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  • 1. I am Shane Kloepfer. I am earning my degree in Business Management. I plan to enter my family’s Ready Mix andAsphalt Paving Business. There I will train to become one of the managers within the company. I am certified in testing aggregate and I am certified in testing concrete. I have my CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), and I understand little slices of the whole company. I am getting the tools oreducation I need in college, and also I have had opportunity to get experience working within the company in between semesters.
  • 2. What matters most to me andwhy? Two most important people  God  Jesus Christ Membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints Family Principles  Faith  Humility  Hard work
  • 3. What does disciple leadership mean to me and whatam I doing to become a disciple Leader? Disciple  One that follows Christ and His Teaching’s Leader  One that helps others become their best self  One that leads by example Disciple Leader  One that follows Christ and His teachings and helps others do the same
  • 4. My three most substantial accomplishments andwhy do I view them as such? Being part of my family  Being oldest I have lead by example Getting a good education  Earn the tools that I need to be successful  Better able to provide for my family  Help become like my Savior Serving worthy full time mission  Helped convert me  Learned to be less selfish  Learn how to work with a variety of people  Taught how to be a leader and work hard
  • 5. Why do I want to study business and why atBYU-Idaho? Attend BYU-Idaho  Great atmosphere  Experienced Professors  Great Business program Studying Business  I want to be able go into my family’s business  I want to have the knowledge to gain the tools to know how to run a business
  • 6. Take Away from Mentors Get a good education Learn from those who have knowledge and experience Make sure you provide a good product and service Be a well rounded person, know a little about everything within the company You have to be willing to put in the time and work hard
  • 7. Career Leader My weakest interests are the most important interests to me  Influencing others  Managing people  Teams and enterprise control
  • 8. Return Because I have applied these things throughout my life I want to hear “Well done, thou good and faithful servant… enter thou into the joy of thy Lord”.