Surah az zariyat
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Surah az zariyat






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    Surah az zariyat Surah az zariyat Presentation Transcript

    • SURAH azzariyat
    • Ruku No 1:
      • Swearing by different types of winds -- If all these different types of winds are serving special
      purposes than Human being for whom this universe is created cannot be created meaningless/ useless.
      • Rejection of Here after is baseless and just conjecture and speculation.
      • They will be heated on Fire ---- Hell fire /BBQ
      • Hastening for punishment ---- Foolishness and enmity with themselves
      • Characteristics of Mohsineen ---- Sleep little at night and in the hours before dawn used to pray for forgiveness and in their wealth there is aright for those who asks and those who are deprived.
      • Allah’s sign on Earth and in Mankind.
      • The provision/ sustenance for every one is destined.
      ICNA Sisters' Wing
    • Ruku No 2:
      • Ibrahim(AS) --- Entertaining guests
      • Allah will certainly reward His servant, who did full justice to the rights of His worship in the world, in the Hereafter handsomely, but even In this world he rewarded him well by giving him children at an age when according to the common physical laws he couldn’t.
      • People of Lot --- Criminals, wicked people -- Going beyond limits -- Shower of marked clay stones.
      • Story of Musa(AS) and pharaoh ---- Punishment, He became an object of much blame.
      • People od Ad --- Dry , hot wind which reduce them to rubble.
      • People of Thamud --- Respite than a suddencalamity that strikes like a thunderbolt
      • People of Nuh ---- Fasiqeen
      ICNA Sisters' Wing
    • Ruku No 3:
      • Extension and expansion of Heavens and spreading out of Earth ---- scientific fact.
      • Everything in the world has been created on the principle of the pairs --- complementary
      • فَفِرُّوۡۤا اِلَى اللّٰهِ‌ؕ ---- Flee to Allah --- Take refuge from Satan and own Nafs Amaara
      • Two primers for a Daee ---- 1): No responsibility after presenting message of Truth clearly before a person with rational arguments. 2): Work of admonition and Tazkeer will be on going and it will benefit those who believe and take heed, their search is the main target.
      • Comprehensive meaning of Ibadat ---- praising and glorifying Allah, obedience and carrying out of the orders of Allah alone, fear of Him alone and to supplicate only Allah for help .
      ICNA Sisters' Wing