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  1. 1. SportsCricket Cricket is followed by Dubais large community ofIndians and Pakistanis alongside the residents from othercricket playing nations (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, England,Australia and South Africa). In 2005, the InternationalCricket Council (ICC) moved its headquarters fromLondon to Dubai. The city has hosted several Pakistanmatches and two new grass grounds are beingdeveloped in Dubai Sports City
  2. 2. Sala Principal
  3. 3. El Acuario
  4. 4. Tubos para desplazarse por el acuario
  5. 5. Pista de patinaje olímpico…
  6. 6. Pantallas gigante…
  7. 7. Boutiques del centro comercial
  8. 8. United Arab Emirates Currency: UAE Dirham (AED) Languages: Arabic Capital: Abu Dhabi Largest city: Dubai Religion: Mostly Islam/Muslim Type of government: Federation of sevenemirates with one advisory body. Area : 67,340 square kilometres Exchange rate: 1 UAE dirham = 0.2105 euros
  9. 9. The World
  10. 10. Fuentes de Dubai
  11. 11. Rotating Tower
  12. 12. Edificio Donut
  13. 13. DUBAI
  14. 14. Politics Politics of the United Arab Emirates takes place ina framework of a federal, presidential, electedmonarchy. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is afederation of seven constitutional monarchies: theEmirates of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Rasal-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Qaiwain. The ruler of Abu Dhabi is President of the UnitedArab Emirates, the head of state, and the ruler ofDubai is the Prime Minister of the United ArabEmirates, the head of government.Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan
  15. 15. The Dubai Tower “BurjDubai tallest building inThe World
  16. 16. Culture – Dress Code There are legal guidelines as to what is not acceptable.Dress codes for Women1. Public places the dress code applies to includes malls,markets, cinemas, on the street, on the road in yourcar, super markets, public areas of hotels etc.2. You can wear what you want in your home.3. Round pools or at the beach bikinis or swimsuits must beworn- topless bathing is not allowed.Dress codes for Men1. Bare chests are not allowed in public2. Shorts should be to the knee3. Swimwear should not be worn awayfrom a pool or beachAcceptabledress in UAE
  17. 17. ”Heritage villageThe Traditional way of life inthe Emirate of Dubai
  18. 18. Religion
  19. 19. TheDubai Tower “Burj Dubaitallest building in The World
  20. 20. The oldest existing building inDubai
  21. 21. Atlantis Dubai
  22. 22. The cool water park ever!
  23. 23. When you want shopping youshould think of Dubai
  24. 24. Food1. Stuffed Camel - It is also mentioned in Guiness Book ofWorld Records as one of the biggest dishes served inthis world.2. Al Harees - Al Harees is a famous dish of UAE withhighly exotic taste.3. Shawarma - It can be made with lamb or chicken.Different restaurants serve this dish in different manner4. Al Machboos - Important ingredients are rice, meat,onion and dried lemon (Loomy).5. Hummus - It is not actually a dish, rather it is a famousdip made from chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, tahinipaste, salt and garlic.
  25. 25. Dubai MarinaThis is one of the big projects going down at the moment. I think there are40 odd towers being built side by side, with another 40 on the other side ofthe main road you see there. Everything on a massive scale.Dubai MarinaThis is one of the big projects going down at the moment.There are 40 odd towers being built side by side, with another40 on the other side of the main road you see there. Everythingon a massive scale.
  26. 26. Wafi Shopping Centre, Dubai
  27. 27. Lamcy Shoping Center Dubai
  28. 28. Gold Market Dubai
  29. 29. Dubai, Wild Wadi Water Park, Beach and Jumeirah Hotel
  30. 30. Dubai Airport
  31. 31. Snow Skiing inside a Shopping Center
  32. 32. Burj Al Arab Dubai
  33. 33. Dubai Burj Al Arab Inside