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  • 1. Private Security in Iraq
  • 2. Erik Prince Defense of Blackwater
    • September 16 incident involving Blackwater was effectively addressed by Erik Prince.
      • Employees go through a rigorous hiring and training process to ensure the best workers are deployed.
      • Blackwater follows the 1,000 page WPPS document and State Department Standards.
      • There are multiple steps taken before employees are instructed to shoot which minimizes the possibility of killing innocent civilians.
  • 3. September 16 incident continued
    • There was a Blackwater vehicle that was not drivable after the incident which indicates that the employees were not attacking innocent civilians but that they were defending themselves.
    • Erik Prince agreed that if the FBI uncovered that innocent civilians were killed in the September 16 incident then the employees in the attack should be held accountable.
    • No diplomat under the care of Blackwater has been killed in Iraq which shows that Blackwater has been extremely effective in assisting the United States military.
  • 4. Approach to Criticism of Blackwater
    • Prince should provide quantitative data to show the effectiveness of Blackwater in Iraq.
    • Show comparative data between Blackwater and other private security companies in Iraq.
    • Obtain testimonials from Military personnel to show that Blackwater is a necessity.
  • 5. Blackwater addresses Private Warriors
    • The private warrior documentary shows the harsh conditions that private security employees face daily.
    • Experience personnel is hired for private security sectors and undergo intensive training.
    • Blackwater followed a detailed guideline that is in conjunction with the State Department Standards.
    • Furthermore, this documentary is not representative of Blackwater personnel and in no way should be attributed to our employees.
  • 6. Model of Public Relations
    • Blackwater is using the Public Information Model of Public Relations. This is shown by the distribution of information about the company and employees, but it does not have a persuasive intent.
    • It is necessary for Blackwater to release complete and accurate information to the public in order for the public to understand the need for private security sectors to be located in Iraq.