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TPEX: Telepresence Exchange Netherlands, Benelux, Europe,


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TPEX: Telepresence Exchange Netherlands, Benelux, Europe,

  1. 1. Connecting the world Telepresence Exchange Europe In cooperation with TATA Communications Inc Asia Pacific Tokyo, Japan Middle East & Africa Kuwait City Tsim Sha Tsui Johannesburg Singapore Connecting the world Sydney North America Dallas Manila Washington San Francisco Europe Amsterdam Los Angeles Munich Santa Clara Frankfurt New York Paris Toronto Brussels Chicago London Boston India New Delhi Eastern Europe Moscow Hyderabad Astana Chennai Almaty Bengaluru Bangalore Mumbai, India Telepresence Exchange Europe TELEPRESENCE Cutting edge video conferencing technology www.tpex.euBoeing Avenue 50 • 1119 PE Schiphol-Rijk • The Netherlands • +31 (0)88 12 69 300 • TPEX is partner of TATA Communications Inc.
  2. 2. Take a seat at the table - around the world Location: Amsterdam Zuid-As The TPEX commitment to • Strategic location at the ‘Zuid-As’, where many large enterprises have their offices. innovation and service Powered by Cisco technology and connected by Tata • Each participant has ‘a seat at the table’, regar- Communications, the TPEX Telepresence public room dless of global location facility at Amsterdam Bright City is the latest Telepre- • Ultra high-definition video and audio transmission sence location by TPEX. quality with no service latencies • Fully secure network ensures meetings are confi- As an innovative Smart Work Center, Amsterdam dential Bright City the perfect venue for meetings, seminars, • Affordable hourly billing rates with hospitality banquets and other events. There are multiple amenities provided by Amsterdam Bright City meeting rooms, public and private work spaces, a • Tata Communications concierge services for sche- Grand Café for all catering services, and all areas are duling, reservations and call launch equipped with wireless internet access. • Connects to the existing and growing Tata Communications community of public rooms Amsterdam Bright City is a meeting place where worldwide. For the latest list of accessible public people and business meet and share knowledge, Telepresence rooms, please refer to work together and create innovative new initiatives. locations The addition of TPEX Telepresence extends the reach of Amsterdam Bright City to meeting places across the world! Doing business in Amsterdam and globally is now easier and more affordable. With new generation Telepresence high- How to book To find out more about Telepresence definition video-conferencing, businesses can meet and talk at Amsterdam Bright City, ‘face-to-face’ with clients, suppliers, partners and employees please contact us at: Phone: +31 (0)88 12 69 300 without having to travel. Email: The TPEX Telepresence room may also The TPEX Telepresence public room at Amsterdam Bright City is the be reserved via the TPEX Reservations first of its kind in Amsterdam. Developed in partnership with Cisco & Portal: Amsterdam Bright City, this state-of-the-art facility connects users to the world with unparalleled convenience and ease, while reducing Telepresence location: corporate travel expenses and increasing productivity and environ- Amsterdam Bright City Claude Debussylaan 2-8 mental friendliness. 1082 MD Amsterdam