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American Skills Training & Team Building Asia 2013 brochure
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American Skills Training & Team Building Asia 2013 brochure



Published in Education , Business
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  • 2. MULTI-GENERATIONAL TRAINING AND TEAM Building American Skills Training & Team Building Asia • We design and deliver all of our programs in a fun and exciting way -- ensuring that your participants enjoy an experience filled with laughter, enjoyment, humor and unforgettable memories. At the same time, however, we take our work seriously, ensuring that your program has worked and has actually achieved your objectives, supplemented by post-program support to increase long-term performance. We are an American born and raised team of accomplished international trainers who have designed and delivered corporate training and team building projects projects for thousands of employees in Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. We offer organizations to make sense of the changes within both the workplace and marketplace. We believe in the next generation of evidence-based HR expertise to compete with today’s global markets. Every organization has a unique corporate culture, which needs to be nurtured with the appropriate customized training and team building programs. We believe in the next generation of evidence- based HR expertise to compete with today’s global markets.
  • 3. PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT American Skills Training & Team Building Asia • THE FOCUS THE IMPACT ON THE ORGANIZATION THE IMPACT ON THE INDIVIDUAL The Personal and Professional Development workshops help individuals focus their strengths to enhance their productivity. By identifying their natural strengths, nurturing their innate talents, and utilize them whenever possible, individuals will have a better understanding of their workplace environment and direct their strengths accordingly to increase productivity. ● Clear connection between continuous professional development and company rewards ● Building an effective cross-functional team ● Clarify the organization's strategic direction ● Enhance the organization's global competitiveness ● Clarify expectations for each individual within the organization ● Enhance their strengths to enhance their productivity ● Utilize effective professional development methods from positive psychology such as the Reflected Best Self activity Personal and Professional Development workshops nurture skills necessary to carry out and compete within the modern workforce. These include becoming adaptable, cross-functional, leading the team, as well as critical thinking. This program is designed for any staff (from new entry-level to senior executives) who are interested in effectively impacting the company’s strategic direction and their own personal development.
  • 4. TEAM DEVELOPMENt AND TEAM BUILDING American Skills Training & Team Building Asia • Our team building programs emphasize team collaboration, common goals and cooperation -- not competition, extreme physical situations and warfare. We use actionable debriefing and specific lessons that increase the chances of eliciting change at work. The effectiveness of our team building programs are measured after their completion. ● Increased flexibility in social skills and key competencies ● Enhanced team motivation, productivity and performance ● More beneficial in times of organizational change ● Encourages clearer, more frequent and transparent communication within and between departments ● Focuses on team goals to accomplish more tasks with higher-quality results ● A deeper respect between work colleagues ● Opportunities for work colleagues to relieve tensions and reduce conflict ● A unique and memorable experience of team achievement ● A chance for teams to step outside their comfort zones ● An increased desire to cooperate and collaborate ● Actionable lessons that can be applied at work THE IMPACT ON THE INDIVIDUAL THE IMPACT ON THE ORGANIZATION THE FOCUS When work environments tend to focus on individuals and personal goals, team building sets out to increase these teams' understanding of their internal dynamics and performance. The result is a visible improvement in how the team works together. Team collaboration incorporates group accountability rather individual accountability, and improving everyone's social skills leads to better communication and results.
  • 5. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT American Skills Training & Team Building Asia • THE FOCUS THE IMPACT ON THE ORGANIZATION THE IMPACT ON THE INDIVIDUAL This workshop enables participants to cultivate the corporate culture and adapt to fast-paced changes of demanding markets. Using best practices, participants will learn how to adapt to demanding work requirements and an effective leadership approach to solve problems efficiently, creatively, and enhance a positive workplace environment. Specifically, participants will practice the following: building core competencies; understanding how business functions interrelate; understanding cross-functional teams; developing integrated approach to business and formulating business strategies. ● Retention of key employees ● Improved quality and productivity ● Creation of high-functioning teams ● Ability to take advantage of emerging opportunities ● Individualized action plans ● Group discussions and ideas exchanges ● Techniques and methods to increase your impact ● Progressive skill development for each stage of your career The Leadership Development Program (LDP) provides management with the knowledge of enhancing a diversified workforce. Participants will develop a broad and integrated perspective on management. The LDP are supervisors, project managers, team leaders between 1-2 years of managerial experience, Individual staff; team members who are preparing for leadership roles.
  • 6. CAREER DEVELOPMENT American Skills Training & Team Building Asia • THE FOCUS THE IMPACT ON THE ORGANIZATION THE IMPACT ON THE INDIVIDUAL This workshop will help participants consider their career path options and specific actions they need to take to get there. Participants will use self-assessments to identify and evaluate career options, set short and long-term career goals, and prepare for initiating career coaching conversations with mentors. They will also practice résumé-writing skills and practice job interviewing simulations. A must-attend workshop for anyone in the midst of career change or company restructuring, voluntary separation schemes (VSSs), layoffs, downsizing, a merger or an acquisition. ● Develop staff who have a greater understanding of their personal strengths, gaps and unique personality traits for the workplace ● Retain a greater number of competent and qualified employees ● Create an environment of learning and transforming employees into strategic partners ● Develop knowledge, skills and abilities required to enhance their performance ● Gain a better understanding of oneself to improve personal leadership performance ● Acquire best practices in résumé-writing skills and job interviewing The Career Development program allows for personal growth and career development to match the needs of the employees within the organization. By managing talent and creating a learning environment, employees will become strategic partners, which will enhance retention.
  • 7. SUCCESSION PLANNING American Skills Training & Team Building Asia • THE FOCUS THE IMPACT ON THE ORGANIZATION THE IMPACT ON THE INDIVIDUAL A strong succession plan focuses on developing a pool of individuals with critical, adaptable skills who will meet the future needs of the organization. This plan will allow the organization to ensure leadership continuity in key positions as well as retain and develop intellectual capital. ● Ensure the continuity of leadership in critical positions ● Retain and develop intellectual capital to support future growth ● Encourage and motivate high potential employees to aspire for advancement ● Reduce the headhunting and recruitment costs ● Increased productivity leading to increased confidence from customers and stakeholders ● Individual feels a sense of value within the organization ● Individual senses their current function is critical ● A higher sense of commitment and urge to learn and produce results ● Enhance employee loyalty and retention The program begins by analyzing and identifying potential candidates then develop a capability plan which involves mentoring, training, coaching, job rotations, or shadowing. This will provide a comprehensive inventory of knowledge, skills, and abilities that will be needed to sustain effective leadership in the future.
  • 8. CUSTOMIZED ONBOARDING FOR NEW STAFF American Skills Training & Team Building Asia • After an effective recruitment and selection process, one of the most important ways organizations improve their effectiveness of their talent management systems is through the use of onboarding. Onboarding allows the organization to communicate their corporate culture as well as adjust social and performance aspects of both new hires. THE FOCUS THE IMPACT ON THE ORGANIZATION THE IMPACT ON THE INDIVIDUAL The onboarding program focuses on new hires transitioning into their roles as engaged employees by teaching them everything they need to succeed in their position at their organization. ● Reduce the headhunting and recruitment costs ● Improves learning curve and hastens productivity ● Participants are quickly assimilated into the culture and corporate structure ● Employees are more engaged and eager when tools and knowledge is presented early on ● Positively impacts engagement and morale ● Increases productivity and staff retention ● Individuals feel comfortable when they receive proper training
  • 9. SUPERVISION AND MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT American Skills Training & Team Building Asia • THE FOCUS THE IMPACT ON THE ORGANIZATION THE IMPACT ON THE INDIVIDUAL ● Transformational Leadership ● Motivation ● Negotiation ● Team Development ● Delegation ● Recognize and overcome barriers to teamwork ● Strengthen relationships with peers and colleagues ● Analyze performance problems and develop plans for improvement ● Ask effective questions and listen actively to improve understanding ● Implement management strategies to promote employee engagement and retention ● Determine appropriate leadership style to motivate employees and teams ● Identify individual communication style ● Learn practical skills for dealing with different types of individuals ● Learn new behaviors to improve your personal productivity ● Develop individual action plan which is tracked and monitored over time The Supervision and Management Development (SMD) program accelerates productivity of supervisors and managers by transforming the way participants think, manage, view competition, and solve programs. Participants are prepared to lead responsibly, ethically, and strategically within today’s competitive markets. ● Conflict Resolution ● Change Management ● Presentation Skills ● Planning & Scheduling ● Building action teams
  • 10. COACHING AND MENTORING American Skills Training & Team Building Asia • THE IMPACT ON THE ORGANIZATION THE IMPACT ON THE INDIVIDUAL ● Improved personal performances improves organizational performance ● Tangible evidence of commitment to bespoke personal development ● Improved cross-functional interaction and efficiency ● Greater efficiency through less fractious relationships and sulking ● Improved skill levels for organization ● Improved staff retention and creation of corporate culture ● Greater self-awareness and skills to interact with various personalities ● Greater self-belief, coupled with appropriate behaviors and attitudes ● Improved confidence in dealing with challenge difficult people ● Improved problem-solving techniques THE FOCUS Our coaching program allows participants to focus on concrete issues, managing effectively, and think strategically. The mentoring program focuses on work/life balance, self-confidence, self-perception, and how the personal influences the professional. The program lasts as long as needed depending on the purpose of the coaching relationship. Our Coaching and Mentoring Program allows participants to develop specific competencies to meet performance expectations. These participants are selected to be part of a leadership talent pool for succession planning.
  • 11. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL American Skills Training & Team Building Asia • AMERICAN TRAINING SUPPORT CENTERS MALAYSIA American Skills Training & Team Building Asia 1607, 16th Floor, Block A, Lobby 2 Damansara Intan No.1, Jalan 20/27, Petaling Jaya Selangor D.E., Malaysia 47400 Tel : 012-306-6726 Fax : 03-7726 5517 Email : American Skills Training & Team Building Asia has the range of services and experience to help you support business strategies. Submitting a Request for Proposal (RFP) is the first step to understand your business needs. Please fill out your confidential contact information including: 1. Company and contact person 2. Proposed date of training/team building program 3. Key objectives of the activity 4. Venue selection (Indoor or Outdoor) 5. Number of participants 6. Budget range Please send your inquires via fax or email to Our specialized consultants will follow up as soon as possible.