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             I like to be an IT professional and working in the nation...
Professional Qualification (Diplomas / Certifications / Vendor Certifications, etc) :

                      COURSE NAME  ...
Scripting/ Web Design:

                   VB Script
                   Java Script
                   HTML
Birth             VB 6, MS SQL,       The software has been developed for Dhaka
Registration      Crystal Report.     City...
Seals               Visual Basic, MS   Store the products details, client details,
         Management          Access, Cr...
•   Travelling

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                •  Mr. Q. A. F. M. Serajul Islam
                  Managing Director
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  1. 1. Abu Nasar Mohammad Shakawath Hossain Objective: I like to be an IT professional and working in the national, international or multinational organization where hard working, strict discipline and creativity are the earner stone of success. Experience Organization Duration Designation Responsibility Pioneer Insurance July 2009 to Deputy Manager Managing IT Company Ltd. Till Date (IT) Department. Ph: 9557674-5 Pioneer Insurance July 2008 to Assistant Manager Managing IT Company Ltd. June 2009 (IT) Department. Ph: 9557674-5 Pioneer Insurance June 2006 to Senior Executive Managing IT Company Ltd. June 2008. Officer (IT) Department. Ph: 9557674-5 Beximco Systems Ltd. June 2005 to Faculty Conducting (NIIT) June 2006 Programming classes like 15A, Dhanmondi R/A. VB.Net, VC#, XML, Java. Ph: 8611891, 8618220 August 2004 to Analyst Developing Desktop base Xion Valley June 2005 Programmer software using VB MS Old Elephant Road. SQL / MS Access, Crystal Ph: 9667090 Report. April 2002 to Teacher & Network Teaching MS Word, Ava Advanced Educare August 2003 Administrator Excel, MS Paint. And Agargaon, Taltola also responsible for (PC) Ph: 9123867 network management. Educational Qualification: DEGREE SCHOOL/COLLEGE PASSING MAJOR SUBJECT YEAR B.Sc London Metropolitan University, Computing and UK. 2007 Information System (C.I.S) H.S.C. Govt. Science College 1996 Science S.S.C. West End High School 1994 Science Page 1 of 7
  2. 2. Professional Qualification (Diplomas / Certifications / Vendor Certifications, etc) : COURSE NAME NAME OF INSTITUTE PASSING YEAR NIIT 2003 DNIIT IADCS NCC Education 2004 Business Management Bangladesh Institute of Management Enrolling. (BM) (BIM) Award: Higher Achiever on IADCS in 2004 Membership: JPGroup : This is a platform for java programmers to help each other and to help promote Java as language, as a technology, as a platform and as a tool for providing enterprise solutions. Discussions regarding Java and related technologies (like object oriented analysis design, open source projects, XML, software engineering process, software quality assurance testing, new technologies tools) are most welcome. SQA Bangladesh: SQA Bangladesh (SQABD) is a user group that is determined to improve the Software Industry in Bangladesh. It is not just about Software Quality Assurance and Testing. Our goal is to Build Better Software. We discuss interesting topics, issues and experiences on development, testing, process, automation, planning, productizing and more. Database Application Known: ♦ Microsoft Access ♦ Microsoft SQL Server ♦ Oracle 9i Operating Systems Known:  Windows 98  Windows NT  Windows XP  Windows 2000  Linux Programming Languages Known:  C++  Java  Visual Basic 6.0 (Desktop & Distributed)  Visual Basic.Net  C# Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. Scripting/ Web Design:  VB Script  Java Script  HTML  ASP  ASP.Net Software Engineering:  Programming Approaches and Techniques.  Unified Modelling Language  Analysing Requirements and Defining Solutions Architecture.  Software Engineering Method and Management  Object- Oriented Analysis and Design. Information Search and Analysis Skills: ♦ “Microsoft Corporation was among the first PC Software companies, and remains one vision of the most successful survivors from the earliest directions and trends days of desktop computing.”— Meeting the Network. ♦ “It has been said that computer power cannot be fully exploited due to the ‘inefficient’ and ‘poor’ interfaces between man and machine. Consider the various input/output interfaces/devices with a computer, and comparatively evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. – Scanners. ♦ “Earlier their were numerous languages to deal with. However, since the advent of C, there has been a major drift towards C. Further, with the growing awareness of object-oriented concepts, the emphasis shifted t C++. The further development has been the advent of Visual C++. This growth has to be studied from root-causes through the identification of various products, parameters, concepts, etc.” – Is there or isn’t there a direct relationship between C and C++. ♦ “In the industrial age ‘component’ – prefabricated parts – that the system developer could string together to meet application requirements, played an important role in manufacturing. This strategy offers a synergistic initiative in which the ‘whole is much greater than the sum of its parts’. Obviously the software process would also benefit it such a ‘component’ orientation could be incorporated into it.” -- Windows DNA 2000. Projects: Project Technology Activity Name Used DB Admin VB 6, MS SQL The application is used to perform administrative job on Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Human VB 6, MS SQL, Software for Human Resource department to Resource Crystal Report. keep track employees details, their working Management & area, increments/ promotion details. Also Payroll able to generate salary according to their attendance. Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. Birth VB 6, MS SQL, The software has been developed for Dhaka Registration Crystal Report. City Corporation for their birth registration Management process. Is used for keep track the System registration details, generated reports required by management as well. General VB 6, MS SQL, This application is used for issuing general Insurance Crystal Report. insurance cover note, policy, proposal. Also Application generate premium collection report, Deposit premium & other managerial reports. Online Shopping Java, MS SQL Customers are allowed purchase online by their Credit card. (No card validity is cheeked here). Online Query MySQL, HTML, Customers query about their Bill, FAQ. Also System CGI (C++) can update their Details. Banking System VB, MS SQL Customer’s can make transaction, transactions are allowed against a valid customer as well as customer’s balance. Chequebooks are generated to a valid customer. They can drop their query, can stop payment against a cheque no. Tourism Visual Basic, MS Manage the tour schedule, launching a new Management SQL, Java Script, tour, Hotel reservation, Client Details System with ASP, Flash, (Members/ non members), Create new Web Site HTML members. Give discount for members. Personal Visual Basic, MS Managing personal accounts information like Account Control Access, Crystal debit, credit. Generating report of his/her Report accounts transaction & balance of a particular account. Ticket Visual Basic, MS It keeps the details of transport, driver, Reservation Access, Crystal steward, and passengers. Can allocate System. Report. transport, drivers, and steward for a specific time. Also record the cost of a trip (transport’s Service Charge, fuel, food & water, driver & steward salary etc). Generate report against a transport, root, monthly, weekly, daily transaction. Online Banking Java, MS SQL, Updating client information, showing their Client HTML, Java transaction details, stop payment of a Information Script, ASP, particular cheque no, view the balance, a new System Crystal Report. account can create by the system (Network enable). Blood Donor Visual Basic, MS List of all the donor’s details, generating Management Access, Crystal report of possible donors, valuable donors, System Report. percentage of donors by sex, blood group, age, and marital status. Also generate a thanks and notification latter to a donor. Real Estate Visual Basic, MS Selling apartment to the client according to Management Access, Crystal the project. Apartment price vary on the System Report. floor. Keeps the record of client, booking information, instalment payment, project, and apartment details. Generating report of payment, booking in monthly, weekly, daily and graphically. Project & instalment also reported. Instalment Defaulter information also reported by the system. Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. Seals Visual Basic, MS Store the products details, client details, Management Access, Crystal purchase price and selling information. It’ll System Report. not store all the clients’ details, particular clients details are stored. Several products can be sold in an invoice. Also able to provide quotation. Manage the stock. Generate report of profit/loss in daily, weekly, monthly basis. Report on daily, monthly transaction against an invoice no, a product, a client and between dates. Medical Report Visual Basic, MS Several patients came on pathology for their Application Access, Crystal treatment. Along with the patient details Report. their pathological test report information with their specimen also recorded. So for the next time the patient need not to take him/her previous report. Pathological test’s categories are also need to store in the system with their normal value. Also record the referred doctors information. Buying House Visual Basic, MS Record buyers, products, trim and bank management Access, Crystal details. Track about enquiry, quotation, and System Report. approval, LC, Back to Back to Back LC information. Realization also recorded. Provide the report of enquiry (Specific dates, graphical), Approval (Quotation and buyer basis, graphical), LC and Realization basis. SMS Visual Basic, MS Can retrieve SMS from a mobile, Access, Crystal automatically Response For a SMS (can reply Report. automatically). Scheduler Visual Basic, MS Basically this is for marketing executives. Access, Crystal Always they have many schedules with Report. several clients. This system informs him/her to the time by voice reminder. It loaded in System Tray and automatically popup in time. FormShape Visual Basic DLL Used for Form Shape Changing. By this dll File file any VB programmer can shape their form on Oval and Rounded Border shape, make a hole middle in the form and transparent, can animated the form during form load & unload, blinking their form’s title bar. Student Visual Basic.Net It’ll help the management people to track the Management and MS SQL. students details (tuition fees, examination System results, and any other fees.) Sales Visual Basic.Net On going project. Management and MS SQL Systems Interests: • Developing Software • Internet browsing • Reading Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. • Travelling Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. Reference: • Mr. Q. A. F. M. Serajul Islam Managing Director Pioneer Insurance Company Ltd. Ph: 9557674 • Mr. Md. Kabiruzzaman Chief Operating Officer BEXIMCO Systems Ltd. Ph: 8611891, 8618220 Ext. 4320 Personal Information: Father Name : Mohammad Shahajahan. Mother Name :Zikra Jahanara Begum. Present Address :House # 27, Road # 9/E, Block # E, Dolipara, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Permanent Address :50, Nilember Shaha Road, Po.- New Market, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh. Date of Birth :14th May, 1979. E-mail: shakawath@gmail.com; Contact No: (+88) 01817-035312. _____________________________________ Abu Nasar Mohammad Shakawath Hossain. Page 7 of 7