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Installing NetWare 5 Servers


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. 1. A server-class PC with a Pentium* or higher processor. 2. A VGA or higher resolution display adapter (SVGA recommended). 3. 550 MB of available disk space (50 MB for a boot partition, 500 MB for a NetWare partition). 4. 64 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended to run Java*-based applications). 5.One or more network boards. 6. A CD-ROM drive A PS/2* or serial mouse is recommended, but not required
  • 2. 1. DOS 3.3 or later (DOS 7 is included the NetWare 5License) 2. DOS CD-ROM drivers. 3. NetWare 5 Operating System CD-ROM. 4. NetWare 5 License diskette. 5. Novell Client for DOS and Windows 3.1x 6. An IP address
  • 3. STEP1. Back up any desired data to another computer or off-line storage media. STEP2. If the computer already has an operating system installed, such as Windows, you should completely remove the operating system.
  • 4. STEP3. Boot your computer with DOS 3.3 or later. You can boot from the NetWare 5 License diskette. DOS 7 and all required DOS utilities are included on the diskette. Do not use the version of DOS that ships with Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT operating systems.
  • 5. STEP4. Use FDISK to create a 50MB active DOS partition by typing FDISK. (Create a primary DOS partition, and make it the active partition.) The computer will restart.
  • 6. STEP5. Format and transfer DOS system files to the partition by changing to CDROM DRIVE LETTER: and typing FORMAT C: /S. . STEP6. Install the DOS CD-ROM driver for your CD-ROM device onto the boot partition. DOS CD-ROM drivers are provided by the CD-ROM manufacturer. STEP7. Make sure that the config.sys file contains the following commands: FILES=40 and BUFFERS=30
  • 7. STEP8. Insert the NetWare 5 CD-ROM. STEP9. At the CD-ROM drive or network drive Prompt, type INSTALL. STEP10. Select the Language and Accept the License Agreement Press F10 to accept the License Agreement.
  • 8. STEP11. Select the Type of Installation
  • 9. STEP12. Select the Regional Settings
  • 10. STEP13. Select the Mouse and Video Type
  • 11. STEP14. Select a Platform Support Module and Storage Adapter
  • 12. STEP15. Select a Storage Device and a Network Board
  • 13. STEP16. Create a NetWare Partition and Volume Sys
  • 14. NetWare 5 Products Minimum Volume Sys Size NetWare 5 operating system 350 MB NetWare 5 with default products 450 MB NetWare 5 with all products 550 MB NetWare 5 with all products and documentation 700 MB
  • 15. STEP17. Name the NetWare 5 Server
  • 16. STEP18. Install the NetWare Server File System
  • 17. STEP19. Install Networking Protocols
  • 18. STEP20. Set the Server Time Zone OUR LOCAL TIME ZONE IS (GMT+5:30 )Chennai, Calcutta. New Delhi, Mumbai
  • 19. STEP21. Set Up NDS, Novell’s Directory Technology
  • 20. Install the Server into an Existing NDS Tree
  • 21. Create a New NDS Tree
  • 22. STEP22. Summary
  • 23. STEP23. License the NetWare Server
  • 24. STEP24. Install Other Networking Products
  • 25. STEP25. Customize the NetWare 5 Installation
  • 26. STEP26. Complete the Server Installation