thing popped up and I figured that they could use a pet.
  • But first we have to talk to our good work friend Lincoln Porter, an old Vamp that Kit has heartfarted over in secret for the last couple weeks.
  • Lincoln led us in and introduced Kit to the options. Everybody meet Mr. Mango Cat and Miss Fuzzly Cat.
  • “It's great to see you Kit! Almost thought you were eaten by a cowplant there for a minute.” “Nah, I just had a few kids. I should be coming back to work soon.” “Ah, well they should enjoy their new friend.”
  • Everybody saw AWWWWWW!
  • This is our new family member, Mr. Mango Cat. Why him? Well the color of mangos is in between yellow and orange, and I didn't feel like coming up with a new name. Once again, you can blame Game of Thrones for my laziness. But, we got thru all three seasons in one week! Ok...enough about Game of Thrones.
  • Back at the house, Aran wanted to go see the graveyard in a full moon, so I let him.
  • Omg! Broomstick training wheels! I've never had a child age witch in my game before. Actually I don't think I've played a witch in my game before.
  • I love my town's zombies ♥
  • Even our good friend Crazy Hair is at the cemetery today! Poor Crazy Hair is in the middle of a very important lobotomy from Dr. Tree tho, so we better hurry on.
  • He's my favorite for a reason. So cute! He loves playing outside, and is always outside till he gets too cold to function.
  • Aran even managed to say goodbye to this fella. I'm not sure who he is but he insisted on passing on to the next plane at the cemetery. Goodbye to you good sir.
  • So the laptop is at the point where it's breaking every other time Kit uses it, rendering it only useful to help build Kit's handiness skill. And then all of a sudden, we have the option to upgrade to unbreakable! Yay!
  • Hallelujah! Maternity leave is over! We can make money again.
  • And as spring warms up, Kit gets promoted! So, we're only on level four of the military career, but little by little, we're getting there. Now, no more babies and we should be home free. In celebration, we headed right over to the festival grounds.
  • Where only the most evil of the snowmen defy the sun's warming rays.
  • Snorkel! I still love her, but I think her love is too easy to come by. She was manning the kissing booth when Kit walked by.
  • Just like his brother had a couple seasons before, Rubi invited Kit over to his house for a party. Kit decided that she wanted to go, so I let her.
  • This should be interesting since she still has not broken things off with Guillermo.
  • Thankfully, Kit spent a good deal of time just jamming to the radio in one of the downstairs hangout spots.
  • I didn't say that she spent all of her time jamming out. Rubi found her out on one of the porches at some point.
  • Course, I had to be the one to forget about Kali's birthday. Her transition to childhood was attended by the baby sitter and Turunca.
  • Kali, after her hair and clothing change.
  • Kali is artistic and immediately took to the easel.
  • Aran was outside playing in the ocean while everything was going on.
  • With Kali growing up, the top floor had to be updated so she would have a bed. The plan is for the girls to share a room and Aran to have his own.
  • Yeah, they got found out. Of course in the most inconvenient place available in the house. Thankfully the relationship between Guillermo and Kit didn't fall toooo much beyond salvation, he is still her boss at work.
  • Rubi invited Kit to “stay the night” totallyjustachancetostare
  • Back at sea, we have some toddler time!
  • Mixed with some good ol imaginary friend stalking.
  • Heh, we all know what this means.
  • Aran and Kali pretty much do whatever they want when they're not in school. Aran spends a lot of time swimming and snorkeling, and playing with his stalker. Kali tends to stick to painting and reading.
  • Kit started off to work, but didn't get very far... I miss the TS2 days in that your momma sims could go to work if they had their own car.
  • And this picture brings the joyous news that Turunca is officially fully toddle trained!
  • Now, here is a sight I can't promise to show a lot of! I stink at these family photo times. Probably because my sims are never all in the same room.
  • Yeah, a couple days passed where nothing happened, bringing us to baby time!!!
  • Everybody meet baby Irang. Irang is the word for orange, in some language. I forgot which and I can't find my notes.
  • So, I broke my own rules. But only because Rubi got old and I got the pop up saying that he didn't have too much longer to live. Poor guy isn't even going to see his children get much older.
  • Such a cute, happy little couple.
  • Yup, it's time for little Turunca to grow up!
  • Yup, Runi is a kid now!
  • AWWWW!!!! Yup, tis the first and only marriage on the rainbow boat.
  • Runi wasn't the only one to grow up today! Aran is still stealing my heart, but goodness, his hands look impossibly small in this picture.
  • A part of me doesn't think that Kali is overly fond of Runi. No matter what interactions I make them do together, they always just stay neutral with each other.
  • Rubi has pretty much taken up permanent space in the rocking chair in the nursery. Right after this picture was taken, the adults were given a free weekend vacation!
  • While the parents are away, the kids will play. This is what the kids are doing at 12am when Mom and Dad are out of town. Kali is painting as usual.
  • Runi is on the computer, something the kids don't get to do when Mom is paying attention.
  • And Aran has taken over his stepdad's spot in the chair. Aran really has been a great help around the house since aging up to teen. He and Irang have a very close relationship since Aran is always cuddling, feeding and changing him. And with this we end yet another week in the life of Kitrinos Iris and her family! Have a great week everybody!