Insul-Clamp ... Insulated Clamp used with Unistrut

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Insul-Clamp is a insulated clamp that secures low temperature piping to Unistrut Hangers. It is designed to stop the transfer of 'chill' between the pipng and the Unistrut Hanger, reducing the …

Insul-Clamp is a insulated clamp that secures low temperature piping to Unistrut Hangers. It is designed to stop the transfer of 'chill' between the pipng and the Unistrut Hanger, reducing the possibility of condensation.

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  • 1. Insul-Clamp
    January 2011
  • 2. The Insul-Clamp is a new product in the ‘Beta Testing’ phase. It has worked well with low temperature piping in a grocery store environment. We are looking for additional testing sites with a variety of applications.
    There is no warranty or guarantees at this time.
    Patent Pending
  • 3. The Insul-Clamp is a 2 piece rubber part. The sections are matched together with a serrated mating surface providing an airtight seal. The top section contains 2 screws that pass through the top section, into the lower section and attach to a nylon bar. As the screws are tightened, the sections are pulled together locking the pipe into place. Tightening the screws also pulls a nylon bar upward, spreading 2 flanges and locking the Insul-Clamp into the Unistrut Hanger.
    Description of Product
  • 4. Each Insul-Clamp product is designed for a specific pipe size. The pipe size is identified on the lower section where the pipe is installed.
    Many types of insulation materials can be used on the adjoining piping. The insulation can be glued directly to the Insul-Clamp, completing the insulation process. Material thicknesses up to 1 inch thick are supported by each Insul-Clamp product size.
    Description of Product
  • 5. Front View of Insul-Clamp
  • 6. Side View of Insul-Clamp
  • 7. Refrigeration and low temperature piping are often installed in direct contact with Unistrut Hangers. The refrigeration piping transfers ‘chill’ to the Unistrut Hanger which condensates. To prevent the condensation, you must isolate the refrigeration pipe from the hanger. There are several methods used to insulate the pipe at the hanger, but the methods are often ineffective and time consuming.
    Insul-Clamp Background
  • 8. The following photos show a typical installation using a clamp to secure the pipe to the Unistrut. The piping is insulated and a cap of insulation is installed over the clamp, but the clamp remains in contact with both the pipe and the Unistrut. This contact allows the ‘chill’ to be transferred, causing condensation. Occasionally, spray foam is used to insulate around the bottom of the clamp with limited success.
    Current Processes Used
  • 9. Pipe with clamp on Unistrut Hanger
  • 10. Pipe Insulated
  • 11. Close up of insulated pipe
  • 12. Another View of Insulated Pipe
  • 13. Insulated Cap over Clamp
  • 14. Bottom of clamp is not insulated and is in direct contact with Unistrut
  • 15. The Insul-Clamp is a rubber clamp that is used to secure piping to Unistrut Hangers. It attaches the pipe to the hanger, isolates chill from the hanger and insulates at the same time. This stops the transfer of ‘chill’ between the refrigeration piping and the Unistrut Hanger, reducing the possibility of condensation.
    New Insul-Clamp Method
  • 16. Bottom section of Insul-Clamp is placed in the Unistut Hanger
  • 17. Pipe is installed into the Insul-Clamp. The Insul-Clamp is sized to match the diameter of the pipe. Insulation thickness of up to 1 inch can be used with any size.
  • 18. Top Section of Insul-Clamp is placed over the pipe.
  • 19. Screws are tightened down to secure the top to the bottom.
  • 20. Shows Insul-Clamp installed in the Unistrut Hanger.
  • 21. Shows side view of top section being installed.
  • 22. Shows side view after top section installation is complete.
  • 23. As the screws are tightened, the nylon spreader bar raises up, causing flanges to separate and lock the Insul-Clamp into the Unistrut.
  • 24. Shows complete installation with pipe insulation glued to Insul-Clamp.
  • 25. Another view of complete installation
  • 26. Reduced Project Costs – There are 2 ways that the Insul-Clamp saves money on installation. First, it saves labor when installing pipe runs since it is faster than the present methods. Second, since the Insul-Clamp is an insulator, so labor and materials normally spent insulating the clamp are eliminated.
    Benefits of Insul-Clamp
  • 27. Reduction in Condensation with Refrigeration and Low Temperature Piping – Since the piping is isolated from the hanger, the transfer of chill to the Unistrut Hanger is greatly reduced, thereby reducing condensation.
    Benefits of Insul-Clamp
  • 28. Reduction in Costs Associated with Condensation – Since the risk of condensation is reduced, damage caused by condensation is also reduced. This includes damaged ceiling, damaged flooring, damaged products and slip hazard insurance claims.
    Benefits of Insul-Clamp
  • 29. Reduces Risk and Costs of Mold – Since condensation is reduced, with many applications, the possibility of mold will also be reduced. Of course, there are many costs associated with mold … possible health issues, remediation costs, violations, etc.
    Benefits of Insul-Clamp
  • 30. Pipe Vibration Absorbed – Since the Insul-Clamp is made from a rubber material, pipe vibration is minimized and less will be transferred to the hanger.
    Benefits of Insul-Clamp
  • 31. Insul-Clamp Samples Available for Testing –
    #102 – Supports 7/8 inch piping – Not Yet Available #103 – Supports 1-1/8 inch piping – Available 1Q-2011
    #104 – Supports 1-3/8 inch piping – Not Yet Available
    #105 – Supports 1-5/8 inch piping – Not Yet Available
    Product Availability
  • 32. – under construction
    Contact Information