Google Crawler and Search Engines

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How Google Crawling done , seo and sem

How Google Crawling done , seo and sem

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  • 1. Rajdeep S. Shaktawat – Mtech CSE
  • 2. Generation of Internet  Web 1.0 – A read only system  Web 2.0 – Users Posted content Ex Facebook, Blogging  Web 3.0 – Smart Database Used by Amazon , LastFm  Characteristics of web 3.0  Semantic web  Media Centric web
  • 3. What is SEO and SEM  Search Engine marketing : SEM is all that a company can do to advertise itself on a search engine, including paid inclusion and other ads  Search Engine optimization : Process of improving the visibility of a website or a webpage in search engines via the "natural," or un-paid
  • 4. Google Search Work – Crawling , Indexing and Ranking  What is a web Crawler?  Page Rank one of first factor out of 200 factors google consider for showing result in organic search result
  • 5. Keyword Density and Indexing  Keyword Density is defined as ratio of keyword        occuring in document by total words in document 7-10 % K.D make Keyword. How Indexing is done A Unique no is provided to each web page on website Keyword : Temperature Sensors Temperature occuring on pages 1, 5, 10. Sensors on 1,10,15 No 10 page will be displayed on this keyword
  • 6. GooGle Crawling in 2000  Pages with High Page Rank are Crawled More  Crawling Indexing takes a month per website  Data refresh in not reflected in search engine for weeks.  Oragnic search results are affected
  • 7. GooGle Changes Search Scenerio in 2003 Web Web Web Web Part 1 Part 2 part 3
  • 8. How Search Works  First Google use web spiders to index the pages.  Keyword is put in web search.  Pages are return that contain the Keyword, Which are many in no.  Google searches many factors for ranking these pages and return this result to user.  Google Algorithm Panda and Penguin to penalize spam sites
  • 9. Why bother with search Engines  81% of Internet consumers find web sites via search engines & directories.  Top 30 results receive over 90% of search traffic.  If your site is not in the Top 30, it most likely won’t be found.
  • 10. Example of Unique Visits on website
  • 11. Conclusion  SEO serves as the best way to be at the top position of search engines.  More visitors more traffic increase the value of website which in return increases the sales of company.
  • 12. Thank you …..  Any Questions ??????