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Angel Web Promotion- SEO Presentation

  1. 1. Angel Web- Your IT Outsourcing PartnerPowered by- Angel Web promotions One of the biggest steps you can do for your business is by having a well-crafted web design. Almost all businessowners whether big or small scale will agree about the importance of creating a good web design. Strong impactinto the world of online business is vital and can only be achieved through the aid of an effective web design. Youcan only build an impact and attract visitors through your website. However, the degree of importance of web design is not known by many. You will definitely be overwhelmed onthe impact it can give to your business. Many online business professionals agree that you can experience almost30% increase in your profit compare to those website with conventional web design. With this idea in mind,Angel Web Promotion can be one of the biggest steps that can lead to a more profitable business in the future. Angel Web Promotions is a company that is occupied with trained, skilled, and professional web developers andweb designers. Since, your website comprises of diverse elements, Angel Web Promotions can easily handlethose crucial elements that web design requires including:
  2. 2. About Search Engine OptimizationSEO Is the process ofimproving thevisibility of a websitesor web pages. Ingeneral, the earlierand more frequent asite appear in thesearch result list.Establish a websitethat is customer aswell as keywordfriendly.Theircombine team ofexperts will make thepresence of yourwebsite in theWorldWideWebunbeatable.What is SEO? SEO is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web sitefrom search engines via search results. SEO aims to improve rankings for relevant keywords in search results.SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) involves altering website code andcontent in order to increase rankings in search engines
  3. 3. What are Search Engines and their objectives? Google, Yahoo, Bing……..Why are search engines so important? Through Search Engine by typing a keyword/search term Referral sites Directly through URLWhy top positions in search results? Search engines are the biggest resources of your websites traffic. Higher traffic means more visitors. More visitors means more customers and higher profit
  4. 4. What is important for youronline success? Identify your target audience Discover your competitors Find out keywords, that your target audienceuse to find a product or service Build search engine friendly content, sitestructure and internal navigationNow, The role of SEO begins:An approach to the whole SEO process Analysis (competitors, target segment,keywords and so on)Ranking Factors: On-page optimization (code & contents) Off-page optimization (link popularity, addscredibility)
  5. 5. Where are the Organic Results?OrganicPay Per ClickPay Per Click
  6. 6. SEO ProcessStep 1: Understanding Business objectivesStep 2: SEO Questionnaire filled by clientStep 3: keyword analysis and finalizationStep 4: Initial Ranking ReportsBusiness & Technical AnalysisDetailed Recommendation documentSEO monthly work plan according to the packageStep 5: Technical, On-site & Off-site optimizationStep 6: Audit Report along with comparative progress report in the end of the month
  7. 7. Technical Analysis1. Comprehensive Website Analysis2. Keyword Research and Analysis.3. Baseline Ranking report.4. Competitive analysis in Search Engines.5. Content Analysis & SEO Copywriting.6. Analysis of URL structure & information architecture.7. Analysis of source code and page layout.8. Code validation.9. Link Popularity Analysis.10.Link Relevancy & Co-Citation Analysis (Topical Relevancy).
  8. 8. PageTitleAlt-TagsLink Title TagsSite-Side OptimizationOn Page SEO ElementsAnchor TextNavigation
  9. 9. ON PAGE SEO ELEMENTSEverything that we do with our website pages’ code Title tags Meta tags ALT tags Header(H1,H2) tags URL structure Internal Linking Relevant keywords near your inbound link Content Keyword density Site maps
  10. 10. OFF PAGE SEO ELEMENTSEverything that we do over web pages other than our website Directory Submission Bookmarking Article Submission Press Release Classified Product Directory Submission Search Engine Submission Blog Creation Blog Commenting Forum Posting Google Map Listing, Yahoo Group submissions etc..
  11. 11. How a search engine worksSearch engines use programs called spiders, or bots, to search the internetand document their findings.Spiders firstly go to a webpage and analyse itGoes through the HTML code and categorises the most important words(keywords) in the document.It then moves on to any pages that linked from the current page.This is one way how search engines find new pages.It also visits pages that may not be linked by other pages, but were submitted bysearch engines.
  12. 12. What a search engine seesSpiders do not see a page like humans do, as it cannotdescribe an image, or tell you how pretty a site looksInstead, it looks at the HTML code and structures it to makesense.
  13. 13. What a search engine sees (cont.)
  14. 14. What a Human Eye sees (cont.)
  15. 15. When will I see results? Depending on your industry. The competitive level of your keywords. We provide 6 months package and ensure the best possible results.Benefits of Our SEO:- SEO affects the quality of your storefront SEO has a direct impact on your business success A website with properly done SEO has higher prospect retention A website with properly completed SEO typically receives more free advertisingfrom search engines A website with properly done SEO attracts highly targeted prospects that convert A website with properly done SEO saves you both time and money A website with properly done SEO will almost always make you money
  16. 16. SEO Plan
  17. 17. Contact us-angelwebpromotions@gmail.comAngel Web Promotionshttp://angelwebpromotions.com