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  • 1. Wonderful Water By H-C
  • 2. • Water is lifes mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1937 Nobel Prize for Medicine, 1893- 1986)
  • 3. Through water flows the wisdom ofthe universe. Is it not this wisdomitself which has created water as atool for its own creativity?- Theodor Schwenck, Sensitive Chaos
  • 4. Water has a memory andcarries within it our thoughtsand prayers. As you yourselfare water, no matter where youare, your prayers will be carriedto the rest of the world.- Masaru Emoto, The Secret Lifeof Water
  • 5. Because water has such great powers ofabsorption and conservation it is a treasure-house of innumerable secrets. The whole ofthe history of mankind is recorded in therivers, lakes and oceans of the world ... andthe traces of all beings, all objects and allevents live on in water.- Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, The Mysteries ofFire and Water
  • 6. All the waterthat will everbe is, rightnow.- NationalGeographic,October 1993
  • 7. Water is H2O, hydrogen twoparts, oxygen one, but there isalso a third thing, that makeswater and nobody knows whatthat is.- D.H. Lawrence (1885-1930),Pansies, 1929
  • 8. When the well is dry, weknow the worth of water.- Benjamin Franklin(1706-1790), PoorRichards Almanac, 1746
  • 9. Between earth and earthsatmosphere, the amount ofwater remains constant; thereis never a drop more, never adrop less. This is a story ofcircular infinity, of a planetbirthing itself.- Linda Hogan, Northern Lights,Autumn 1990
  • 10. Water is thedriver ofNature.- Leonardo daVinci
  • 11. We forget that thewater cycle and the lifecycle are one.- Jacques Cousteau
  • 12. Take almost any path you please,and ten to one it carries you down ina dale, and leaves you there by apool in the stream. There is magic init ... Yes, as every one knows,meditation and water are weddedforever.- Herman Melville (1819-1891),Moby Dick, 1851
  • 13. I understood when I was just a child thatwithout water, everything dies. I didntunderstand until much later that no one"owns" water. It might rise on yourproperty, but it just passes through. You canuse it, and abuse it, but it is not yours toown. It is part of the global commons, not"property" but part of our life supportsystem.- Marq de Villiers, Water, 2000
  • 14. There is no smallpleasure in sweet water.- Ovid
  • 15. Thousands have livedwithout love, not onewithout water.- W.H. Auden
  • 16. Man - despite his artisticpretensions, his sophistication, andhis many accomplishments - oweshis existence to a six inch layer oftopsoil and the fact that it rains.- Unknown
  • 17. Water is the supreme magicmedium which permeates andimpregnates the universe. Ifyou know how to listen to adrop of water it will speak toyou.- Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,The Mysteries of Fire and Water
  • 18. We call upon the waters that rimthe earth,horizon to horizon, that flow in ourrivers and streams,that fall upon our gardens andfields,and we ask that they teach us andshow us the way.- Chinook Indian Blessing
  • 19. Only in quiet waters dothings mirror themselvesundistorted.Only in a quiet mind isadequate perception ofthe world.- Hans Margolius
  • 20. I had less difficulty in thediscovery of motion of heavenlybodies in spite of theirastonishing distances than in theinvestigations of the movement offlowing water before our veryeyes.- Galileo Galilei 1564-1642
  • 21. In the battle between thestream and the stone, thestream always wins -- notthrough strength, butthrough persistence.- Unknown
  • 22. The waters listen asthey flow along; theyknow the origin ofheaven and earth.- Rig Veda
  • 23. Water is aLovely ThingJulia W. Wolfe
  • 24. And God sends down waterfrom the skies, giving lifethereby to the earth after ithad been lifeless.- The Koran
  • 25. Man is a complex being; hemakes the deserts bloom andlakes die.- Gil Stern
  • 26. Why, then, does water, which has no lifecharacteristics of its own, form the very basis of life inall lifes manifestations? Because water embraceseverything, is in and all through everything; because itrises above the distinctions between plants andanimals and human beings; because it is a universalelement shared by all; itself undetermined, yetdetermining; because, like the primal mother it is, itsupplies the stuff of life to everything living.- Theodor Schwenk
  • 27. By means of water, we give life toeverything.- Koran
  • 28. The frog does notdrink up the pond in whichhe lives.- American Indian proverb
  • 29. All water has a perfect memory andis forever trying to get back towhere it was.- Toni Morrison, The Site of Memory,1998
  • 30. A river does not just happen; ithas a beginning and end. Itsstory is written in rich earth, inice and in water-carved stone,and its story as the lifeblood ofthe land is filled with colour,music and thunder.- Andy Russell, The Life of aRiver, 1987
  • 31. It is a fascinating and provocativethought that a body of waterdeserves to be considered as anorganism in its own right.- Lyall Watson, Supernature, 1973
  • 32. If there is magic on thisplanet, it is contained inwater.- Loren Eisley, The ImmenseJourney, 1957
  • 33. The end…