Mine Signal, Warning and Communication System.


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Mine Signal, Warning and Communication System.
Mohammad Mahtab Uddin
Dept. of Mining Engineering
JNTU college of engineering
Trained By MGMCL,Institution
of Engineers, India. Bogra Polytechnic Institute,Bangladesh.

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Mine Signal, Warning and Communication System.

  1. 1. Roof fallLimited space Water flow Complicity Darkness Gas outburst Thermal complicity
  2. 2.  Stench gas Audible or visual alarms Pager phone Telephones and Messengers
  3. 3. (500BC) Visual signals (19th Century) Audio signals (Present)Advanced electrical/electronic signal
  4. 4.  Bucket positioning in shaft To keep working steps cyclic Surviving from accident To protect roof fall To protect mine fire For safe shunting work For repairing and conservation of road For Locomotive routing signal
  5. 5.  Cage shaft Skip shaft Mine car Rail track signal (changing) Conveyor belt signal Fire signal and Shield movement signal
  6. 6. General types of signalCommon signal Emergency signal
  7. 7. Types of Technical signal According According toAccording to to According to Their function their specific operation location process
  8. 8.  Shaft signaling Train signal Mine fire signal Roof movement signal Signal interconnection Two way communication
  9. 9. Shaftsignaling
  10. 10. Windinghouse signal box S Surface inset signal box V L signal box S L signal box PL signal box
  11. 11. One way communicationTwo way communication
  12. 12. Primary BaseSecondary Base Station Station Overland Link Mine Shafts Leaky Feeder
  13. 13.  Node/antenna/Leaky Radio Base station Primary escape way Alternate escape way
  14. 14. Node / Antenna
  15. 15. Two way mesh System If a node fails the system reconfigures itself and determines a new route
  16. 16. Mesh System Problem A power supply and/ or battery backup required at each node Power Source
  17. 17. Miner 1 TransmittingCoupled Moe Leaky Feeder Functions as a powerRadiating Mode line, communications Miner 2 link, and a distributed Receiving antenna