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Insight and opportunities shakil ahmed


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  • 1. Sigh. I know.
  • 2. Todd Anderson took that photo.Caught your attention, didn’t it?
  • 3. Otherwise, why would you still be here?
  • 4. Well, a few days back…
  • 5. …this photo did the same for me.
  • 6. Who was she? Why was she here? What is the meaning of life?
  • 7. This was a picture at the Mr. Baker – Cake and Pastry Shop at Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • 8. It took up one whole wall.
  • 9. It scarred me.
  • 10. Forever.
  • 11. Heh, but I guess it served theirpurpose. After all, shocking events are imprinted in your memory.
  • 12. I associate Mr. Baker with that picture.
  • 13. So, what is this presentation about?
  • 14. Now, this is a story all about howMy life got flipped-turned upside down
  • 15. Well, it really isn’t…but hey, at least,I flipped when I spotted these disco lights at…..
  • 16. ….the Movenpik Ice Cream pad.
  • 17. The shop of three colours.
  • 18. Red, white and black. Even the ice cream dudes were into it.
  • 19. A television in the background? A common sight.
  • 20. Yup, TV at the Li Hua Laundry Shop – with a can of Schweppes. Always.
  • 21. Li Hua?? In Dhaka, Bangladesh?
  • 22. Behold! The Li Hua Dynasty….
  • 23. …in 1964, Mr. Li set up a laundry shop.
  • 24. In 2012, it’s still here!
  • 25. Oh. Dry cleaners, to be moreexact. But check out the font…
  • 26. There is aStereotypicalChinese feel to theLi Hua title.
  • 27. Speaking of stereotypes….
  • 28. Here’s an insight: Stores withoutsecurity guards put their cashiersright at the entrance. Stores withsecurity guards put their cashiers NOT at the entrance.
  • 29. Mr. Baker has a security guard.Cashier far away from the door.
  • 30. Cashier at the Dedar Super Shop, grocery store is right at the entrance. There was NO security guard.
  • 31. But they have IMPULSE items! Omigosh, I need some mint and shaving blades. Buy, buy, buy! Thanks, impluse items, for saving the day!
  • 32. Product placement is not this grocery store’s forte.
  • 33. Of course, products are categorized according to function, but brands don’t seem to stand out, unless….
  • 34. …it’s pet food.
  • 35. What if I wanted something fromthe top? Especially, those cardboard boxes? (optimizingspace2012)
  • 36. …or the security camera. Anothersubstitute for the security guard.
  • 37. Red Bull, however, tries valiantly to stand out at Mr. Baker….
  • 38. …or not. The ceiling, based onIslamic architecture stands out though…
  • 39. …so do the shoes lit up at shoe- shop Gallerie Apex.
  • 40. …or lit-up ice cream, back at Movenpick...
  • 41. …or lit-up cake at Mr. Baker….
  • 42. ...or a lit-up mosquito trap at Mr. Baker, again! Hey, you gotta take care of those bloodsucking mosquitoes….
  • 43. ….and what about those blood- sucking pirates? Well, ain’t reallyblood-sucking for consumer – DVDs come here cheap!
  • 44. …but speaking of cheapness, here’s my last INSIGHT: The cheaper or more shabby-looking the store, the more concerned they are withphotos being taken. A pharmacy anda general store didn’t let me do this.
  • 45. ….but nonetheless, thanks to all the stores who took part in this. Giveyourselves a big round of applause. Sigh.