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Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
Surah naba   surah fajr
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Surah naba surah fajr


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  • 1. SURAH an nabaa<br />
  • 2. Ruku No 1:<br /><ul><li>Everything in this universe serves a purpose ---- Human’s life is also not purpose less.
  • 3. Day of Accountability will surely come.
  • 4. Sleep is a great gift.
  • 5. The Hell is surely an ambush.
  • 6. حَمِيۡمًا وَّغَسَّاقًا ---- Food and drink for people in Hell Fire.
  • 7. Acomplete record of sayings and doings, movements and occupations, even intentions, thoughts and aims in life.
  • 8. Eternity of Hell ---- Punishment will not lessen neither one will be used to it.</li></ul>ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 9. Ruku No 2:<br /><ul><li>Blessings of Paradise --- For God fearing (Triumph)
  • 10. Islamic concept of Intercession.
  • 11. A person leading a careful and responsible life due to fear of accountability.
  • 12. A person whom closes his eyes from reality which will be coming and live for pleasure of this life.
  • 13. Who we want to be?
  • 14. The disbeliever will say: “O Would that I had become dust” ---- regretful wish</li></ul>ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 15. SURAH AN NAZI’AAT<br />ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 16. Ruku No 1:<br /><ul><li>Oath has been sworn by five qualities of Angels to affirm that the Resurrection is a certainty.
  • 17. The angels are subordinate to Divine Will and they conduct the affairs of the universe strictly and precisely without any negligence or delay in the execution of His Command. 
  • 18. Rebel of Pharaoh ---- Arrogance, exceeding all limits of transgression
  • 19. Advice to talk softly and wisely with Pharaoh in persuasive manner ---- After gently talk through admonition and then imbued with fear.
  • 20. لَعِبۡرَةً --- Great Lesson
  • 21. Fear of Accountability ---- Consequence of disobedience.</li></ul>ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 22. Ruku No 2:<br /><ul><li>The elaborate planning of this universe --- Few examples
  • 23. Special marks of the inmates of Hell --- One who had rebelled and preferred the worldly life.
  • 24. Special marks of the inmates of Paradise --- Feared to stand before their Lord and restrained himself from evil desires.
  • 25. The timing of the Last Hour.</li></ul>ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 26. SURAH Abasa<br />ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 27. Ruku No 1:<br /><ul><li>Circumstances of Revelation ---- Abdullah Ibn Umm Maktum
  • 28. An important principle of teaching and preaching --- Education of Muslims and their reform takes priority over getting the Non Muslim to embrace the Faith.
  • 29. Admonition and advice are only beneficial to those who listen and pay heed --- Teach and preach everybody but special attention to those who want to listen.
  • 30. Quran is great Divine blessing --- Reminder ---- Memorize it, recite it, act upon it, ponder on it and spread it.</li></ul>ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 31. <ul><li>Blessings of Allah(SWT) on Human being.
  • 32. Human being is helpless under Allah’s command starting from his creation till death.
  • 33. Effect of rain on earth ---- Cleaving of seedling ---- Various kinds of vegetation and plants.
  • 34. On the Day when each man shall flee from his relatives.</li></ul>ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 35. SURAH at takwir<br />
  • 36. <ul><li>Scene of the great upheaval in the Universe ---- Scene of Qiyamah --- Takwir, Infitar and Inshiqaq(Hadith)
  • 37. Takwir means to fold up ---- On the Resurrection Day the turban will be folded up about the sun and its radiation will fade.
  • 38. Pre Islamic tradition of Arabian society --- Girls buried alive --- Modern Infanticide
  • 39. Attribute of Gabriel(AS)
  • 40. Quran is an Admonition for all mankind, only such a person can benefit by it, who is himself desirous of adopting piety and righteousness. A seeker after truth and a lover of right is the foremost condition of his gaining any benefit from it.</li></ul>ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 41. SURAH al infitar<br />ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 42. <ul><li>Scene of the great upheaval in the Universe ---- Scene of Qiyamah
  • 43. Whatever good and evil deeds a man did in his life is “ma qaddamat” and whatever effects and influences of his acts he left behind for human society is “ma akhkharat”.
  • 44. How man deceived himself about His Lord ---- Allah is generous and forgiving
  • 45. Allah’s blessing on Human beings ---- Gratitude
  • 46. Main reason of sins and fearlessness ---- Denial of Here after
  • 47. Noble recorders are guardians watching over us, who know all that we do and say.</li></ul>ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 48. SURAH al mutaffifin<br />ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 49. <ul><li>Mutaffifin is derived from tatfif ---- curtailers --- Those who give short measure or weight.
  • 50. Faulty intentions ---- Take full measure but give others short
  • 51. The people of the Prophet Shu`aib were punished for the reason that the evil of giving short measure and weight.
  • 52. Giving short measure in rights and responsibilities.
  • 53. Main reason of moral corruption is lack of wariness for Akhirah
  • 54. سِجِّيۡنٌؕ ---- عِلِّيِّيۡنَؕ----- Place for Records of deeds/ Register ---- Destination of souls
  • 55. When a servant commits a sin, it marks a black stain on his heart.
  • 56. Instead of competing for material perishable blessings of this world compete for blessings of Paradise.
  • 57. Attitude of followers of falsehood towards the upholders of truth -- Mocking and laughing</li></ul>ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 58. SURAH al inshiqaq<br />ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 59. <ul><li>Stretching of Earth and splitting up of sky.
  • 60. Working hard, suffering hardships and slowly Human being is traveling towards his death to meet his Lord ---- Working for one desire after another
  • 61. Easy accounting for those who will get their Book in their right hand.
  • 62. Getting the record behind the back or in their left hand ---- Blazing fire and call for death
  • 63. Reason --- lived a life free from every care and worry and helped his children and kinsfolk also to enjoy life fully, how he had to usurp the rights of others and transgress the bounds set by Allah for the sake of the worldly pleasures. 
  • 64. Human Life ---- gradual movement from one stage to another
  • 65. Prostrating due to Recitation of Quran ---- Sadjdah Tilawat</li></ul>ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 66. SURAH al buruj<br />ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 67. <ul><li>اَصۡحٰبُ الۡاُخۡدُوۡدِۙ‏ ------- Courage and power of Faith.
  • 68. Patience of Believers and their trials.
  • 69. Punishment of Hell and Punishment of burning for those who torment believing men and women.
  • 70. Allah’s unique Attributes --- الۡغَفُوۡرُ ---- الۡوَدُوۡدُۙ ---- ذُو الۡعَرۡشِ ---- الۡمَجِيۡدُ ۙ‏ ---- the Executor of what He wills
  • 71. The writ of the Qur'an is unchangeable and imperishable. </li></ul>ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 72. SURAH al tariq<br />ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 73. <ul><li>الطَّارِقِۙ ------ Night visitor, stars, path
  • 74. A Guardian": Allah Almighty Himself, Who is looking after and watching over every creature, big or small, in the earth and heavens
  • 75. The procreative fluid in both man and woman is discharged from that part of the body which is between the back bone and the breast bone.
  • 76. On the Resurrection Day not only will the acts and deeds of every person be examined but his motive and intention and object of so acting will be examined too.
  • 77. Quran is surely a decisive Word ---- It is a book which describes the stories of the past communities and it contains injunctions for the future generation. Decide between Truth and Falsehood.</li></ul>ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 78. SURAH al a’ala<br />ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 79. <ul><li>Pronounce the purity of our Most Exalted Lord ---- Tasbeehat, Remembrance of Allah --- 99 Attributes of Allah(SWT) --- Tasbeeh of Sujood
  • 80. The Perfection of God’s creation ---- Subtle and profound wisdom in creation of this universe.
  • 81. Everything has a special purpose --- Allah guided everything how to perform and given them suitable nature to function for which it was created --- Destiny
  • 82. Allah’s promise to ease us to follow the way of Ease --- A Life characterized by Ease ---Allah has given us a simple code of law, which is easy to practice and act upon.</li></ul>ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 83. <ul><li>Admonish people, continue preaching and never abandoned it.
  • 84. One who has fear of God and of evil consequences, will consider whether or not he is following a wrong way, and he only will heed the admonition.
  • 85. Behavior of those who will prosper ---- 1) Purifies themselves ( Tazkiyah of Faith, wealth and character) 2) Establish prayers --- Remembrance of Allah
  • 86. Preferring the worldly blessings and comforts over the Hereafter is the main disease.</li></ul>ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 87. SURAH al ghashiya<br />ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 88. <ul><li>الۡغَاشِيَةِؕ‏ ---The over-shadowing/over whelming calamity
  • 89. Description of the faces on The day of Resurrection ---- fearful and down, radiant with joy
  • 90. Food and drink of Hell Fire --- ‌غسلین ، حمیم, زقوم ، ضریع
  • 91. Blessings of Paradise --- Decorations ---- No absurd and vain talk
  • 92. Miracle of Camel ---- Storage of Water(7 to 8 days), folding its legs in three fold, two knees, laborious, accustomed of walking the whole night
  • 93. Signs of Allah(SWT) ---- Heavens and Earth and Mountains
  • 94. Responsibility of a Da’ee ---- To deliver The message.
  • 95. Allah is the one who is The Reckoner, who will account us.</li></ul>ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 96. SURAH al fajr<br />ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 97. <ul><li>Importance of Fajr ---- When the light from the darkness of the night
  • 98. وَّالشَّفۡعِ وَالۡوَتۡرِۙ‏ ----- Even and Odd ---- Every ten days of a month and shapes of moon
  • 99. The balanced and harmonized system of this universe created by Allah(SWT) for the benefits of Mankind.
  • 100. Ad, Thamud and Pharaoh ---- Resourceful and equipped with latest technology, super powers of their time but when they spread corruption in the world, Allah destroys them.
  • 101. The general moral state of the people ---- Man's materialistic view of life, he regards the wealth and position and power of this world alone as everything.
  • 102. Adversity and prosperity both are trials --- Human behavior at both times
  • 103. Four evil deeds which leads to corruption in the world --- 1) not treating the orphan honorably 2) do not even urge one another to feed the poor 3) greedily devour the entire inheritance 4) Excessive love of wealth</li></ul>ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />
  • 104. <ul><li>Scene of The Day of Judgment --- despondency of Humans
  • 105. النَّفۡسُ الۡمُطۡمَٮِٕنَّةُ ------ Last 4 Ayahs(Memorize) ---- Courteousness towards the soul who will be peaceful and satisfied(serene soul)
  • 106. Types of Souls and How can we become serene soul?
  • 107. By adopted the Islamic Way of Life with full satisfaction of the heart, and without the least doubt about it. Withheld ourselves from whatever is forbidden by Allah's Religion, not unwillingly but with perfect conviction that it was really an evil thing, offer sacrifice required for the sake of the truth. Endured with full peace of mind whatever difficulties, troubles and hardships we met on this way and felt no remorse on being deprived of the gains and benefits and pleasures in the world.</li></ul>ICNA Sisters' Wing<br />