Target Audience Feedback


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Target Audience Feedback

  1. 1. How did you attract/ address your target audience? By Ellis Parkinson
  2. 2. The Story * Our story is about a young girl and a young women so the story from the beginning is appealing to the younger generation as people on the whole tend to be attracted to a film about people there age as it is a lot easier to relate to them and talk about the film as they understand the film more so that was a key step that we took to attract our target audience.
  3. 3. Camera angles -* We used very simple camera angles but complicated enough to make the film look as good as it can but simple so that a younger target audience can keep up with the story.
  4. 4. Mise-En-Scene * We use a Mise-en-scene to help to attract the target audience as this is important for a younger aged audience. We used things like younger clothes i. e. the hooded jumper and the short denim shorts etc.
  5. 5. Music -* We believe that the music that we are using may not quite appeal to the target audience but we think that it is very appropriate for our film as it is important for us to know that we are setting a certain mood during our film and this is important to our film.
  6. 6. Audience Feedback ° As well as the audio podcast also in my blog iv taken some comments from the social networking site Facebook to show what members of my target audience thought. ' as you can see from the comments a lot of people really liked our film and make very positive comments about the way we hide the characters and the music that we used and we are very happy about this because we were worried that our music wasn't appropriate for our film but in the end people seemed to like it which is good. Caroline Buss oh haha ummmm I agree with katie but also the fact that its kinda intense yanol? like you can't stop watching. the voice draws ya in and the secrecy of chrysta makes you intrigued to know more : ) 3 hours ago - Like Gabriel Wolfgang‘ Cleeson Nice man! The music creates a real intensity. part 2? ; P 2 hours ago - Like