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Mississippi State Bulldogs - NCAA Basketball -
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Mississippi State Bulldogs - NCAA Basketball -


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0-1 SEC (10th)Team RankingPTS/GOPP PTS/GSoutheastern Conference70.3 (12th)66.9 (9th)Division I114th...

0-1 SEC (10th)Team RankingPTS/GOPP PTS/GSoutheastern Conference70.3 (12th)66.9 (9th)Division I114th...

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  • 1. utf8_encode(Mississippi State Bulldogs - NCAA Basketball 0-1 SEC (10th)Team RankingPTS/GOPP PTS/GSoutheastern Conference70.3 (12th)66.9 (9th)Division I114th59thTeam HomeScheduleStatsRosterRPI BreakdownAlumni Next GameSat, January 11, 4:00 PM EST TV: ESPNU Ole Miss Rebelsat Mississippi State Bulldogs79.8 PPG70.343.7 FG %45.767.8 FT %64.737.8 3PT %30.0 ScheduleWed Nov 27W 58 - 56JACKST RecapSun Dec 1W 65 - 64LOYCHI RecapThu Dec 5L 71 - 61TCU RecapFri Dec 13W 68 - 62SELOU RecapTue Dec 17W 78 - 65FAMU RecapThu Dec 19W 66 - 53FGC RecapSun Dec 22W 71 - 66SFLA RecapMon Dec 23L 82 - 66at UNLV RecapThu Jan 2W 77 - 63UMES RecapWed Jan 8L 85 - 63at UK Recap4:00 pm EST Sat Jan 11ESPNUMISS 8:00 pm EST Wed Jan 15at BAMA 12:30 pm EST Sat Jan 18TEXAM 8:00 pm EST Wed Jan 22AUBURN 4:00 pm EST Sat Jan 25at MISS 7:00 pm EST Thu Jan 30FLA 5:00 pm EST Sat Feb 1at VANDY 9:00 pm EST Wed Feb 5at TEXAM 1:30 pm EST Sat Feb 8UK 9:00 pm EST Wed Feb 12UGA Full Schedule
  • 2. StandingsSoutheastern CONF W-LOverall W-L Florida1-012-2 A&M1-010-4 Kentucky1-011-3 Georgia1-07-6 Ole Miss1-010-4 Alabama1-07-7 Tennessee1-010-4 Missouri0-112-2 Texas Arkansas0-111-3 Mississippi State0-110-4 LSU0-19-4 Auburn0-18-4 Vanderbilt0-18-5 South Carolina0-1-7Full Standings RankingsAPCoaches--Full Rankings1389243720No. 14 Kentucky beats Mississippi State 8563LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP)Practicing twice a day since Kentucky last played on Dec. 28 figured to yield some benefits for James Young and the Wildcats.1389239691Night Court: UConn gets needed win, UNC loses againConnecticut, Kansas and Wisconsin were among the big winners on Wednesday night, while North Carolina continues to confuse everyone.1389238680Kentucky 85, Miss. State 63James Young scored 26 points and No. 14 Kentucky rallied from a halftime deficit to beat Mississippi State 85-63 on Wednesday night.1389194772Viewer's Guide: Plenty of intrigue on a packed WednesdayWednesday has everything: a key non-conference battle, a top-25 matchup in the Big Ten, and plenty of intriguing games around the nation.1388720400Mississippi St. turns back Md-Eastern Shore 77-63STARKVILLE, Miss. (AP)Mississippi State's Colin Borchert and Gavin Ware combined for 43 points Thursday night in a 77-63 win over Maryland-Eastern Shore.MORE You May Also Like "/console.log(customStrings.signIn);callFBApi = function() var accessToken;var uid;//CBSi.injectJS('//', 'facebook-jssdk');/*FB.init(appId : '297742330311988',oauth : true);*/FB.getLoginStatus(function(response) if (response.status === 'connected') handle_fb_response(response.authResponse);elseFB.login(function(response) if (response.authResponse) handle_fb_response(response.authResponse);/*uid = response.authResponse.userID;accessToken = response.authResponse.accessToken;//CBSi.log("== FB APP DATA ==", response);FB.api('/me', function(social) //CBSi.log("== FB USER DATA ==", social);log_in_socially(, social.username, 'fb');document.cookie = "lf_social_info=);*/););;handle_fb_response = function(authResponse)uid = authResponse.userID;accessToken = authResponse.accessToken;FB.api('/me', function(social) FB);log_in_socially = function(dn, userid, site) $.ajax(url: "/data/common/livefyre/lf_social_login",dataType: 'json',data: lfdn: dn,lfuser: userid,ssite: site).done(function(profile) //CBSi.log("== Social Login ==",profile,site);if (profile.error) //CBSi.log("Social login failed with error: ", profile);return null;else document.cookie = "lf_social_login="+ profile.socialsess +"; expires=0; path=/";profile.socialsess = '1';userObj = profile;lf_user_profile = profile;doLivefyreAuth(profile););;callTwitterApi = function()'/common/livefyre/V3/via_twitter?debug=32','twitterOauth','width=600,height=500,me nu=0,status=0');;callTwitterApiHidden = function() /);log_in_socially(arr1[2], arr1[3], 'twitter');hasProfile = 1;function doLivefyreAuth(cval) //console.log("== Attempting LF Login ==",cval);var isLoggedIn = 1;if (cval) try fyre.conv.login(cval.token); catch (e) isLoggedIn = 0;changeDOM = function() // DOM hacks.Change the UI for the dropdown box//console.log("== Running Dom Hacks ==");if (isLoggedIn == 1)//console.log("== Checking Match ==");if (hasProfile == 0) //CBSi.log("== adding get comment link ==");// They need a screen name//$('.lf_auth_section a.lf_user_loggedout').html('Get a Screen Name to Comment').addClass('loginLink');$('.fyre .fyre-use-loggedout').hide();$('#getScreenName').show();var screenNameContent = 'Get a Screen Name to Comment';$('#getScreenName').html(screenNameContent);/*else if (typeof userObj.profile.profile_url != 'undefined')if (userObj.profile.profile_url) //CBSi.log("== adding login profile links ==");$('.fyre .fyre-box-wrapper a.fyre-user-profie-link').attr('href',userObj.profile.profile_url);$('li.fyre-edit-profile-link').html('Edit Profile');*/changedDom = 1;//console.log("== finished dom hacks ==");;function updateCommentCounts(element,count)//CBSi.log("== updating comment counts ==");if (count == 1)$(element).html('' + count + ' else
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