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  1. 1. Woolworths Ltd - Profile Company ReportAustralia26-06-2011, 16 pagesWoolworths Ltd is an Australian owned, listed public company that derives the bulk of itsincome from retailing food & groceries, liquor, petrol, general merchandise and consumerelectronics in Australia and New Zealand. The company employs close to 190,000 people in over3,000 locations across Australia and New Zealand, and is listed on the Australian SecuritiesExchange under the code WOW. Woolworths is headquartered in Bella Vista, New South Wales.Woolworths Limited operates as a food, liquor, petrol, consumer electronics and generalmerchandise retailer, and also operates in the hospitality and gaming sector. The groups mainbusiness divisions are as follows:Australian Food and Liquor:The company operates Woolworths supermarkets, Thomas Dux grocery stores and liquor storestrading as Dan Murphys, BWS, Woolworths Liquor and Langtons throughout Australia. Alsoincluded in this division are Woolworths house brands, which include Woolworths Freshbranded meat, bakery goods and fresh produce, Woolworths Select specialist food products andmerchandise, and Woolworths Home Brand discount household goods and food products.New Zealand Supermarkets:Operating under the following brands, Woolworths, Countdown, Supervalue, Fresh Choice andFoodtown throughout New Zealand.Petrol:Woolworths operates over 550 petrol stations jointly with fuel retailer Caltex, co-branded asCaltex Woolworths and Caltex Safeway.BIG W:The company operates over 160 Big W discount department stores in Australia, retailers ofhardware, stationery, books, homewares, toys, sporting goods, clothing, recorded media,software, automotive goods, pet food and health & beauty products.Consumer Electronics:The Consumer Electronics business includes Dick Smith Electronics, Dick Smith ElectronicsPowerhouse and Tandy consumer electronics retail chains. These stores sell mobile and landphones, faxes, audio visual equipment, computers and peripherals, home electrical goods, tools
  2. 2. and accessories. This division also has a business venture in India with TATA, operating storesunder the Coma brand.Hotels:Through 75% owned subsidiary Australian Leisure & Hospitality Group, the company operatesover 280 licensed venues and gaming operations across Australia.Other:Woolworths operates online grocery store Greengrocer.com.au, as well as Statewide IndependentWholesalers, a grocery wholesale business based in Tasmania. The company also owns a 75%stake in hardware buying group and administrative services company Danks and has recentlypurchased Gunns retail division in Tasmania which included five hardware stores, one timberjoinery and one truss manufacturing plant.IBISWorld Company Profile ReportsCompany profile reports provide key information on the Top 2000 earning companies inAustralia. Reports include a written description of a company, its history, brands and products,contact details and key personnel, operating and legal structure, financial data, industries ofinvolvement and business service providers.This Company has Operations in the Following Industries:Supermarkets and Other Grocery Stores in AustraliaLiquor Retailing in AustraliaDepartment Stores in AustraliaRecorded Music Retailing in AustraliaComputer and Software Retailing in AustraliaDomestic Appliance Retailing in AustraliaHouseware Retailing in AustraliaHardware Retailing in AustraliaToy and Game Retailing in AustraliaPhotographic Equipment Retailing in AustraliaWatch and Jewellery Retailing in AustraliaAutomotive Fuel Retailing in AustraliaHotels and Resorts in AustraliaPubs, Taverns and Bars in AustraliaRestaurants in AustraliaCafes & Coffee Shops in AustraliaTelecommunications Resellers in AustraliaFinancial Asset Investors in AustraliaHorse and Sports Betting in AustraliaOnline Shopping in Australia
  3. 3. From basement to continentWoolworths started out in 1924 as a single basement store (known as Woolworths StupendousBargain Basement) in Sydney, and has grown to become the largest supermarket and retail chainin Australia. It is the 25th-largest retailer in the world and the third largest in the Asia Pacificregion, according to the Deloitte 2008 Global Powers of Retailing report.http://complaintreviews.com/department/retail/woolworths/complaints in WoolworthsThe first problems exist in the Woolworths in the customer servicesPoor Service from Woolworths OnlineI ordered a few things on the Woolworths online store for delivery today between 10am and1pm. I even phoned the online contact center this morning to confirm that it will be deliveredbetween 10 and 1! The help desk agent assured me that it will definetly be there before one,because I am leaving from work just after that time. She also said that the driver doing thedelivery will phone if he will be late. I AM STILL WAITING!!! This is poor service and to belied to is not something I particularly like very much! why should you choose between witchtimes and date you want your goods delivered if the do not keep to it anyway!Woolworth’s Accused Me of Theft and RobberyTo Whom it my concern, I was shopping at BIGW at Broadmeadows shopping center. My wife,two kids and my self deicided on buying a coffee machine and were trying to see which one wassuitabl for us when a female customer also came towards the item that we were intrested in.There was two machines and the price tag read origanal price $198.00 NOW $120.00 so I andthe Female customer took the Item to the registers to purchase them. The girl at the counterscaned my Item and it showed $198.00 , so I appoligised and told her that it was marked down to$120.00.Worst cashier I’ve ever experienced in WoolworthsI really love shopping at Woolworths but today this cashier I had was giving me an attitude thatI’ve never experienced else where! This is the Walmer Park, PE branch at the food section. Hername is Kim, she just started her shift and was being very rude I must say. She didn’t bother togreet, never mind mentioning smiling back at me. The way how she was scanning my food and
  4. 4. throwing to the side, giving me the look like I did something wrong and banged the pen on thesurface for me to sign. Very unfriendly person and I think the manager there should keep up withthe service Woolworths provide.Woolworths Employee – Problem with SupervisorI am working in Woolworths on checkout as a part time employee.I want to do complaint aboutone of my supervisor his name is KUMAR.Yesterday(31/10/11) he start yelling and abused mein front of my customer and colleagues.If you want check you can see on the cameras its around6.56pm.Its very shameful behavior by a supervisor,and its not a first time.I talk with anothermanagers about that but nothing changes.Before one of my colleague complaint about his rudebehavior before. He is friendly with some of employees and he never put them on full service.Poor Service at Woolworths in ChatsworthI purchased a dress for my daughter at Woolworths, Chatsworth on Saturday (10/09/2011). She’dtried in on and the bodice of the dress was too high up. I took the dress back about three hourslater. When I walked into the store, I noted a young woman sitting at the front of the store andapproached her to ask whether I could just take it in or whether there was a specific procedurefor returns. Very abruptly I was told “I’m off duty, go the the security guard” without theslightest bit off courtesy or politeness.http://www.leonardo.com.au/downloads/Case%20Studies/Leonardo-Woolworths-casestudy.pdf(The whole profile of the Woolworths)The sample of complaints of bad customer service representation of the Woolworthshttp://www.nocustomerservice.com/BROWSE/listcomments.asp?CompanyID=342I am convinced that the following factors are probable causes for the current declining servicelevels and increased customer complaints of my once proud Woolworths customer serviceexperience:Lack of retail / management training and development on store-levelThe solution is the training and developmenthttp://www.woolworths.com.au/wps/wcm/connect/Website/Woolworths/About+Us/Our+People/Training+and+Development/
  5. 5. bad customer service :http://www.hellopeter.com/woolworths/complaints/bad-customer-service-877641the video advewrtisement of Woolworthhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBlEgZGk6sw&playnext=1&list=PL996A6C1BD21EBC75&feature=results_maintraining and development :http://www.wowcareers.com.au/wowcareers/corporate/yourcareer/learninganddevelopment/training+programs.htmhttp://www.woolworthscrr09.reportonline.com.au/training_&_development.phpthe recommendations same same scenarios :The RecommendationsIf Woolworths was to:Reduce its carbon emissions by 10%, this would have the same effect as removing 9,772medium-sized petrol cars from the road for a year.Reduce its annual electricity consumption by 25%, this would save enough electricity topower 7,522 middle-income homes for 1 year.GCX recommends that Woolworths sets realistic annual targets to reduce its carbon emissions inalignment with its Good business journey goal to reduce relative carbon emissions by 30% by2012. Examples of such targets could be to:Reduce carbon emissions per employee by 10% annually;Reduce electricity consumption per m2 by 15% over 2 years;Reduce distribution emissions by 20% in 2 years.
  6. 6. Next are some recommendations made to assist in reducing emissions in order to meet thereduction targets.Due to the high proportion of emissions arising from electricity consumption, as well asthe significant operational cost of electricity, GCX recommends that Woolworths conducta full energy efficiency audit as part of its emissions-reduction strategy starting with apilot audit of the head office and a distribution centre. The next step would be to addressWoolworths’ stores.Implement systems that will allow for benchmarking and comparing stores/divisionswithin the Woolworths group so that next year’s report becomes a useful managementreporting tool for the company.Switch to ozone-friendly coolant gas for refrigeration and air-conditioning;Introduce an incentivised employee travel plan with benchmarks and targets;Make use of teleconferencing instead of business travel wherever possible;Roll out the use of bio-diesel made from recycled cooking oil across the fleet nationwide.Consider the implementation of a dynamic management system dedicated to themonitoring of CO2emissions within the organisation.The problems in Woolworths is the high turnover rate of employeeshttp://www.123helpme.com/view.asp?id=47453HR planning practice on the turnover employees rise ,The recommendations to reduce high employees turnover rate is the following link :http://www.bizcommunity.com/Article/196/534/73643.htmlandhttp://ivythesis.typepad.com/term_paper_topics/2012/08/thesis-chapter-5-on--1.html
  7. 7. Recommendations towards the customer representative service :http://sbinfocanada.about.com/od/customerservice/a/custservrules.htm or it can be also thesolution sof the problem of the customer service yaAAAAAAAAAAAAA BA