Video Games and Diabetes: Promoting Diabetes Awareness and Management in Appalachia through a Video Game.

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  • We have received a challenge. How do we use video game technology to communicate diabetes prevention and management information to poor families in rural Appalachia?
  • This videogame will be part of a total health package that includes diabetes manuals for health professionals, videos of diabetes information, and many other resources.
  • To answer all of these questions, we designed a research question involving our medium and desired result. The research question is as follows: what about video games allows them to effectively and innovatively communicate health information in ways that other methods have not?


  • 1. Video Games and Diabetes Promoting Diabetes Awareness and Management in Appalachia through a Video Game.
  • 2. The ChallengeAppalachia• 23 million population• 42% rural versus 20% nationally• 1.2% higher than national poverty rate• 9.4% of West Virginia diagnosed with Diabetes type II• Lack of Diabetes Education
  • 3. The GoalThe videogame had to:• Appeal to all members of the family• Include both management and prevention information• Act as a part of a kit• Be targeted at Appalachia
  • 4. Research Questions• How will Appalachian Culture inform this project?• How can we reach out to entire families?• What lessons can be learned from other health games?• What can be learned from other health communication strategies?
  • 5. The Appalachian Region• The importance of family• A history of health problems• Tradition and communication• Isolation
  • 6. Diabetes Type II• Prevention and Management• Diabetes and the family• Morale• Food
  • 7. Family Health Model• Better health care through family routine management• Health as a fluid state• Contextual, functional and structural
  • 8. Mass Media Health Communication Strategies• Television• Radio• Internet• Print• Effective strategies• Problems to overcome
  • 9. Serious Health Games• Glucoboy• Nanoswarm• Re-mission• The Larger Picture
  • 10. Recommendations• The county fair• Diabetic player character avatar• Mini-games and character interaction• The game and the family
  • 11. The County Fair• Artifact of region• Safe and timeless space• Avenue for information• Setting for diverse mini-games and NPCs relevant to Appalachian Region
  • 12. Diabetic Player Avatar• Player experiences diabetic lifestyle• Counters cultural feelings of shame• Makes consequences of diabetes management explicit, but safe• Information delivered on level of everyday lived experience
  • 13. Mini-games and NPCs• Diversity• Interact with blood glucose management• Reward player to encourage replay• Venues for information
  • 14. The Game and the Family• Player created family avatars• Family interaction through mini-game competition• The family home as game space• Family communication
  • 15. Thank You The Deepening Divide Nathan Dutton, Howard Fisher, Todd Harper,Shane Tilton, Seth Weinberg and Karen Riggs