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How to Stay Focused and Healthy as a Blogger
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How to Stay Focused and Healthy as a Blogger


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A presentation by Shai Coggins & Jeanne Dupuis at the b5media blogger summit, BlogWorldExpo 2008.

A presentation by Shai Coggins & Jeanne Dupuis at the b5media blogger summit, BlogWorldExpo 2008.

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  • 1. Slideshow: © Shai Coggins – b5media Blogger Summit 19 September `08 BlogWorld Expo 2008 Las Vegas
  • 2.  
  • 3. Presenters: Shai Coggins & Jeanne Dupuis How to Stay Focused and Healthy as a Blogger
  • 4.  
  • 5. Keep Your Eye on the Target (“Goal Setting”)
    • To stay focused, it’s important to know what you’re aiming for.
    • Setting goals will help us to have a clear vision of your targets.
    • To get what you want, you must first identify them.
  • 6. 5 Goal-Setting Questions for Bloggers
    • 1. Why Do You Blog?
    • Identify your REASON for blogging.
    • Goals to Set: Personal needs as a blogger
    • Sample Goal: “To improve, and to share my photography with friends and potential clients.”
    • 2. What Do You Want From Blogging?
    • Identify your EXPECTATIONS from blogging.
    • Goals to Set: Specific results
    • Sample Goal: “To get a freelance job as a children’s portrait photographer.”
  • 7. 5 Goal-Setting Questions for Bloggers
    • 3. Who Are You Blogging For?
    • Identify your AUDIENCE.
    • Goals to Set: Type of content; Frequency of Publication; Subjects
    • Sample Goal: “To post at least 1 new portrait a week; and write a useful ‘portrait ideas’ tutorial.”
    • 4. What Do You Bring to Your Blog?
    • Identify your EXPERIENCE and your expertise.
    • Goals to Set: Professional and Personal Development
    • Sample Goal: “To attend at least one photo workshop and share it on the blog.”
  • 8. 5 Goal-Setting Questions for Bloggers
    • 5. How Will You Measure Your Success?
    • Identify your blog’s BENCHMARKS.
    • Goals to Set: Statistics; Key Metrics
    • Sample Goal: “To receive at least 5 new subscribers per week for my blog.”
  • 9. Goal Setting Tips for Bloggers
    • Create measurable goals.
    • Break down your goals in to actionable items.
    • Review your goals often.
    • Adjust goals when needed. If you see that your goals no longer suit your circumstance, adjust them.
    • Record milestones and achievements.
  • 10. Limber, Toned, and Ready to Go (“Tips for Maximum Productivity”)
      • Feedreaders
      • Pre-posting
      • Blog Calendar
      • Taking Time Off
      • Doing “other things”
  • 11. How Am I Doing, Coach? (“Ways to Gauge Success”)
      • Statistics
      • Comments
      • Linkbacks
      • Press Mentions
      • Awards
      • Emails
  • 12. Go for the Gold! (“Celebrating Milestones & Achievements”)
    • Sources of Celebration:
      • INTERNAL (personal satisfaction)
      • EXTERNAL (colleagues, bosses, peers, loved ones)
    • Forms of Celebration:
      • MATERIAL (money, gifts, awards)
      • INTANGIBLE (praise, thanks, etc)
  • 13. 6 Ways to Facilitate Celebration for Bloggers
    • Create a Work Log
    • Keep a Kudos File
    • Start a Rewards Book/Journal
    • Make it Public
    • Share in Social Networks
    • Celebrate Others’ Success
  • 14. Celebrate Your Blogging Success! Slideshow: © Shai Coggins –