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A first-impression of our agency - EVB.

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EVB Read-Behind

  2. 2. THANK YOUTHANK YOU THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO LEARN MORE ABOUT US. At EVB, we’re huge advocates for the power of digital and social media to connect with new consumers, impact a brand and change culture. ! Today we believe that tomorrow’s brands will be built and reinforced within the realm of digital, mobile and social networks. Today more than ever, marketing should be designed around a social idea that draws people in and allows them to participate with the brand. We believe that the most believable stories are told by people, not brands (It has actually been proven that consumers trust the words of strangers over the claims of corporations.) Our agency’s approach is to give our fans and influencers the message, content and desire to spread our ideas and campaigns to every corner of the Web and beyond. We are a small force that can be properly applied for a huge impact. We appreciate and respect your existing agency relationships, and have a proven record in collaborating to get the most out of your marketing mix and efforts. Our simple goal is to become the most valuable agency on your roster. Through great work, smart thinking, flawless execution, and hard work. On the following pages, we've put together some tidbits about the agency, a sampling of our philosophy and approach and also included a few case studies that might be relevant to your marketing needs. ! We hope you enjoy and look forward to meeting you in person. HELL
  3. 3. THANK YOU BORN DIGITAL. RAISED SOCIAL. AN UNTRADITIONAL AGENCY. ! In October 1999, EVB Founder Daniel Stein left his position as Francis Ford Coppola’s digital producer to start Evolution Bureau. The agency’s vision was to blend advertising with entertainment and technology to create a new approach to marketing — one that not only reached consumers through mass marketing, but also generated results by engaging consumers in social spaces with branded content and immersive experiences. We were built from the ground up to be disruptive, agile, outsized, and intimate. ! For over fourteen years, we’ve remained at the forefront of innovative marketing, creating some of the industry’s most memorable campaigns, and reaching billions of consumers with breakthrough ideas and forward-thinking uses of media and technology. We had millions of people “Elf Themselves”, “won the Superbowl” for JCP by #tweetingwithmittens, and helped Facebook monetize their business. ! Today, under the creative vision of Steve Babcock, EVB sees beyond a world of “digital vs. traditional” marketing and chooses to focus on ideas that use all media and find momentum in culture to solve our clients’ most challenging marketing problems, making their brand matter to the right audience.
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  6. 6. THANK YOU WHAT WE DOGREAT WORK. WELL DONE. Whatever it is, we can get it done. And if we can't get it done, we can work with the right people to get it done. So, in other words, we're still getting it done. Done and done. CORE SERVICES OFFERED WITH IN HOUSE EXPERTISE Online Advertising Traditional Advertising Word of Mouth Content Seeding Identity/Brand Dev ! Quantitative Research Qualitative Research Social Strategy Brand Activation ! Social Engagement Paid Social Influencer Outreach Community Management ! Social Dev Mobile Dev ! DigitalOutdoor Messaging Email DELIVERED THROUGH PARTNERSHIPS & FREELANCE TALENT Print Production Broadcast Production ! Media Planning Media Buying Mobile Strategy ! Point of Sale Shopper Marketing Interactive Television Game Development ! Branded Content Music Licensing Talent Negotiation Music Composition ! Live Marketing Physical Installations Physical Production Street Teams NON-CORE SERVICES WHICH WE CAN FACILITATE E-Commerce Database Management Corporate Site Dev IT/Hosting Services ! eCRM Customer Service ! ! Dev
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  9. 9. THANK YOU OUR SWEET SPOT WE DON’T STRIVE TO CREATE ADVERTISING. Our approach focuses less on the traditional push tactics and more on the pull (or participatory) nature of today’s digital world and, specifically, today’s digital native. There are many factors involved, but we’ve identified three main components that help us achieve real success for our brand partners in this crazy, newfangled world.
  10. 10. THANK YOU THE DIGITAL NATIVE SOME CALL THEM MILLENNIALS. Some call them digital natives. Whatever you call them, they represent our sweet spot. (About 80% of our staff fit this demographic. And the rest certainly fit the mentality.) Outside of the fact that this 18 to 34-year- old is critical to almost every brand’s future, we find this segment to be the most exciting. They embrace digital culture more than any other generation. They are more prone to experiment and try new things. They aren’t “happy go lucky.” They are “happy go doers.” And it’s that mix of optimism and determination that makes our approach of participatory engagement and digital culture so effective.
  11. 11. THANK YOU TIMING IS EVERYTHING. The time for a long, drawn-out process that results in long, drawn-out advertising campaigns is gone. Today’s approach requires the ability to move fast and make things. Culture changes daily. It’s not possible to appropriately affect or even create culture if you can’t keep up with it. For this reason, we’ve built our entire organization on the idea of dexterity. Armed with the immediacy of production technology and the publishing platforms of social media, we embrace this current world of yesterday-is-too-late. While it’s difficult to truly articulate agility as a line item, our experience has shown it to be one of the greatest factors in any client relationship. In short, we believe that in the time it would take to complain about a timeline, the solution can be found. THE SPEED OF CULTURE
  12. 12. THANK YOU EMERGING DIGITAL ISN’T A MEDIUM. IT’S A MINDSET. In other words, digital is modern life, used for everything from finding a burger joint to performing open heart surgery on people who’ve found too many burger joints. We are one of a handful of full-service agencies out there born under this digital banner. This means we know the difference between “shiny objects” and valuable innovation. Our passion for - and focus on - digital culture gives us and our client partners the ability to not only effectively participate in the trends of today but accurately predict what’ll come tomorrow. And with how fast platforms change these days, it’ll probably be tomorrow. TECHNOLOGY
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  14. 14. THANK YOU STRATEGIC APPROACH A SIMPLE PROCESS BUILT TO SURFACE INSIGHTS from the brand, the category, and the consumer. It’s different from a more traditional model in the way that we look at these categories through the lens of the millennial, then we add the filter — and our deep knowledge of — culture and the fast- moving technology world. An informed, contextualized, and progressive strategy is the gasoline that fuels disruptive and sharable creative work. For us, the consumer is both the starting and ending point. Our muse lives in a digitally-centric and socially-led world. Our focus on the millennial considers the ever-changing world they live in, helps us to better understand the challenges of your business and, ultimately, gives us authority to shape communication for tomorrow. Our job is to identify where your brand has been, what that point of differentiation is, and understand how to translate that differentiation so that it is relevant to the consumer. Our expertise lies in flexing A brand into new consumer-centric spaces without losing its core identity or principles. We are here to disrupt the conventions in a category. To find the tension and work against it. Having an understanding of competition and the broader category helps inform what a brand can provide that will be unique and compelling to the consumer. CONSUMER BRAND CATEGORY We take a media agnostic approach to every assignment. At EVB, we believe that medium and message go hand-in-hand. A heritage built on technology and a pride in our start-up roots help us to explore the best vehicle for creating the most compelling communication, affecting both brand and business. At EVB, we don’t want to create communication, we want to create conversation. Having our finger on the pulse of culture is the first step in understanding how to be relevant. Our approach is built on the idea that, much of the time, it’s easier to draft off of trends moving in culture rather than creating trends ourselves. CULTURE TECHNOLOGY
  15. 15. THANK YOU HOW WE WORK The key to working efficiently is working together. It’s why we’ve never liked the typical dog-and-pony presentation process that’s common among agencies. You know the one. Where the agency gets the assignment and then disappears for a few weeks until the presentation. Clearly not the most effective way to operate. We’ve found that the key to finding the best solutions in the least amount of time is communication, communication, communication.  
  16. 16. THANK YOU
  17. 17. THANK YOU HOW WE STAFF PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS. Our staffing model is designed around one thing: collaboration. That means each relationship is uniquely staffed as every organization collaborates differently. What is common is our core team approach. Typically, this includes account, creative and strategic representation. Shared among them is the responsibility to know the clients’ business, competitive environment, brand meaning, consumer insights…pretty much everything. And that’s not possible in a vacuum. Hence the whole collaboration thing. A lot of agencies like to say the C word. We actually like to do it. Additionally, we have in-house production teams focused on the project management and execution of all work we develop. In other words, when we do it right, we no longer feel like an agency to our client partners, we feel like we work right there in the building with them.
  18. 18. THANK YOU WE CAN BE FASTER. WE CAN WORK SMARTER. WE CAN DO THIS FOR LESS. We believe that no two clients’ businesses are alike and that each compensation agreement should be tailored to our clients needs. Our relationships can take the form of individual projects, a portfolio of assignments or Agency of Record and beyond. ! What’s essential in structuring the appropriate compensation agreement is to do our homework together to understand the assignment scope, the stakeholders desired level of engagement and the practical realities of delivering on your business needs. ! A successful compensation agreement looks like a partnership where both client and agency feel good about the process and the resulting team. COMPENSATION
  19. 19. THANK YOU THEY SAY CLIENTS GET THE WORK THAT THEY DESERVE. WE’VE BEEN BLESSED WITH SOME AMAZING CLIENTS. ! There are a few threads that unite everything we do: All our work is designed to provoke. A smile, a like, a click, a purchase. It’s also handmade to reflect each client’s distinct brand sensibility and their consumers’ personal experiences and expectations. ! We don’t work for our peers, we don’t work for awards. We work to solve the hardest problems for the most interesting clients. OUR WORK http://vimeo.com/evolutionbureau 39VIDEO STORIES JCPENNEY: #TWEETING WITH MITTENS winning the superbowl hands-down SKITTLES: MOB THE RAINBOW turning likes into love OFFICEMAX: ELF YOURSELF big result from a small package RED THUMB REMINDER saving lives...with nailpolish CHIVAS global experience of personal passion FACEBOOK: STUDIO connecting creators to a new platform MEOWMIX: CATSTARTER when memes collide EACH OF THESE ARE LINKS. TRY ONE.
  20. 20. THANK YOUTHANK YOUTHANK YOU CATSTARTER CHALLENGE We were tasked with building engagement, affinity, and advocacy by creating real emotional connections between our brand, cat owners, and their cats. SOLUTION Rather than create more cat content for people to share, we wanted to get Meow Mix back into the conversation in a big way. So we created a whole new way to bring cat lovers closer to their cats by creating a Kickstarter-style platform specifically for cat ideas. We called it Catstarter: Things that cats love made by people who love cats. RESULT Catstarter just launched a few weeks ago and is already making waves in and out of the cat community. With nearly 20 thousand votes cast and video views, the site itself has clearly struck a cord. We've seen positive implications for the brand extend far being just the website. Meow Mix conversation buzz has increased by 24% since the campaign launched and posts on Facebook seeing engagement rates nearly double the norm. With coverage from sources like AdWeek and Digiday, Catstarter is shifting the perception of the brand from an old school to a far more relevant space. www.meowmix.com/catstarter/ SITUATION Meow Mix has been a household name to almost every cat owner for years. But the cat food shelves of today have become saturated with competition. This has driven brand equity and loyalty down.
  21. 21. THANK YOUTHANK YOU CHALLENGE JCPenney wanted to promote their GO USA Mittens during the most crowded media day of the year - the Super Bowl. SOLUTION Instead of a costly Super Bowl commercial, we devised a fun plan on Twitter. During the game, we sent out tweets with horrible typos. Just as we expected, culture reacted like crazy. After we got everyone talking about us, we revealed that we were, in fact, tweeting with mittens. RESULT With no paid support, JCP saw staggering increases in awareness and engagement metrics. ‣ Social impressions increased by 231% week-over-week. JCP brand garnered more than 1 BILLION social impressions the week of 2/2 (source: NETBASE) ‣ Increased sales of Go USA mittens by 105% via JCP.com (source: JCP Internal Sales Data) ‣ Grew conversation volume for the brand by 848% on Twitter (source: SYSOMOS) and JCP was the second-most mentioned brand during the game despite not airing a commercial (SYSOMOS) ‣ JCP was @mentioned more than any brand airing a commercial (source: Salesforce) and the Twitter community increased by 8.5K new followers, increasing reach for future efforts SITUATION JCPenney is in a turnaround. We’ve been working with them on all their social and untraditional marketing to find their voice and connect with their customers in a more relatable and responsive way. #TWEETINGWITHMITTENS
  22. 22. THANK YOUTHANK YOU MOB THE RAINBOW CHALLENGE Skittles was the third-largest brand on Facebook behind only Coke and Starbucks. Much of this growth had come organically and the brand needed a way to keep this massive fan base engaged, while giving new fans a reason to connect with the brand. SOLUTION We developed a campaign called "Mob the Rainbow," which allowed fans to engage with the brand on Facebook and see their action have real-world, physical effect. For example, we called on the Skittle mob to send a Valentine's Day card to an unsuspecting meter maid. In the end, there were four Skittles Mobs. Each event was filmed and redistributed as online content. RESULT Not only was the Mob the Rainbow campaign success at engaging the current Skittles fan base, it also was an effective means at attracting new fans. During the year that Mob the Rainbow ran, the Skittles fan base increased by ten million fans, making it the fastest- growing brand on Facebook. The brand continues to be a big driver of growth in the Wrigley/Mars portfolio. video case study Recreated PMS san francisco / boulder page 21 EVOLUTION BUREAU Skittles has always been a social media leader. The brand has never had a problem collecting fans. By January 2010, Skittles had organically grown to be Facebook’s 3rd largest brand with a fan base of 3.5 million people. Only a couple of brands had been there before. This was unchartered territory. What comes next? What do you do when it’s time to stop “fan collecting” and start “activating” the fan base that you’ve created? Wrigley presented Evolution Bureau with an amazing challenge, namely “what do we do with a Skittles army that is 3.5 million fans strong?” We knew that we needed to think beyond the typical Facebook stuff, like status updates and offers. The Skittles fans deserved more. They had stepped forward and asked to be closer to this brand. We owed them something for their loyalty. We wondered if it would be possible to mobilize the Skittles Facebook army to take real action in the physical world. We decided to give it a try. We called the campaign “Mob the Rainbow.” PROJECT MOB THE RAINBOW CLIENT QUESTION CASE STUDIES The first Skittles “mob” was a Rainbow.” In the days leading Skittle mob a simple task: send meter maid who doesn’t get m was done through a single sta by a fictional Facebook charac Fans were driven to a Mob the they could chose to participat digital Valentine. We had 45,000 fans participa the cards were in, the agency it with Skittles stickers, grabbe out to ambush our beloved me had no idea we were coming; an odd character, dressed as c serenade her and drop off 45,0 The entire mob was captured through the Skittles Facebook participants to view their work currency. It was also used to fu more fans to the Skittles Face QUESTION san francisco / boulder page 22 EVOLUTION BUREAU The first Skittles “mob” was a pilot program called “Valentine the Rainbow.” In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, we gave the Skittle mob a simple task: send a physical Valentine to a deserving meter maid who doesn’t get much love the rest of the year. This was done through a single status update to the Skittles profile page by a fictional Facebook character we created called the “Mob Boss.” Fans were driven to a Mob the Rainbow tab Facebook tab, where they could chose to participate by sending a paper or digital Valentine. We had 45,000 fans participate in Valentine the Rainbow. Once all the cards were in, the agency rented a white utility van, emblazoned it with Skittles stickers, grabbed a few video cameras and headed out to ambush our beloved meter maid with a message of love. She had no idea we were coming; you can imagine her surprise when an odd character, dressed as cupid, leapt out of a Skittles van to serenade her and drop off 45,000 Valentine’s Day cards. The entire mob was captured on video and distributed back through the Skittles Facebook page and on YouTube. This allowed participants to view their work and spread it around the Web as currency. It was also used to further drive interest, engagement and more fans to the Skittles Facebook page. QUESTION CASE STUDIES san francisco / EVOLUTION BURE To quickly capitalize on the success o into the second mob. We called it “Po the Skittles Mob, now 5 million strong to see. We gave them 3 choices: 1) A Elevator Mariachi Band or 3) A Tube a fierce 72-hour battle, consisting of was a clear winner. The agency had 2 Gifting Tree. The EVB production tea weekend shoot. They found the perfe of Skittles and waited. The people ca rainbow fruit. Again, the entire produ redistributed through the Skittles com For the third mob we wanted to go b mob the power to send a kid to colle We told the Skittles mob that if we re would give away a $10,000 scholarsh named James Fulp, at a “Bowling Ind Indiana. Before we knew it, we receiv little Jimmie to college. The results of the first three mobs we exceeded everyone’s expectations. T page (LIKEs, views, comments, partic 1MM fans. More importantly, the con first six months of the 2010, the Skitt 3.5 million to 15 million fans—an incre over $11 million. QUESTION
  23. 23. THANK YOUTHANK YOU CHALLENGE Office Max was never considered much of a Christmas shopping destination. The office supply store wanted to increase its holiday traffic to sell gadgets and stocking stuffers and needed a way to attach its brand to the holidays. SOLUTION We knew we did not have the budgets to make a lot of noise in the Q4 TV advertising frenzy, so we had to take a different approach. We landed on a viral microsite called Elf Yourself, which allowed users to upload their face on to a dancing elf. RESULT To date, Elf Yourself is the most successful viral marketing campaign in history. In the two years that EVB worked on the campaign, over 250 million people uploaded photos and took part in the experience. Today, the elfing franchise that we helped to create includes mobile apps, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade float, and a revenue-generated site through Jib-Jab. It continues to be Office Max's sole holiday campaign. ELF YOURSELFvideo case study
  24. 24. CHALLENGE Despite numerous high-budget advertising campaigns, distracted driving continues to be a real problem. So how can people curb this nasty habit? SOLUTION RED THUMB REMINDER Instead of an ad campaign, our solution was to give people a simple reminder. By painting the culprit thumb nail red, users were reminded at the most important moment to put the phone down and drive. It's an old school solution to a new world problem. RESULT ‣ The introductory video has been viewed 325K times ‣ The site itself has had 40K visits since a soft launch on 12/17 ‣ Beyond owned channels, RTR has spread through the social fabric after being picked up by media outlets like UpWorthy. We've even heard from students that has teachers talk about it in class. ‣ 25K shares of RTR content on channels we can report on ‣ Extending beyond the US, the effort has been covered in Australia, Japan, Poland, Canada, and Mexico and the site has been visited by users from over 100 countries ‣ At 90 seconds long, the intro video for the effort requires far more of a user's time than a 15 or 30 second spot. Despite length, video engagement is high with the average view duration clocking in at 60 seconds. www.redthumbreminder.com/ EVERYONE WHO DRIVES AND HAS A PHONE
  25. 25. THANK YOUTHANK YOU CHALLENGE The Chivas scotch whiskey brand is one of the world's premium luxury spirits brands. Although it is known around the globe, the perception of Chivas is very different in each country. In China and Latin America, for instance, the brand is considered top-shelf premium, while in the United States, it is thought of as dusty and old. SOLUTION The Chivas brand hired EVB to handle its global digital marketing duties, which included developing digital and social strategy and content to give the brand consistency across global marketing on every social, digital, and mobile platforms. RESULT EVB worked with Chivas for just over a year. During that time, we developed a consistent brand voice and toolkit across 23 markets and multiple multi-channel campaigns, which lead to a million new Facebook fans and increased engagement across all markets. GLOBAL SOCIAL EXPERIENCE video case study
  26. 26. THANK YOUTHANK YOU CHALLENGE Facebook has always had a rocky relationship with the marketing community. To succeed and to continue to grow, the colossal social network knew that it needed to win over advertisers and convince them to move their campaigns to Facebook. SOLUTION Our research showed that there was a massive gap in trust between Facebook and marketers. We needed to speak their language and feel their pain. To win their hearts and minds, we couldn't just do it through an ad campaign, we needed to create something valuable that would use high-profile industry examples to show marketers how they could built better social media marketing campaigns. This was the birth of Facebook Studio. RESULT Facebook Studio had over a million page views the day it launched. It has grown over the past few years to contain thousands of case studies and other valuable information. The site currently has over a million active users and the FB Studio franchise has been extended to live events, award shows, and sales tools. STUDIOvideo case study likes, comments and shares. The idea for the site was to provide the perfect social engine that would reward agencies for helping to educate and inspire other agencies. This was the birth of Facebook Studio. The Facebook & EVB teams worked tirelessly alongside each other for about eight months of development, culminating in the launch of facebook-studio. com in April 2011. At launch, the site contained a Showcase of selected work, a Gallery of all work submitted, a Learning Lab with educational videos, and an Agency Directory. Over the next 6 months, we added a blog and improved the UX and search QUESTION CASE STUDIES likes, comments and shares. The idea for the site was the perfect social engine that would reward agencies educate and inspire other agencies. This was the birth of Facebook Studio. The Facebook worked tirelessly alongside each other for about eigh of development, culminating in the launch of faceboo com in April 2011. At launch, the site contained a Show selected work, a Gallery of all work submitted, a Learn with educational videos, and an Agency Directory. Ov 6 months, we added a blog and improved the UX and capability of the site. Everything that went into the de and production of the site was managed by EVB. The launch was supported with a Facebook and EVB- relations campaign and the site was met with extraord positive feedback from the advertising community. Th what the community was missing and the constant st positive Tweets, blog posts and status updates were p QUESTION CASE STUDIES likes, comments an the perfect social e educate and inspir This was the birth worked tirelessly a of development, cu com in April 2011. A selected work, a G with educational v 6 months, we adde capability of the si and production of The launch was su relations campaign positive feedback what the commun positive Tweets, bl a month, the site h 500,000 fans and To build on the suc chose to take their popular Hackathon Live events. Before franchise that was