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20 Bees Presentation
20 Bees Presentation
20 Bees Presentation
20 Bees Presentation
20 Bees Presentation
20 Bees Presentation
20 Bees Presentation
20 Bees Presentation
20 Bees Presentation
20 Bees Presentation
20 Bees Presentation
20 Bees Presentation
20 Bees Presentation
20 Bees Presentation
20 Bees Presentation
20 Bees Presentation
20 Bees Presentation
20 Bees Presentation
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20 Bees Presentation


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Intergrated MArketing and Communications Plan

Intergrated MArketing and Communications Plan

Published in: Business
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  • 1. YouTube - Coming Soon: Icewine THE MOVIE
  • 2. Catch the Buzz of20 Bees
  • 3. Background
    20 Bees is a Niagara region 100% homegrown grapes winery. They are located in the prestigious town of Niagara-on the-lake. Their 30 acres is also host to a wine boutique offering tastings, gifts and locally made honey. The Niagara region is known throughout the world for its wineries, and is host to several different events, competitions and festivals for the wine making industry.
    20 Bees wines have a reputation for being great tasting and unpretentious and affordable. Their 2005 Vidal Icewine has won the Bronze Medal in the 2007 Ontario Wine Awards.
    Icewine harvests as well as the Niagara Icewine Festival are two major events for the industry. Although the harvest is unpredictable, the festival is set for January 15th – 24th, 2010. An integral part of the festival is Winterfest – which is a showcase of Niagara area food and wine, art and culture. Admission is free and ice wine will be showcased.
    20 Bees want to launch a timely and relevant campaign for their award winning ice wine, to create greater brand interest and awareness, and ultimately generate popularity and purchase of 20 Bees Icewine along with other 20 Bees products.
  • 4. Swot Analysis
    Established brand
    Owned by larger parent corporation
    100% homegrown grapes
    Green (homegrown) feeling
    Award winning
    Central location with wine boutique
    Grassroots start-up
    Good reputation
    Local business partners (Hamilton Tiger Cats and honey producers)
    Product sold at LCBO, and has its own brand wine store
    Shipment delivery programs
    Current social media followers
    Effective Web site, including news room area
  • 5. Swot Analysis
    Major competition
    Short company lifespan (newer company)
  • 6. Swot Analysis
    Current area events, Icewine Festival/Winterfest
    Award winning area restaurants
    Involved and smaller community area
    Timing – events and harvest
    Sold at Tiger Cats Games
    Large winery with property, store and tasting area in Niagara-on-the-Lake
  • 7. Swot Analysis
    Poor critiques
    Product waste
    Poor attendance
    Annoyed communities
    Lack of cooperation from affiliates
  • 8. CommunicationObjectives
    Create awareness of the 20 Bees brand, focusing on the 2005 Vidal Icewine
    Inspire interest in the 20 Bees 2005 Vidal Icewine
    Encourage use of 20 Bees Ice wine
  • 9. Audiences
    Consumers – age 30-60, medium to high income bracket
    Local restaurant owners
  • 10. Key Messages
    The icewine process requires talent, dedication and luck. 20 Bees perfected the process in 2005, with the award winning Vidal Icewine.The sweet and surprising taste of 20 Bees Icewine will have your guests buzzing about it.
    It should be no surprise that 20 Bees Icewine is homegrown and an enjoyable and affordable dessert alternative.
    We have support from our communities and business partners because of the high quality of our product.
  • 11. Strategies
    Hold an event to create interest from our audiences and acquire attention
    Offer free samples and tastings to encourage restaurants and customers to use and carry our product
    Gain attention and publicity from the media
    Use social media to help create a buzz and support hype
    Offer percentage discount
    Train a spokesperson
    Have a tour
  • 12. Theme
    Create a Buzz with 20 Bees
  • 13. Tactics
    Tactic initiation to commence one week prior to Christmas holidays.
    • Before Icewine festival
    • 14. Audiences are more likely to be home and/or in town for the holidays.
    • 15. Audiences are likely to be out for dinner and socializing with co-workers friends and family.
    • 16. Holiday spirit will assist in inspiring interest and appreciation
  • Tactics
    A Sweet Week
    Create a Buzz
    Taste the Nectar
    Come back to the Hive
  • 17. Create a Buzz
    Days 1-5, Monday to Friday
    Produce and plant 20 ice bee sculptures. On the fifth day, the ice sculpture will be of the 20 Bees logo. Source of sculptures is to be hidden from all audiences.
    Photo-op media advisories will be sent out with direction to key target areas.
    Use social media tools to support the buzz on the event. Develop a following of interest in the campaign. On the fifth day, give follower’s direction to a Web site containing the leaflet information and printable version.
  • 18. Taste the Nectar
    Days 5 -6, Friday and Saturday
    (Friday) 20 Bees will provide samples to 20 area restaurants.
    The leaflet will be presented to patrons with the ice wine.
    Provide a media kit to targeted media outlets, to support stories published on Monday.
    (Saturday) Offer taste tests at selected Niagara region LCBO locations. Have leaflets available at all LCBO locations in the Niagara region.
  • 19. Come Back to the Hive
    Day 7, Sunday
    Hold sale event at the wine boutique in Niagara-on-the-lake.
    Invite the media as well as customers.
    Have spokespersons ready to answer all audience questions.
    Offer more product samples.
    Have a tour of the winery for customers and media.
  • 20. Spokespersons
    Hamilton Tiger Cats
    (in uniform, but modify it took look bee-ish)
    Murray Marshall, President & CEO