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Cricket is one of the most loved sports in every parts of the world that is previously controlled by British domain.

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Article for cricket

  1. 1. How to Check the Quality When Buying cricket Bat Cricket is one of the most loved sports in every parts of the world that is previously controlled by British domain. This game is frustratingly difficult for an amateur but quite easy for professionals. Cricket bat and ball are essential accessories to play the game. Before you go to buy bat, you have to know some of the basic things such as its component parts and how they are joined together. If you know what to buy then picking up the quality items will be simple for you. When you have the basic understanding then you can easily buy good quality cricket accessories. Here are some important guidelines given to help you before you go to buy cricket equipments: You should be familiar with the size and structure of a cricket bat. In general, the length of a bat will not be more than 38 inches. Its structure divided into two parts known as handle and the blade. The handle is considered one of the most exclusive parts in it. This part alone takes up to 20 isolate pieces of bamboo with rubber coats attached into it so that this can act as shock absorbers. Based upon your height and hand size, you have to pick up the length and diameter of the handle that can easily suits you. Height of the handle can be long or short but remember that the overall length of the bat can be long, however doesn’t exceed the limit of 38-inch. Make a decision and choose the type of willow that you want for its blade. Bats that have lower grade are prepared out of Kashmir willow that is generally harder, more fragile wood. The most excellent bats are prepared out of English willow that is typically a soft rubbery wood with superb bounce back quality, in which if the ball hits at the center of the blade, it bounces nicely. Try to search and get compressed curved cricket bat blades because they are usually considered good quality. Never look for shaved curved because they are generally low-grade and always try to experiment the performance whenever you go to buy any cricket equipments. The test is very easy, you
  2. 2. just need to bounce red color leather made cricket ball on top of the blade as many time as possible and hold it by its handle. If the blade is in good quality, then the ball will bounce or spring high. When a blade made of lower quality wood, the ball will not bounce as high as it was in previous example, moreover the ball seems dead. Check it properly and make sure that the blade should not contain knots because they are considered as dead areas on the bat. Weight is one more important aspect that you need to consider; therefore you have to select a bat which is not very heavy so that you can swing it effectively. -For More Details visit