Neha joshi .journalism 2


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Neha joshi .journalism 2

  1. 1. Definition of JOURNALISM       a : the collection and editing of news for presentation through the media b : the public press c : an academic study concerned with the collection and editing of news d: writing designed for publication in a newspaper or magazine e: writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation f : writing designed to appeal to current popular taste or public interest
  2. 2. Functions of Journalism 1. Inform the public through the news coverage 2.Influence and mold the public opinion 3. Amuse or entertain the public 4. Serve and promote community welfare as a whole
  3. 3. 1.Resourcefulness- a good journalist is supposed to be resourceful in order to gain access credible sources of information and to gain success to all important event. 2. Critical- in order to separate truth from propaganda and dogmas that may distort truth. 3. Objective- a journalist is supposed to put aside personal biases and should not let his emotions cloud his judgment. 4. Conscientious- a journalist is not supposed to use his influence in order to meet personal objectives and should be well aware of the consequences that may result from his actions.
  4. 4.        Curiosity Team player Enjoys newspaper Sense of empathy Ability to explain ideas Aptitude of spelling and punctuation Sense of fairness and responsibility
  5. 5. Types of journalism   Fashion journalism: Fashion journalism is all about articles or reports related to the fashion world . Journalists are also known as fashion writers or fashion editors. News journalism: primary aim of the journalist is to report news in a straight-forward manner that covers all the required facts. The style is direct with focus on the gist of the story with other necessary points. Celebrity journalism: journalist is connected to news and events related to celebrities from the entertainment world and also includes celebrities from other fields such as music, sports, dance, art, politics, etc
  6. 6.     Investigative journalism: This type of journalism is about unearthing facts and studying cases that may require more efforts, which can take Sports journalism: Here, journalists spend hours reporting on a particular sport event. A journalist has to report the accurate facts and statistics related to that event Citizen journalism: not the professional journalists who are responsible for the news reports Any citizen can participate and report news to the media.
  7. 7.  Environmental journalism: issues related to the environment and its protection and conservation. Business and finance journalism: journalist or reporter covers in-depth reports about the latest in business, launch of products, stock markets etc.   yellow journalism: also known as yellow press Presents little or legitimate well –researched news.
  8. 8.         Journalism make use of diversified persons, with varied skills and talents Field concern mainly :printed Writing work behind radio and TV Computer and web based Advertisement and public relation Journalism as a carrier: work on newspaper Work in magzine,radio and t.v,carrier in advertising Public relation, online journalism
  9. 9.         Responsibility Freedom of press Independence Sincerely Truthfullness and accuracy Impartiality Fair play decency
  10. 10. Journalists Killed and Attacked     According to newspapers and journalists organisations, two journalists in Bangladesh were killed in 2002. Haran Rashid, 44, with the regional daily Purbanchal was killed on March 2, 2002 in the south-western district Khulna. Shaker Husain, 40, with the regional daily Airbus was killed on July 5, 2002 in the same district. A total of 68 journalists were injured, some grievously, by terrorist attacks in the different parts of the country. 129 were issued death threats by the terrorists and anti-social elements. ‘Paid news is rotting democracy Yellow journalism exploit,discort,create sensations,
  11. 11. Constraints in relating to the media  Antagonistic to our issues;  Restricted by government censorship;  Geared for profit and cover stories that will bring in the sales;  Civil society organisations and IPs scared to talk to the media because they don’t trust them;  Senior management shun speaking to media
  12. 12.     Media does not always understand what we do; Media look for the sexy, scandalous story rather than plain development issues; Media distort issues; The “infotainment” phenomenon detracts from urgency and importance of the issues.
  13. 13.     several problems because of the prevailing political and social conditions, particularly the separatist and armed struggles going on in some parts of the country, attitude of the employers and apathy of the government. Objectives are changing Tight deadlines Ethics should be maintain
  14. 14.         Citizen journalism beyond hard news. Students invited engage in analysis Put into practice a range of media reasearch Paid news turned into a lap dogs,from the watch dog Paid news as a degenerating media Paid news culture will keep growing journalists and scholars alike need to understand how citizen media will shape both their work and their analysis.
  15. 15.          Paid news should be banned. Quality of coverage could be improved All science news are checked by specialist News should be authentic should b Balance should be maintain Ethics should be maintain Transparency Impartial Security of journal should maintain
  16. 16.    Traditional media in a west are declining Introduce global journalism Journalism has fundamentally changed