How To Be A Better Freelancer


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Step by Step Guide to be a Better Freelancer!

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How To Be A Better Freelancer

  1. 1. How To Be A Better Freelancer Nasir Uddin Shamim Co-Founder DevsTeam Ltd.
  2. 2. Complete Your Profile FirstBefore applying to any Job; don’t forget tocomplete your profile with as muchinformation as you own. While you apply for ajob; the first thing a buyer do is to check yourprofile. They evaluate how much professionalyou are and how much dedicated you can befor your next freelance jobs. An incompleteprofile causes a serious bad impression whichwill drive your buyers bounced from yourprofile.
  3. 3. Use a Real Photo on Your ProfileNobody wants to hire a scam worker. Youmust have to prove yourself as a real personto whom the buyers will feel comfortable todeal with. Thus, adding a real and nice lookingphoto on the profile picture section mightincrease your authentication rate and thechances of being hired.
  4. 4. Accumulate As Much Works History As You CanIn the portfolio section of your profile; add asmuch accomplished work list as you can. Themore works in your portfolio, the betterchances to be hired. Buyers always look for anexpert and in your end, the more works youhave done the higher experienced and expertyou are
  5. 5. Participate on Tests Related to your ExpertiseAs you are going to build your career infreelancing World; you already owned a skill.So, participate as many tests as you can thatare freely provided by some popular FreelanceMarketplaces like andFreelancer.Com. These tests will recognize youas an expert in your arena.
  6. 6. Write Unique & Enticing Cover Letter Make your cover letter as descriptive as you can.But don’t use any unrelated and fluffy words tomake your cover letter too long. Highlight yourrecently accomplished related jobs of this projectand mention how successful you are in this Jobssector. Give your buyer a clue about how you willaccomplish this job at step by step process if youare hired and let him also know that how wellyou have understood his project. Attach somelinks of your previous related work and mentionhow fast and efficiently you can do this work forhim.
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